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GoSee talks to Toyota on towing equipment and warranty

April 23, 2010
GoSee talks to Toyota on towing equipment and warranty

GoSee understands that Toyota warrants its own brand which includes the Toyota towbar bar and standard or drop hitch. In the 200 Series Landcruiser the towing receiver is part of the chassis of the vehicle.

With the help of Toyota GoSee includes pictures of Toyota shanks available through Toyota dealers.

GoSee believes Toyota would look at warranty claims if a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch was fitted which did not extend the towing tongue length.

GoSee understands that Toyota engineers have concerns that this could create higher forces on the vehicle mount points and the vehicle chassis.

GoSee believes there is room for discussion between Toyota and towing equipment makers like Hayman Reese on the direct benefits of a Weight Distribution Hitch to towing handling and related road safety.

At this point GoSee believes Toyota has a view that vehicles like the LandCruiser and the Prado do not benefit from the use of a WDH when towing.

GoSee believes that perhaps the tow vehicle vehicle may not, but the caravan being towed does.

As a piece of engineering Toyota does not have a problem with a Hayman Reese hitch. As users will know the hitch tongue corners need to be filed to fit a Toyota towbar receiver.

GoSee spoke to Hayman Reese about this small modification to the Weight Distribution Hitch. They said they were happy with this, but it is the only modification they will stand by

Toyota towball and tongue kit 032
Toyota towball and tongue kit 032