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Rodeo manual diesel makes sure thing of towing, Outback and shopping trips too

August 04, 2010
Rodeo manual diesel makes sure thing of towing, Outback and shopping trips too

The GoSee Holden 4WD 3litre Turbo Diesel LX manual Rodeo twin-cab ute makes a sure thing of towing the GoSee Jayco Discovery 16.52 pop-top caravan. It is equally happy travelling the Canning Stock Route.

It is also acceptable for daily drives, taking the family to see grandma, outdoor activities and supermarket shopping trips too.

The GoSee Holden 2006 RA Rodeo one-tonne dual-cab ute will hold under 2000rpm while towing at at 100kmh with its well placed gears and towing torque.

There in essence is the major difference between work utes of this type and the current crop of increasingly popular Sports Utility vehicles (SUV).

There is no 'Soft Road' about the Rodeo with its 300kg ballweight maximum. It is a light truck, it is built to work. It is designed to carry heavy loads for its size with a suspension fitted to that task. 

In  a  recent towing evaluation with the GoSee Jayco Discovery 16.52 pop-top behind over 2,357km of  highway running the Rodeo averaged 12.85 litre per 100km (21.98mpg). The Rodeo used 303 litre  of diesel at an average cost per  litre of $1.24. Total fuel cost was $375.40 with the Rodeo averaging 7.78km a litre.

The GoSee example uses the diesel immediately prior to Holden upgrading the engine in 2006. The best way to tell if a Rodeo is an engine upgrade model is to look for the airscoop it will have in its bonnet.

<!--mo1####mo2-->North side  of a Canning Stock  Route sand dune<!--mo3-->
North side of a Canning Stock Route sand dune

The GoSee Rodeo has completed the Canning Stock Route with no measurable negative results to the engine or drive train, running gear or body.

An add-on shock absorber fitted by Pedders failed when a top nut unwound but that is no reflection on Holden.

The 3 litre turbo diesel and five-speed manual gearbox mate well and the torque GoSee has available from kick-off allows the Rodeo to effortlessly amble along in 3rd gear with the Discovery behind at road speeds under 60kmh.

Drivers will never need to slip the clutch to get this towing rig on the road.

Our Rodeo tugs torque is enhanced by GoSee fitting a DPChip (DP34) to smooth the towing performance.

This produces torque only 10Nm under the pulling power of the new Holden Colorado.

The Numbers are:

Before DPChip 96kW after DPChip 116Kw.

Before DPChip 280Nm after DPChip 350Nm.

GoSee has fitted DPChip to our three Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) tow tugs.

The popular comment about such stuff is to say the Rodeo has improved a gear. In this case that is what has happened.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Rodeo solid tow tug for GoSee Discovery<!--mo3-->
Rodeo solid tow tug for GoSee Discovery

The other two DPChip enhanced tugs are the diesel 100 Series Toyota Sahara auto 4.2litre TD and the 2 litre diesel Captiva LX auto.

Our fourth 4 litre tow tug, a Retro restored 1985 Toyota Sahara HJ60 relies on turbo boost, manifold and exhaust modifications and an ARB suspension.

Across that spread of vehicle design GoSee has first hand appreciation of the differences between serious diesel 4WD orientated design and the cross-over AWD compromise which is now to be seen in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV's).

The GoSee Holden 2006 RA Rodeo one-tonne dual-cab ute has efficient fuel use figures in highway running. The DPChip has made a significant difference to its performance overall.

The DPChip comes from Berrima Diesel Service, NSW.

Each DPChip is individually programmed to get the best from the vehicle it goes into.

Generally the engine profile is smoother performance across the towing rev. range.

In standard form the air-scoop model 2006 Rodeo diesel produces the torque figure of 360Nm at 1800rpm, it does not quite match the D40 2.5 CRD Nissan Navara (403Nm) and BT-50/Ranger pair (380Nm).

In addition to the Rodeo GoSee has fitted DPChip to our other two Electronically Fuel Injected (EFI) diesel workhorses, the mighty Toyota Sahara Turbo Diesel and the Captiva LX Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

The Captiva shows significant improvement towing the GoSee Discovery pop-top caravan.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Hayman Reese WDH and DPChip enhance towing safety<!--mo3-->
Hayman Reese WDH and DPChip enhance towing safety

The GoSee Holden Rodeo is the entry level 2006 LX Turbo Diesel 4WD 5-speed manual twin cab utility. Its roots are icon truck engine builder Isuzu. Its manual unladen mass is 1850kg.

The 5-speed manual gearbox is easy to use and the clutch mates to the whole moving show without undue effort.

Loaded for a road trip in August last year via Victoria and South Australia to Western Australia and the Canning Stock Route 2006 LX Turbo Diesel 4WD 5-speed manual twin cab utility tipped the weigh-bridge at 2540kg.

After the 12,086km Vic, SA, WA and Canning Stock Route round trip the Holden Rodeo manual diesel light truck returned 11.31litres average per 100km (24.97mpg).   The standard Rodeo has a 76 litre tank. 1367 litres of  diesel was used  for the entire trip. In August 2009 the average  diesel price was  $1.55.

