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Be internet travel free with GoSee New Zealand Holiday Park directory 

March 25, 2011
Be internet travel free with GoSee New Zealand Holiday Park directory gives site users free information on every aspect of touring New Zealand destinations and attractions in the North and South Islands.

The popular GoSeeNewZealand free Satellite Trip Planner allows easy free access to maps and information which is essential to prepare for a camping experience in New Zealand.

It allows multi trip planning variables with four via waypoints added to the From and To options.

Launched in 2007 the website lists every Holiday Park, caravan park and campground in New Zealand.

It covers Recreational Vehicle (RV), motorhome, adventure experiences.

Free Plan a Trip mapping gives driving directions, park information and travel distances.

Free Public Forums provide international contact for travellers on both sides of the Tasman.

Mates Rates rolls out accommodation deals with free access to discount park specials.

Use the free online accommodation booking service.

Pet Friendly park logos guide pet owners.

News Articles Features cover road travel topics. Technical advisors give insight into the how to of travel from batteries to beaches, solar power to RV set-up.

Each feature has on the spot pictures to support it.

This is underlined by the free Technical Tips on topics like wiring, caravans and braking regulations, correct diesel tuning, turbo basics and vehicle weights.

Join the free GoSee TravelSmart Club and get towing, fuel, kids activities, member prizes and extra travel links.

Calculate kilometres per litre, litres per 100 kilometres and miles per gallon, for those with longer memories, easily and quickly.

Ensure safe towing use the TravelSmart on-line compatibility test to compare vehicle trailer combination for towing safety.

There are games and activities for travelling children. Check the For Sales classifieds for anything motorhome, caravan, tent camping or Recreation Vehicle (RV) related.

Expos rally motorhome club members, Hamilton NZ South Is
Expos rally motorhome club members, Hamilton NZ South Is

Find Products and Services to meet specific needs like 12 volt and electrical, 4WD, clubs, caravan, camper and RV sales, camping and outdoor accessories, hire and rental motorhomes and GPS Navigation and maps.

Tours and Attractions: Rotorua gives direct access to Waimangu Volcanic Valley and the amazing Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa. There is more to be found on both in special features.

Just enter Waimangu in the special Multi-Search box top right on the Home Page.

Click Information Articles under the drop down arrow.

Click Search and GoSeeNewZealand takes you there on a State Highway 5 steam, hiss and bubble adventure.

At Te Puia Pohutu Geyser hoses scalding water 30 metres into the air. New Zealand's iconic Te Puia binds threads of Maori culture for future generations. The core of Te Puia is the powerful, boiling earth energy of the Whakarewarewa Valley. Whakarewarewa, The Living Thermal Village brings traditional Maori living to life.

So take a ride on the international internet highway and Feel free with GoSee.

Big rigs attract all age groups
Big rigs attract all age groups

A now for breakfast. GoSeeNZ pic
A now for breakfast. GoSeeNZ pic

Ichy Ft rego is what its all about
Ichy Ft rego is what its all about

Camper from KEA
Camper from KEA

GoSeeNewZealand Travel Smart Club logo
GoSeeNewZealand Travel Smart Club logo

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