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Battery World helps take the bite out of Australia's battery disposal challenge

June 29, 2011
Battery World helps take the bite out of Australia's battery disposal challenge

While there is no national battery recycling program in Australia, there are a number of collection and/or recycling programs accepting various types of batteries.

Some retailers, including Battery World, will accept and recycle household quantities of batteries within stores. Battery World is partnering with Planet Ark and Varta for National Recycling Week.

Battery World is proud to be an official supporter of National Recycling Week, November 8 to 14 in 2010. To reduce the amount of batteries sent to landfill, Battery World is encouraging Australians to switch over to rechargeable batteries, and to recycle all their used household batteries in store. To find your nearest Battery World outlet, click

Battery World is a Queensland-based national franchise business with years of experience meeting the needs of Australias ever-growing replacement battery market. Since inception, Battery World has grown to be the largest and most comprehensive retail battery chain focused on the battery category.

There are also commercial operators that offer national collection services for the recycling of all types of batteries (except motor vehicle batteries).

Flat-packed boxes are posted out to your location and full boxes sent back for recycling with an administration fee.

Other types of batteries are accounted for in a variety of programs. Mobile phone batteries, for example, are recycled through MobileMuster.

While car batteries are collected through a number of operators including the extensive Century Yuasa network. Batteries cannot be recycled in household recycling bin. As batteries can be made from hazardous materials, they have to be separated carefully and they are not suited to the common collection systems and sorting facilities used by councils.

To recycle household quantities of batteries, take them to your nearest Battery World store or search for local recycling options on

Battery World offers the only national opportunity for the Mums, Dads and kids of Australia to recycle, or responsibly dispose of dead batteries*, of any kind. (*Offer is for domestic usage and disposal of batteries).

In Australia, over 8,000 tonnes of batteries go into landfill each year.

Batteries are one of the most dangerous common waste discarded by Australian households. Many are made from heavy metals and harmful elements such as nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury, which can pollute soil and water and harm wildlife and humans.

Currently there is no Government legislation forcing manufacturers and retailers to participate in responsible disposal of batteries. Also, there is no significant funding or incentive for manufacturers or retailers in Australia.

Since the Battery World Community Recycling Program was initiated, about 500 tonnes of batteries have already been prevented from going into landfill That is enough to fill the Sydney Cricket Ground 10 times over. Plus over 16,000 analogue EPIRBs have been collected for recycling since the digital changeover legislation.

To find battery recycling options for your work, visit

Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely
Look for BW Man to dispose of batteries safely