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Great Aussie idea Water Watch saves big $$$ diesel disasters

May 26, 2011
Great Aussie idea Water Watch saves big $$$ diesel disasters

Water Watch is a significant Australian invention which helps guarantee the reliability of modern diesel engines.

After GoSee extended testing over three years on the Water Watch GSA believes in its value.

We started with a 3200km round trip from ACT into Queensland. Read on . . .

The start-up alarm of the Water Watch system in GSA the GoSeeAustralia diesel Toyota Sahara 100 series is a comforting sound with a 3200km round trip ahead. Water Watch chimes in for about 2 - 3 seconds as it does a self check/self diagnostic when the big 4WD's diesel engine starts.

On our two-day, three driver run from the ACT, through NSW into Outback Queensland to Clifton Station near Quilpie and return about $500 worth of diesel fuel from a variety of sources was burned by the big 4.2 litre Toyota Sahara Land Cruiser.

Water in the fuel is something we definitely dont want to rain on our parade so that makes the three second twitter, followed by all clear silence from the Water Watch alarm a comfort.

The Water Watch trap assembly assists in detecting water that has made its way into the vehicles fuel supply. It also detects small amounts of free water and brings on a LED warning light and audible warning.

Water Watch is the only purpose-built water detection device for fuel available.

It warns when there is water in the fuel so the engine can be turned off before the water causes thousands of dollars worth of damage to the fuel system.

This can happen quickly and frequently does in modern diesel engines.

This is damage not covered by the vehicles warranty or by most insurance.

Water can cause an immediate fuel system failure in Common Rail systems.

Industry sources say typically repairs caused by water damage to the fuel system can cost more than $7,000. The Water Watch units start at less than $500 plus installation and can be owner installed provided the instructions supplied in the kit are followed in full.

The higher pressures of modern systems mean a small amount of water will cause the injector tips to fracture so the potential to save major repair bills is obvious.

Water Watch works by measuring the resistance of the fluid and sounds the alarm if it detects as little as 5mls of free water in the fuel.

The key Water Watch difference is a standard diesel fuel filter is a segmenter but the Water Watch system separates water from the diesel fuel at high pressure and high flow rates.

Water Watch is installed between the fuel tank and fuel filter and detects water before it enters the fuel system. It can also be optioned with the added protection of shut down and back to base warning capability for engines that are not automotive such as pumps and generators.

Water Watch does not replace a vehicles genuine filter assembly. It is fitted before the original unit to assist in warning of water entering the vehicle fuel system.

While diesel fuel systems already have a water trap and warning light the standard water trap is sedimentation type, which is not designed for water detection at high flow rates.

That means water can reach the fuel injection system when large amounts of free water are present in the fuel supply. By the time the water trap signals that there is water in the fuel it has already started to cause damage.

Water Watch models can be fitted to marine, industrial and automotive applications, up to about 18 litre capacity.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Jason fitting Water Watch to GSA Sahara at Auto Basics Fyshwick<!--mo3-->
Jason fitting Water Watch to GSA Sahara at Auto Basics Fyshwick

The Water Watch system is available from:

Auto Basics 70 Townsville Street Fyshwick ACT 2609 (02) 6280 6075 Contact: Jason Prescott.

Compujection Pty Ltd 1/407 McClelland Dr Frankston, VIC 3199 1800 221 000 Contact: Robert Morgan.

Cooma Diesel Service 64 Kembla St Fyshwick ACT 2609 (02) 6280 0178 Contact: David Webster.

Specialised Automotive 81 Carp Street Bega NSW 2550 (02) 6492 2888 Contact: Murray.

South Coast 4WD 114 Montague Street Fairy Meadow NSW 2500 (02) 4227 1663 Contact: Brian.

West End Diesel 26 Davis Road Wetherill Park NSW (02) 9757 2100 Contact: Tim.

Davis Performance Landys 233 Annangrove Road Annangrove NSW 2156 (02) 9679 1179 Contact: Bruce.

West Orange Motors 32 Forbes Road Orange NSW 2800 (02) 6362 2988 Contact: Glenn.

MJ CL Taylor Pty Ltd 1135A Castlereagh Highway Lidsdale NSW (02) 6355 7110 Contact: Max.

Parkhurst Auto Repairs 132 Cowabbie Street Coolamon NSW 2701 (02) 6927 3384 Contact: Colin.

Macquarie Toyota 157 Dubbo Street Warren NSW 2824 (02) 6847 4266.

Pakenham Exhaust 22-26 Bald Hill Road Pakenham Vic. 3810 (03) 5941 2344 Contact: Dave Stewart.

Burnie Fuel Injection 22 Durham Road Burnie Tas. 7320 (03) 6431 5089 Contact: Glenn.

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Water Watch at New Inventors

Editor's Note: Here is a link to the FULL episode of ABC's New Inventors program where this was featured-

<!--mo1####mo2-->Angle parking is any angle at Toompine, Queensland<!--mo3-->
Angle parking is any angle at Toompine, Queensland

<!--mo1####mo2-->Custom Bracket prefabed for GSA Sahara<!--mo3-->
Custom Bracket prefabed for GSA Sahara

<!--mo1####mo2-->Led and Buzzer wired through to Dash<!--mo3-->
Led and Buzzer wired through to Dash

<!--mo1####mo2-->Reality check water in the  mix Canberra October 2010 010<!--mo3-->
Reality check water in the mix Canberra October 2010 010

<!--mo1####mo2-->Water Watch Fitted beside the standard Toyota Filter<!--mo3-->
Water Watch Fitted beside the standard Toyota Filter