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Mitsubishi applies 180kg numbers game to towing ballweight at 3000kg

April 14, 2011
Mitsubishi applies 180kg numbers game to towing ballweight at 3000kg

Industry website AutoNews reports that Mitsubishi's Triton Single Cab and Dual Cab models and Challenger have increased their towing capacity to three-tonnes and their tow ball download has been increased to 300kg.

These increases were made following structural, engine and transmission cooling and stability assessments and confirmation, Mitsubishi says.

The Pajero has a maximum towing capacity of three-tonnes and a maximum tow ball download of 180kg; however, when towing at 2500kg or less the maximum tow ball download increases to 250kg, Mitsubishi says.

Mitsubishi says the while some competitors may lay claim to matching the towing capacities of the Pajero, Challenger and Triton, it all comes down to a viable payload capacity.

Mitsubishi says this is particularly true in the 4x4 utility segment.

Some Triton competitors claim the three-tonne towing capacity but the reality is that, with a three-tonne load in tow, their payload can't cope with any luggage, tools, or passengers - not a viable option in either a working or recreational situation, Mitsubishi says.

Editor's Note: GoSee has concerns about the proposition of a 180kg ball weight while towing a 3000kg caravan or boat. Yes, GoSee knows it can be done with caution, but as the liability falls on the owner we pass on a heads-up based on towing experience with caravans, big boats and double horse floats of 2500kg and above. The typically loaded ball weight of big GoSee Jayco dual-axle caravans we have used is 275kg.


Significant weight would have to be loaded into the back of the caravan to reduce that ball weight. GoSee thinks that is dangerous and has the potential to make the caravan unstable. We note there is no mention by Mitsubishi in their Media Release of using towing aids like a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) or a Friction Sway Control.

The RVMAA recommends that a caravan towing ball weight be between 8 and 15 percent of the caravan mass. This recommendation is made by the RVMAA as a duty of care for the industry.

RVMAA manufacturers are required to measure the ball-loading when they determine the Tare Mass,(of the caravan) and provide this figure with the vehicle (to ensure that sales personnel can provide the actual figure to prospective customers). This is an important duty-of-care responsibility.

After the vehicle is sold, it is obviously the responsibility of the driver to always ensure that they maintain a safe ball-loading, and load their vehicle so that heavy items are positioned near the axle(s), and not at the extreme ends of the vehicle.

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