The 5-speed manual was driven at speeds around 90 to 95kmh on the run to Wiluna, Western Australia from the Geelong Victoria suburb of Belmont via South Australia.

The Rodeo spat a Pedder shocker when a top lock nut let go at the end of the 24kmh average speed Canning experience and was driven slowly (80kmh) from Halls Creek to Broome so the local agent could fit a replacement which was flown in from Geelong Victoria.

The Rodeo which has now been replaced by GM with the Colorado has main competitors in the Toyota HiLux, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton and the Ford Ranger with its Mazda BT-50 twin. Plus the D-Max which GoSee understands is the result of a GM branding issue over the Rodeo name with Isuzu.

<!--mo1####mo2-->DP chip has been there too in the GoSee Rodeo<!--mo3-->
DP chip has been there too in the GoSee Rodeo

The facelift change between the Colorado and the Rodeo is the revised body work from the A pillar to the front. The Isuzu D-Max has a variety of personas in the US, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

While its Isuzu truck building heritage shows in plain, serviceable finish thoughout the dual-cab the 2006 Rodeo diesel engine is quiet for its type when towing at between 90 to 100kmh at about 2000rpm.

The Rodeo suspension will soak up rough roads as well as the best of its type as the GoSee Canning Stock Route trip proves but the leaf-spring rear suspension is meant for loads and unladen the ride is of course stiff.

The steering is light and vague as speed builds. GoSee quickly adapted and like most light trucks of this type respectable legal travel times are easily maintained.

The front bucket seats are comfortable and offer good support. There are real seats which allow five in the dual-cab arrangement.

If heavy towing  happens regularly the GM service schedule should be followed. This will mean shorter gaps between oil change and lubrication. Transmission and diff will also need more frequent service.

<!--mo1####mo2-->GoSee sponsors keep website free to users<!--mo3-->
GoSee sponsors keep website free to users

Don't forget to change the brake fluid if the towing load is over 1600kg. GoSee follows this sooner is better with all our vehicles when they are worked hard, particularly if there is heavy dust in the travel mix.

HOLDEN RODEO LX TURBO DIESEL 4WD DUAL-CAB (look for the air-scoop in the bonnet).
Engine: Turbocharged four-cylinder diesel 
Max power: 120kW at 3600rpm (standard).
Max torque: 333Nm at 1600rpm (standard).
Transmission: 5-speed manual.
Four wheel drive selection is a dash mounted push button system.
Length: 4900mm Width: 1800mm 
Height: 1660mm Wheelbase: 3050mm 
Ground clearance: 225mm Kerb mass: 1850kg 
Gross Vehicle Mass: 2850kg 
Gross Combination Mass: 5850kg 
Fuel tank capacity: 76L 
Roof load: 100kg 
Towing capacity: 3000kg 
Towball mass maximum: 300kg

Editors Note:

Holden Colorado:

The Rebadged Holden Colorado engine specs for the manual and auto are unchanged in the 4-cylinder diesel at 120kW @ 3600rpm and Torque 360Nm @ 1800rpm (manual) and 333Nm @ 1600rpm auto.

It is built on the same platform as the Rodeo name it replaces.

The Australian Holden Colorado has a similar relationship with the Rodeo to that of the Australian Ford Ranger with its Mazda BT50 equivalent.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Hayman Reese WDH trims the rig<!--mo3-->
Hayman Reese WDH trims the rig


After two years of evaluation of the DPChip with the company Captiva LX auto SUV diesel and the Holden RA Rodeo, GoSee believes that there are practical benefits in DPChip diesel power for Electronically Fuel Injected (EFI) diesel engines.

DPChip Senior Techician Andrew Leimroth told GoSee during an evaluation trip to DPChip at Berrima, NSW, in June 2009 that many diesel owners did not know the real weight of their vehicles.

Over weight vehicles struggle to produce performance and many of the vehicles which DPChip sees are much heavier than their standard trim specifications, he said.

Power and fuel efficiency suffers and spin-off downsides include potential suspension, handling and braking problems, plus the possibility of excessive tyre wear.

Scott Leimroth Marketing Manager of DPChip said that - "The DPChip really is a performance device and we would not recommend it purely for fuel savings as users may be disappointed, however we do find most people get some sort of fuel saving".

Berrima (NSW) Diesel Service, the company behind DPChip has been working exclusively on diesels since 1956. The DPChip is available for all EFI diesel 4wd's and independently alters both fuel and fuel timing to optimise the entire engine map.

More efficient use of the fuel system and correct fuel timing are important factors not only for achieving the best economy but to control peak exhaust gas temperatures for optimum engine durability.

DP Chip Diesel Power (Auto Performance) Tyacona, Old Hume Highway Berrima NSW 2577 
Phone: 02 4877 1022 Fax: 02 48771239 

GoSee Group fly dune flags to prevent radiator collisions
GoSee Group fly dune flags to prevent radiator collisions
GoSee mobile office near Broome
GoSee mobile office near Broome
Jayco Discovery 16.52 is easy towing
Jayco Discovery 16.52 is easy towing
Hayman Reese WDH and DPChip enhance towing safety
Hayman Reese WDH and DPChip enhance towing safety