Kids are kings when they GoSeeAustralia

December 08, 2005
Kids are kings when they GoSeeAustralia

Caravan parks are great places for children to have fun and GoSeeAustralia, the biggest caravanning directory in the country, is a great way to go.

More is better and GoSeeAustralia has much more - like 22,000 attractions, destinations and events plus more than 2,700 caravan parks, stories, pictures, trip maps, helpful hints and Mates Rates discounts and deals.

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Tween Waters spinklers Merimbula  NSW Children have their own special section on GoSeeAustralia. Just click Kids Activities on the GoSeeAustralia Home Page and get into games and ideas for fun while touring. Things like how and what to pack, coloring, car games, find a word, spot a vehicle, try challenges with signs, animals and landmarks that make time away a busy, interesting experience.

All around Australia, families are going camping in way that has never been seen before as they take to the caravan park experience.

And caravan park options make sense. They include well priced quality time together, comfort, privacy, space and convenience. Children are VIPs and most caravan parks are set up perfectly for them. This means peace for parents and plenty of secure things to do for the children.

The McMahons with their Jayco SwanThings to do include play centres, games rooms, bike tracks, basketball, tennis, mini-golf, movies, giant jumping pillows and outstanding pools and water recreation areas to make the day a playful experience.

Or the family can get into riding the waves at caravan parks like One Mile Beach Holiday Park Port Stephens. GoSeeAustralia found a Surf School right beside One Mile Beach Holiday Park and for those who always wanted to ride a board, but never thought they could; this is one place to build surfing confidence. So if you have you ever wanted to surf but didn't know where to start well, here is your chance. Anna Bay Surf School at One Mile Beach.You can book in for the ride of your life. IT'S ADDICTIVE , SURFS UP!

Up and looking cool Surf School One Mile BeachOne Mile beach is one of the best beaches in the whole Hunter and Port Stephens region to learn to surf. Perfect gentle white water waves for the beginners and awsome green waves for the more experienced board riders. The Surf School operate every day from Oct - May. Lesson times may change due to seasonal variations, so be sure to book ahead to secure your spot.If you can't fit your board in don't worry! You can hire one from the Surf School, Perfect!

Caravan parks are about good times and affordable easy living. Cook for yourself and you add to the savings!
The social side of the caravan experience is a real plus. There are friends for the kids to play with so parents find time to chat. Pre-dinner drinks around the barbecue are an evening event and family friendly comes without compromising. It is fun, safe and relaxed.
Caravan Parks are much more than just a powered campsite.

There are 300,000 caravans registered and travelling around Australia, and an additional 40,000 registered motorhomes. Add to this the growth in the appeal of touring holidays where travellers choose to stay in caravan parks and it is a time of change in how Australians enjoy their time away. hasbeen redesigned to include all Australias destinations, attractions and events. It hasa multi page advancedsearch that picks up on key words, info on destinations. Visitors can decide what to see and do, then where to stay.GSA popularpublic forums are enhanced with search links, use the Caravan Park search, Plan a Trip and click through the new Tours and Attractions,Kids Activities and a links page.

Fishing at Borroloola in the Gulf RegionGSA carries the latest feature stories on caravanning and touring articles too. Search GSA for your particular interest.For example, type in Nambucca Heads, towing, camper, or motor home and open a huge new world of travel and fun.

In November 2004, the GoSeeAustralia site provided 118,645 page requests and in November 2005 GoSeeAustralia served 378,120 - a massive 219 per cent growth inone year.
Almost 12,000 pages a day were served in November 2005. GSA also passed 2 million hits per month in November 2005 and in December 2005GoSeeAustralia broke another record when we passed three million hits and 500,000 pagesopened in 29 days.
January 2006was a huge winner
Hits 5,110,312or average of 164,867 per day Pages 594,573 or average of 19,181 per day Visitors (conservative) 33,982 or average of 1096 per day.

At midnight on October 31 GoSeeAustralia easily passed 1 million pages served to visitors to the web site for the month. To achieve that GoSeeAustralia had 11 million hits. That is conservatively 3000 'quality'visitors to the site in an average day and each visitor looked at an average of11 pages.

As GoSeeAustralia has mushroomed from about 43,000 pages served in July 2004 we are excited!

It is a huge growth spurt. GoSeeAustralia now has excellent analysis which shows beyond doubt that tourist information isbeing sourced at ahigh level through the Internet.

Caravan parksmusthave quality, easy to use web sitesif the caravan park isto remain competitive. GoSeeAustralia knows that the number of Online caravan park chain members is increasing.

That isa big benefit for travellers and caravan parksasbookings whicharemade on line remove any confusion about the accommodation which is provided, its costs, benefits and timing.

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Editor's note: Key the word children into the multi-search box on GSA's Home page orinto the multi-search box at the bottom of an Information featurepage and read related information in GSA unique cross-linked files.

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