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'Santa's Sleigh' Santa Fe R-Series named Best Mid-Sized SUV by top NZ4WD off-road mag

April 11, 2011
'Santa's Sleigh' Santa Fe R-Series named Best Mid-Sized SUV by top NZ4WD off-road mag

Industry website AutoNews reports today that Hyundai Motor Companys Santa-Fe R-Series, has been named Best Mid-Sized SUV by NZ4WD Magazine, New Zealands premier off-road specialist publication.

NZ4WD, is a trusted reference for both the off-road and urban driving community. NZ4WD Magazine has recognised Santa Fes leadership in the segment, offering outstanding off-road prowess combined with safety, comfort and handling.

As a family car, the Santa Fe offers a high level of of standard features which include advanced safety systems such as rollover sensors, curtain airbags that extend through to the third row of seats and anti-whiplash front seat head restraints. As a result Santa Fe achieves the maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

GoSee evaluated the 'Santa's Sleigh Santa Fe R in a 2416km tow tug test with our company Jayco 16.52 single-axle, 1460kg loaded Discovery pop-top caravan in July 2010. In a nutshell GoSee found the Hyundai Santa Fe R is a spacious, comfortable seven-seater, fuel-efficient, relaxed towing tug.

It has earned the nickname Santa's Sleigh as there is certainly some magic in the new Santa Fe R series. Over 11 days over 2416km towing in varied conditions and terrain it returned 11.36litre per 100km (24.3mpg) at an average cost a litre of $A1.31.

The Santa Fe R auto diesel pulled the GoSee Jayco Discovery 16.52 pop-top and used 280.9litre of diesel which cost $A366.84. No attempt is made by GoSee to drive for economy in towing evaluations.

In hilly winding towing the six-speed gearbox and AWD allows big safety margins if full use is made of the gears and diesel engine compression braking on long winding descents. Brakes become a secondary back-up and progress is sure-footed and smooth. Editors Note: Hyundai Australia does not recommend the use of weight distribution devices (WDH). Hyundai says - These devices alter the geometry of the towbar and act as levers which place loads on the towbar and chassis which may exceed the rated capacity. Damage caused by the use of these devices will not be covered by new car warranty.

Here is a link to the final GoSee Information Article which makes up the four in the extended towing evaluation. Links to the other three articles are on the end of the first story.