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ANZAC attitude battles for environmentally responsible sustainable camping

April 13, 2011
ANZAC attitude battles for environmentally responsible sustainable camping

Fergus Brown CEO of Holiday Accommodation Parks Association of New Zealand (HAPNZ) has an ANZAC message which answers the where to camp question.

It is driven by commitment to 'kaitiakitanga' which embraces the guardianship and sustainable management of natural, built and cultural resources for the collective benefit of current and future generations. Camping kaitiakitanga is not using the side of the road or the bush as a toilet.

This ANZAC message works internationally with the question - Where to Camp?

There are only two start points for that answer in New Zealand.

They are:

Are you fully self contained or;

Non self-contained (no toilet, shower or grey water storage).

In New Zealand there are only four camping styles to apply answers to.

They are;

Department of Conservation campsites.

Holiday parks.

Designated camping sites with a toilet and;

designated camping sites without a toilet.

Overall the Freedom camping message is if in doubt assume nothing and always ask. Information centres, Department of Conservation visitor centres and NZ holiday parks can help with local camping guidelines.

As Fergus Brown pointed out in his workshop presentation to delegates at the CRVA Conference on Queensland's Gold Coast only one of the four camping styles brings up a red light.

That is designated camping sites without a toilet if you are not self- contained.

Fergus Brown suggests an ANZAC attack on building the collective Trans-Tasmantourism pie. This includes the thought that the respective PM's should turn on a John and Julia show and combine Tourism Australia and Tourism New Zealand on thecombined task of rising above recent natural setbacks.

In New Zealand offenders are liable for fines up to $5000NZ for littering a public or private area. If the litter may cause danger, physical injury or disease or infection (e.g. human waste) to any other person imprisonment for up to a month or fines of up to $7500NZ apply.

Editors Note Fergus Brown's message points are shown in the pictures with this Information Article. Please hold your cursor over the images to see the big picture.

Australian RV Camping Forum moves for Code of Conduct

Phil Berry Manager Projects and Member Benefits Campervan Motorhome Club of Australia Ltd (CMCA) says Recreational Vehicle (RV) tourism continues to be one of the most rapidly growing segments of the tourism industry in Australia.

The CMCA, Australia's biggest motor home and campervan group, is in its 25th Anniversary year.

Over the past few years, we have seen rapid growth within both the private ownership and rental segments of this market, and with the baby boomer generation now beginning to retire, the growth in the private ownership sector is expected to increase dramatically, he said.

Australia is increasingly seen as a safe and affordable destination for overseas visitors wanting to hire an RV and travel throughout our wonderful country. We have always had a culture of being able to enjoy and live in the great outdoors.

But with all this growth comes problems. Increasingly, we are receiving reports of RV tourists who are not doing the right thing whilst on the road, and these incidents are not confined to any one segment of the RV tourism market, he said.

The problems are now so serious in some regions that councils are closing rest areas and are denying overnight access to their parking areas, especially in coastal locations, Phil Berry said.

Some of the issues include people staying in areas for lengthy periods of time, using public infrastructure facilities inappropriately, discharging grey water illegally and the pollution of waterways.

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Ltd, (CMCA) as an independent body within the RV tourism industry, called a meeting of private and government stakeholders to try and find ways that, by working together, we could address these issues.

The meeting was held in Sydney in early March 2011 and was attended by representatives of most of the RV hire companies in Australia, and some representatives from government and other associated organisations, Phil Berry said.

Those attending included representatives from KEA Campers, Apollo Motorhome Holidays, Tourism Holdings Limited, Spaceships Australia, Travellers Auto Barn, Jucy Rentals, Around Australia Motorhomes, Tourism NSW, Tourism Tasmania, Backpacker Operators Association, Backpacker Tourism Advisory Panel and YHA Ltd, he said.

Apologies were received from numerous government departments that were unable to attend the meeting. All attendees agreed that by working together we can start to address the issues facing the RV tourism industry and it was resolved to form the Australian RV Camping Forum, based on a similar organisation that operates in New Zealand.


Initially, the two main objectives will be to create a Code of Conduct for all RV tourists who hire vehicles, and to create a website that can be linked to each hire company and government website that informs hirers of their obligations whilst travelling in this country. This website will also display the Code of Conduct, Phil Berry said.

It was also agreed to expand the number of organisations that will be invited to join the Forum, with the next meeting taking place in Sydney in August 2011, he said.

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