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Geist owners gather to discuss German caravan brand import future

March 15, 2010
Geist owners gather to discuss German caravan brand import future

More than 20 of the German made Geist (Guy-st) caravans will meet at small town of Lindenow South Recreation Reserve in Victoria from todayFriday the 19th to 22nd of March to discuss future plans for the brands importation, education seminars on maintenance as well as a tour of the local Mitchell Valley by bus.

Peter Treasure who grew up in the area will host the event which encompasses all there is about Prestige caravanning, or black top touring.

An owner of the rare Geist, Peter and his wife Rachel have travelled the country extensively and have now set up a support group which has members from all over Australia actively travelling the country.

The importer of the Geist caravan, Oakhurst International Caravans went into receivership in March of 2009 but that has not stopped the potential travellers high levels of interest in the immaculately presented caravan.

These caravans are the Porsche of the caravan world, There is nothing built quite like a Geist anywhere in Australia, Peter Treasure said.
Geist Interior
Geist Interior

There are copies on the market, but these are the real deal imported by ship to Australia and modified to comply with the Australian Design Rules, he said.

The Geist are light and sleek with a test speed rating of 130kmh. They suit the owners of Prestige European vehicles, as they do not need electric brakes that upset some European vehicles. The highly advanced over-ride braking system is built for this well engineered caravan.

Peter worked for the importer before they were forced into receivership and has developed a network of repair and service agents Australia wide to support the owners after his employers demise.

The free event to the websites members is aimed at educating the owner but also to showcase the wonderful Mitchell Valley in the East Gippsland region.

Too many times tourists bypass the Mitchell Valley and stay on the highway until they reach Lakes Entrance, I want to show them the other side of the beautiful region we have.

We will be showing them our main farming industries, beef and vegetable, the wonderful South Pines Golf course and cooking them up a local barbecue of our finest produce from around the area, Peter said.

Lindenow South, Lindenow and its quirky parishes like Wuk Wuk, Flaggy Creek, Calulu and Glenaladale will soon be on the lips of some of Australias most influential and successful seniors.

The first of many Geist Gatherings, Peter is already searching for new locations further North but admits the venue at Lindenow South will be a hard one to top for its new toilets, accessibility to the golf course, its unique range of interesting farming industries and still just minutes away from the Gippsland Lakes for a fish.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Geist Aktiv AK 495 showed breakthrough design in extreme winds<!--mo3-->
Geist Aktiv AK 495 showed breakthrough design in extreme winds

For a summer venue, it is very easy to access for black top tourers, it should be a RV stop for sure. The council is crazy if they dont make this area RV friendly, there is very little to do to make this a RV stop over point. The local economy will see a real difference. Peter said.


Peter Treasure was the National Development Manager for Geist Caravans in Australia from 2007 2009. An ex RAAF photographer and marketing specialist, he has supported the marketing of brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi and Volkswagen in Australia. He now lives near Lindenow running the website amongst others, marketing businesses and helping his mother and father on the family beef farm.

Contact Details:
Peter Treasure PH. 0427 878 645 PO Box 72 Lindenow, Vic 3865

<!--mo1####mo2-->Plenty of room  Garth, Alan, Carol, Ross, Bill and Jo enjoy coffee in the Geist<!--mo3-->
Plenty of room Garth, Alan, Carol, Ross, Bill and Jo enjoy coffee in the Geist
<!--mo1####mo2-->Geist Activ AK 495 shower tap hand basin  and toilet<!--mo3-->
Geist Activ AK 495 shower tap hand basin and toilet
<!--mo1####mo2-->Quality fit-out Geist XK 630<!--mo3-->
Quality fit-out Geist XK 630
<!--mo1####mo2-->The Geist Activ AK 495 has space to spare<!--mo3-->
The Geist Activ AK 495 has space to spare
<!--mo1####mo2-->Geist Ativ AK 495 is a good as it looks<!--mo3-->
Geist Ativ AK 495 is a good as it looks