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Fresh ideas show in caravan, motorhome, campervans 4WD and camping

October 01, 2005
Fresh ideas show in caravan, motorhome, campervans 4WD and camping

The caravan, RV and camping Leisurefest at Melbournes Sandown Racecourse from Friday, Sept. 30 to Sunday, October 2,broke new ground with original thought in motorhomes, caravans, RVs, tents and camping equipment.

We found plenty to add to our picture library. Windors new Rapid, Jaycos new motorhome and Coromals aerodynamic Campers are cutting edge in design innovation. A useful thought from Coromal is an extended double bed with a real mattress in their pop-top range.

Weight saving within strong design concepts is a common RV theme now. Motorhomes and Campervans are crowd stoppers. With KEA showing its rental options and offering its used campervans and motorhomes for sale. Many showgoers were ready to buy and cashed up for the occasion. KEAs Isabelle Fennessy says Winnebago does the building for the KEA motorhomes which include Ford turbo diesel engines.

GoSeeAustralia put together these Leisurefest pictures of caravan, motorhome, campervan, 4WD and camping attention grabbers. See GSA Forums, General and Windsor for show feedback. And read about some of the new designs in the Information features.

Windsors Rapid new release Rapids roomy comfort
Windsor Annex pegged down

KEA uses Ford Transit Base Clean practical use by KEA
Fifth wheeler spreads out

Winnebago luxury Useable layout for two Eco-tourer space saver

New motorhome from Jayco Ducato with rear dining  bed conversion

Coromal add extra bed length Is this back to the future, Roadstars REO

Sangyongs interesting Rexton Musso Sports is rated 225kg on the towball

Suncampers impressive layout Leisurefest offers  variety