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Bush Power pack substantial answer for campers seeking complete power solution

March 24, 2011
Bush Power pack substantial answer for campers seeking complete power solution

GoSee has completed an extended evaluation of the Bush Power Solutions pack from Battery World. Battery World's Roger Langham gave GoSee a full briefing on how to get the best from the Bush Power combination when we picked it up from his Newtown, Geelong, Victoria store in October 2010. Roger's operational instructions took much of the mystery out of hooking up the Bush Power Pack options.

This is certainly Battery World strength as there is no substitute for dealing with professionals who know and use their products.

The Bush Power solution pack GoSee used includes:

1 x G1000i 1Kva generator:

The G1000i features an eco-throttle which adjusts the engine speed to meet the load demand. This increases fuel economy at the same time reducing noise from what is a quiet unit as the engine is not required to run at full capacity unnecessarily. It is also fully serviceable.

1 x BP12/50 Charger: This is rugged and reliable with simple user functions. The charger is a sophisticated unit with highly reliable electronics that provide protection against, overload, reverse polarity, over-heating and short circuit. The unit keeps the operator out of trouble as it is automatic with no manual switching involved.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Matson 1000W power inverter 12V DC to 240V AC and surge  protected jumper leads<!--mo3-->
Matson 1000W power inverter 12V DC to 240V AC and surge protected jumper leads

1 x Matson 1000Watt Inverter: This is an ideal answer for appliances and power tools. Pure Sine Wave Output peaks at 2000 Watts.

There is a low Voltage alarm and cut-off. The unit has an internally bonded earth and Soft Start technology to protect sensitive electronics. The inverter has a cooling fan and twin 240 outlets. Mounting brackets come with the unit. Included is remote control (Remote length: 6 metres). Continuous power: 1000W. Peak/surge power: 2000W. The inverter is 390L x 223W x 103 mm H and it weighs in at 5kg.

1 x Matson MA1500 Jump Pack: This is suitable for 12V systems. It has reverse polarity protection. 1500 peak amps. 350CCA. Dead start function. Heavy duty cable and fully insulated clamps. The Jump Pack uses a high performance long-life sealed battery. The Jump Pack will recharge from any 240V AC or 12V DC Outlet. It has 12V DC power outlet with overload protection and protective cover. There is a charge level indicator and side compartments to protect the cables. The Jump Pack is designed for heavy duty professional use.

The Jump Pack comes with an independent 2Amp Switchmode charger to maximize battery life, reduce charging time and can be used on other batteries as well.

1 x Matson 45 litre fridge: Can capacity: 64. Dimensions - (mm): 400W x 430H x 650L. Weight: 20kg. Voltage: 12/24/240. Ambient Temperature Range: -10°c to +50°c.

Temperature Setting Range: -18°c to +10°c.

Compressor: Domus.

Compressor Warranty: three years.

Fridge Warranty: one year.

Has memory function.

Three stage battery Protection.

Removable / reversible lid.

Heavy duty handles.

Two minute start delay.

Insulated cover.

Tamper proof controls.

Maximum Operation angle: 20 degrees

Power usage when at set temp. (min): 7 watts.

1 x Bush Power Heavy Duty Jumper Cable: comes with antizap to give surge protection to on board computers.

Weights: Power inverter about 5kg. Jump starter 10kg. SmartCharger and leads 11kg. Jumper leads 3kg. Fridge (empty) 20kg. Loaded about 45kg. Total weight of Bushpower package is about 94kg.

<!--mo1####mo2-->GoSee unpacks the Matson MA1500 heavy duty  Jump Starter<!--mo3-->
GoSee unpacks the Matson MA1500 heavy duty Jump Starter

First we charged up the Matson MA1500 Jump Start as it needs an initial full charge. This took about three hours. As a test of its capacity we tried it to power the Matson fridge. It lasted about an hour. This is in line with Engel and Waeco fridges GoSee uses in our various vehicles.

The Jump Starter is not made for this purpose its role is a major power boost when you need it to start a vehicle, but the test is useful in the evaluation of such products.

GoSee connected the Matson Charger to an old battery and got a 13.2V reading which indicated the battery needed replacing. Six hours later nothing. The battery definitely past caring.

The Matson 45 litre fridge does a fast and particularly effective job of cooling. The factory setting was -15 degrees which GoSee changed to – 0 about the same as we set for travelling with a temperature probe placed right in the bottom of the fridge.

The Matson 45 controls are easy to use.

Tied down in the back of the GoSee crew cab Rodeo manual diesel Ute the fridge is easy to get at.

GoSee feels that Engel has the edge over Matson when it comes to “cords”. With the Engel there are two cords, one straight DC and one straight AC – no stuffing around with converters and bulky stuff. The situation is similar with Waeco.

GoSee left the fridge running in the Rodeo Ute for a few days hooked up to the Matson 45 litre fridge. It ran for two days and nights but the high compression diesel Rodeo still started easily at the end of that period.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Bush Power G1000i Inverter Generator<!--mo3-->
Bush Power G1000i Inverter Generator

GoSee purchased a 5 litre fuel drum for the G1000i 1Kva generator and filled with 4 .5 litres of unleaded. The generator is particularly economical and GoSee ran for more than 10 hours on less than the 4.5 litres.

GoSee feels the Bush Power Solution covers most camping requirements. It is a substantial combination for those who are looking for a complete power solution. The penalty is the added weight of about 94kg which comes with the package.

This is a bulk, heavy package for general camping usage; however, individual components are practical for their usage as required. For camping in remote areas for an extended period this Bush Power Package is an ideal solution to multiple power requirements. The Bush Power pack has been carefully planned for use in serious remote camping situations and meets those requirements.

Editors Note: Check Bush Power Pack price with local Battery World Stores.

Battery World: to find your nearest local store.

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 4pm

After Hours: Phone 13 17 60 for 24hr Emergency Roadside Service

<!--mo1####mo2-->Bush Power kit loaded in GoSee Retro Sahara<!--mo3-->
Bush Power kit loaded in GoSee Retro Sahara
<!--mo1####mo2-->Bush Power Pack fridge comes with insulator cover<!--mo3-->
Bush Power Pack fridge comes with insulator cover
<!--mo1####mo2-->Bush Power SmartCharger 12-50A model<!--mo3-->
Bush Power SmartCharger 12-50A model
<!--mo1####mo2-->Bush Power SmartCharger feeds the GoSee Rodeo battery<!--mo3-->
Bush Power SmartCharger feeds the GoSee Rodeo battery
<!--mo1####mo2-->Business end of Bush Power G1000i Inverter Generator<!--mo3-->
Business end of Bush Power G1000i Inverter Generator
<!--mo1####mo2-->Dont lose bits attach them to unit they serve<!--mo3-->
Don't lose bits attach them to unit they serve
<!--mo1####mo2-->GoSee fits handles to the Bush Power pack fridge<!--mo3-->
GoSee fits handles to the Bush Power pack fridge
<!--mo1####mo2-->Green signals go for  GoSee Rodeo battery<!--mo3-->
Green signals go for GoSee Rodeo battery