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Unique Australian Commando unit gets lift from Fort Gellibrand parade supporters

April 04, 2010
Unique Australian Commando unit gets lift from Fort Gellibrand parade supporters

A unique unit, 2nd Commando Company of the 1st Commando Regiment, paraded at Fort Gellibrand, Williamstown, Victoria yesterday fresh from operations in Afghanistan’s Oruzgan Province.

1 Cdo Regt is Australian Special Operations Command (SOCOMD's) only mixed Regular and General Reserve unit.

It is unique as it provides a booster to the Commando capability.

Members of 1 Cdo Regt include lawyers, airline pilots, police officers, firemen, paramedics, teachers, businessmen, students and numerous other professions and trades. This wide range of occupations provides for a close relationship between the Unit, local community and industry.

Senior officers, family and friends gave them a formal warm welcomed home. GoSee was there as a guest and noted the positive effects of the recognition, which included medals for service, on 2nd Commando Company.

1st Commando Regiment is a reserve commando regiment of the Australian Army with a contingent of full-time cadre staff. It is part of the Australian Special Operations Command (SOCOMD).

Its role is to conduct offensive and recovery operations beyond the range and capability of other Australian Defence Force units.

The Department of Defence says Operation Slipper is Australia’s military contribution to the international campaigns against terrorism, countering piracy in the Gulf of Aden, and maritime security in the Middle East Area of Operations.

The operation started in late 2001 and is ongoing. ADF participation included two major activities centred on Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. As of February 2010 about 1,550 Australians were deployed to Afghanistan.

Operation Slipper is notable for the first Australian combat deaths since the Vietnam War.

The 1st Commando Regiment is a part of the Australian Special Forces.The term Commando comes from the Boers of South Africa and their irregular raiding forces used against the British during the Boer War.

The term commando was used by British raiding forces during World War 2, and commando was used by Australian units raised to fight in the Pacific. 2 Commando Company was raised in Victoria on 24 February 1955. 1st Commando Regiment was formed on 1 February 1981.

All Australian commandos wear the Sherwood green beret adopted from the British Commandos. It was first used by the Companies and later continued under 1 Commando Regiment.

Before 1956, the unit wore the traditional Australian Rising Sun Badge. It was then decided to have a competition in which both 1 and 2 Company members could enter for a new design.

The Officer Commanding 2 Company decided on a design by Warrant Officer Ronald Nordhoff, a dagger and boomerang, with the motto "Strike Swiftly".

Australia’s military contribution to Afghanistan is part of the Government’s comprehensive approach to supporting international efforts to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a safe-haven for terrorism.

Australia’s military commitment to Afghanistan operates as part of the NATO – led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) as a peace-enforcement mission under Chapter VII of the UN Charter and at the invitation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and under the United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 1833.

Editor's Note: GoSee acknowledges Department of Defence as the source of much of this information.