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Instant Facebook Business Pages for Caravan Parks

August 23, 2011
Instant Facebook Business Pages for Caravan Parks

For caravan parks throughout Australia ContACT will professionally set-up a Facebook Business profile on behalf of the business and issue logon and password to the business to enable further maintenance and regular updating. Cost $160.

ContACT will place a Facebook logon and special 'like' button to your ContACT hosted website template and other pages as required. Cost $80.

Keith Mclaren of Kakadu Systems told the VicParks annual conference at Creswick today that Facebook & Social Media presence will have a beneficial impact on a websites google importance ranking and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance.

Facebook the biggest social networking media entity has 500 million user accountants.
For caravan parks it is booming with 29.3 percent growth in the key area of 25 to 34year old users.
The 35-year-old group are the fastest growing of Facebook users.

The marketing value of Facebook is that 78 percent of people trust the recommendation of other users.
The combination of Facebook and Twitter have been indentified by Google as linked to Google website ranking.
Facebook allows the rapid broadcast of information.
This has a high value for caravan parks looking to move accommodation inventory.

Facebook should not be relied on ininsolation but be combined as part of a caravan parks overall business plan.
The set-up of Facebook requires care to use Business pages.
Security must be read and understood.
A caravan parks brand should be consistent between Facebook and its webpage.
Links should be updated regularly to keep the value in Facebook.
Facebook, Twitter and other social networking links should be integrated to boost Search Engine Rating.
Post to Facebook weekly as a minimum and refresh graphics to create steady growth of Friends on Face book.

ContACT Alan Hislop or phone - 02 6175 1111.