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Road Transport TRUCKRIGHT advocate runs $100,000 auction to keep road safety message rolling

April 08, 2010
Road Transport TRUCKRIGHT advocate runs $100,000 auction to keep road safety message rolling

Rod Hannifey Road Transport and Road Safety Advocate is auctioning the last two rides in the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle (TIV)with a reserve price of $100,000.

He says he is well aware it is not as good as a ride in a spaceshuttle, but it is a lot cheaper. TRUCKRIGHT carries a Big Rigs share the roads safely message and is a friend to caravans and RV's.

Four years ago I said I was going to get a truck on the road that promoted the road transport industry and road safety, the award winning Big Rigs driver told GoSee today.

Single truck owner driver, Ken Wilkie lent me a truck to raise funds and then buy this prime mover nearly two years ago. That became a reality, he said.

Then my employer offered to buy a new set of trailers. So I designed the trailer curtains and arranged sponsors and the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle went on the road.

Since then TRUCKRIGHT has carried a Big Rigs share the roads safely message wherever it goes. I have shared the cab with many significant people who have helped advance the road safety message, Rod said.

I am proud of the efforts and achievements and want to be able to continue and do more interactive and promotional work over the next 10 years.

The public often comment on the information and say they were not aware of these road safety facts.

The TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle draws positive comments and responses from all who see it. Many industry people say it should have been done years ago and we need more like it on the road.

The problem of course is money. The TIV is a working truck first and then attempts to include riders and events without disrupting normal work efforts.

TRUCKRIGHT has a number of sponsors as can be seen on the truck and trailers, but none of these can run the truck.

Rod Hannifey also finds driving full-time, doing columns, radio, industry submissions and arranging riders and events for the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle (TIV) takes more time than he has available and he has not been able to get major funding to carry on.

So, in a last ditch effort to raise funds before I have to return the prime mover to Ken Wilkie, I am auctioning the last two rides in the TIV with a reserve price of $100,000, he said.

This is not just for a joyride for someone to bid $100, this is to enable me to buy the prime mover to continue the work, to repower and or replace the prime mover in the next two years.

TRUCKRIGHT has now done near 1,000,000 kilometres and is due for an engine and then major mechanical replacements;
and Rod Hannifey needs time to seek further industry and outside financial support to carry on the road safety initiative for the next 10 years.

I am well aware it is not as good as a ride in a space shuttle, but it is a lot cheaper and for someone who loves trucks and is prepared to help fund this road safety and road transport vehicle, it may well be of interest, Rod Hannifey said.

The first auction will start through my on the 15th April for one week and the second on the 22nd for one week.

The winner will accompany me for one trip or leg subject to agreement and will be responsible to meet the truck and to get themselves home at the end, subject as always to available work.

The amount raised will decide the course of action, but should sufficient money be raised, the winner, should they wish, may have participation and recognition in curtain design and signage on any future upgrades, Rod Hannifey said.

The needed support for this may then help to save one or more lives on the road and for me, that makes it all worthwhile, he said.

The excellent media and marketing opportunities may also be seen as valuable, different and unique as well, to a potential sponsor or major contributor.

The TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle has four aims: To improve roads, To Improve road safety, To raise road transport awareness and to seek more and better rest areas.

TRUCKRIGHT has worked to have at least one rider in the truck each month from a wide range of people and interests, politicians, media, road authorities and motoring groups and publications.

This gives those who would not normally get the chance to see and feel the life of a truckie insights towards improving road safety both for truckies and all other road users. Hannifey also tried to attend one event each month where possible.

The TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle (TIV) was launched at the Dubbo Show and attended for the three days from 25th to the 27th April 2008. It was on display as a b-double combination with the two Rod Pilon trailers opened up and partly loaded showing legal load restraint measures. The Road Transport Authority (RTA) Inspection Vehicle was at the next site, with two RTA officers in attendance to answer questions.

The new trailers to complete the TIV and make it a visually attractive and also an educational unit were ordered by Rod Pilon at the Australian Trucking Association Convention in Canberra on 28th May 2008

TRUCKRIGHT RIDERS include: The first passenger. Kathryn Hodges, National Transport Commission, Manager Legislation and Compliance travelled from Melbourne to Dubbo on the 11th July 2008.

Passenger five was Dr Brendon Nelson, at the time the Leader of the Federal Opposition and the Leader of the Federal National Party. Dr Nelson travelled from Melbourne to Dubbo doing radio, television and press interviews at Rod Pilons Melbourne depot, Albury, Forbes and Dubbo.

1 From Cairns Weekend Post July 18
1 From Cairns Weekend Post July 18

Dr Nelson said people from the top down starting with the Prime Minister should do a trip in the TIV to better see and understand truckies needs.

He was positive in all media about the needs for better rest areas, fairer regulations that gave truckies flexibility and a fair go and in improving roads and how the TIV could help with this.

Passenger six was Gary Liddle, CEO Vicroads who travelled from Melbourne on the 21st November with a short stint around Laverton and Altona first and then onto Albury where he did a telephone interview with Owner Driver magazine.

Passenger seven Greg Martin, Chair of the National Transport Commission, travelled from Melbourne to Dubbo on the 13th December and spoke of his trip in his address to the next Australian Trucking Convention in May 2009.

Passenger eight Philip Halton, Assistant Director, National Transport Policy, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority travelled from Brisbane to Dubbo on the 10th February. Philip commented he was doing the trip specifically to support the TIV and that he thought it was possibly the best thing currently being done by the road transport industry.

Passenger Ten was Tim Pallas, Victorian Minister for Transport who spent two hours travelling in the TIV from Laverton to Wallan on the Hume Highway and return.

Passenger Twelve Wendy Machin, the President of the NRMA travelled from Brisbane to Dubbo over the evening of the 21st/22nd September.

Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey. Road Transport and Road Safety Advocate. 0428120560

Editors Note: Rod Hannifey has assisted RV and caravan owners at Caravan Industry Shows with seminars on sharing the road through safety tips from a truck drivers standpoint.

He is a reliable, willing source of support for GoSee Forum users and provides vital insight and balanced comment about incidents which involved trucks, caravans and RV sharing Australian roads safely.

Rod was particularly valuable to GoSee Forum users after a fatal accident involving a caravanning couple on the Kennedy Development Road, Mareeba Queensland in July 2009 .

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