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Clearview takes towing mirror design to a new level

June 25, 2010
Clearview takes towing mirror design to a new level

GoSee is road testing a towing product which takes towing mirrors to a new level. Clearview Towing Mirrors has produced something really different.

Clearview offers towing mirrors which are fully replacement and designed for towing caravans, boats and big trailers.

At this stage of development the Australian designed and tested Clearview mirrors bolt onto the Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series and the Nissan GU Patrol.

Modifications are being designed by Mike Cowan and his team at Clearview in Somerton, Victoria to suit other popular towing tugs. These include the 200 and 80 Series Landcruiser, Ford 250 and 350 F Series trucks and the Navara, Hi Lux and Prado.

The Clearviews bolt onto the tow vehicle in the same position as the existing mirrors and use the standard bolts and electrical plugs.

The big mirrors have an extension slide and are pulled out for towing work.

The Clearview mirrors operate for the same electrics and controls as the standard mirrors they replace.

For towing and reversing the mirrors provide a clear view down both sides of a caravan.

They lock in place when pulled out for towing and are completely free of vibration and stability hassles which are common in some other towing mirror brands.

There is a second mirror below the flat main Clearview mirror to keep track of the many drivers and motorcyclists who test their luck by hiding in towing blind spots.

There are no nuisance value additional straps, brackets, struts, suction cups and nothing to store away.

The mirrors are secure and always part of the vehicle.

The Clearview mirrors simply pushes in when the towing job is done.

On that point the mirrors need more space than standard mirrors in tight areas like narrow garages but they fold back to allow for this small disadvantage.

Clearviews on GoSee TD Sahara
Clearviews on GoSee TD Sahara

GoSee fitted two Clearview mirrors to the company Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series TD Sahara GSA in about 40 minutes.

There is a useful How-To CD with the Clearview mirrors and GoSee watched that before we started the fitting process.

This is a task for genuine handy people and it certainly helps that GoSee Managing Director Graham Wallace holds a Dip Eng (Elec.).

With the inner door panel off the Sahara 100 Series the Clearview instructions did the job.

The only surprise was that Toyota engineers have provided more electrical connection points in the top-of-the-range Sahara than GoSee could find reasons for.

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Inside the Clearview mirror
Inside the Clearview mirror