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New Ford Territory diesel worth check as tow tug with car comforts

June 07, 2011
New Ford Territory diesel worth check as tow tug with car comforts

The new Ford Territory AWD diesel is a towing option worth a check for those looking for a tow tug with road car manners.

Under the bonnet is a 2.7 litre Duratorq V6 fuel-efficent diesel. The power and torque numbers are 140kW and 440Nm. The tow torque is full-on at 1900rpm. Ford's ZF-based 6R80 six-speed auto hooks it all up. Since its inception the Territory has been crying out for a diesel option with serious diesel grunt towing capacity in the Aussie family wagon Sports Utility Vehicle market. The petrol engine is now available only with the rear-wheel drive format.

With a Ford heavy duty towbar fitted a Ford spokesman told GoSee today that ball weight (TBM) for the AWD diesel is 270kg with the AWD rated to pull 2700kg.

The RWD version has a Towball Mass rating of 230kg with a towing capacity of 2300kg. Ford recommends a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) be fitted for serious caravan towing. Yes Ford has its own towbars and WDH products for the job. And no the new Territory does not need additional transmission cooling, the Ford spokesman said.

Ford testing numbers on the diesel Territory's highway fuel use are as optimistic as 6.5 l/100km. The Territory has a 75-litre fuel tank which means a potential range of about 1000km between fills. Reality for the diesel with nothing in tow is more likely to be around 8 to 9 litre per 100km in TX and TS AWD Territory's. The 2.7-litre diesel was designed by Ford and is said to have built a reliable reputation in Peugeot, Citroen, Jaguar and Land Rover models.

Refreshing experience. GoSee asked for and received this information within an hour. We were prompted by concern after reading in the column of the Melbourne Saturday Age towing recommendations which included the Territory, Pajero, Nissan Pathfinder and Prado D4D. Unfortunately Towball Mass did not make it into the report for any of the vehicles discussed.

As the towing question being addressed dealt with a 2300kg caravan somebody could get hurt.

The RVMAA is working towards media education. Ford is obviously ready to help.

For Newbies and those who did not do their homework; The difference between ATM ( Agreggate Trailer Mass) and GTM (Gross trailer Mass) is Towball Mass.

The Towball Mass stated by the vehicle maker should be taken seriously. It determines towing safety. It also will make life unhappy if it is ignored. Police and insurers will not be sympathetic if things go badly wrong. Garth.

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