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Rena oil spill rescue progress as September TravelSmart winners get Orana insight into wildlife conservation

October 12, 2011
Rena oil spill rescue progress as September TravelSmart winners get Orana insight into wildlife conservation

Mt Maunganui reopens to swimmers but birds marine life and the beaches of New Zealand's Bay of Plenty are still under threat from oil from the stranded ship Rena. Two GoSee TravelSmart September member prize winners get a unique insight into the importance of the conservation of endangered wildlife at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch.

The GoSeeTravelSmart Club membership is now just under 11,000 members with about 9000 individual international visitors to the free GoSee websites daily.

Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch, NZ provides family pass prizes has joined Orana Wildlife Parks, Christchurch, Adopt an Animal program with a Black and White Ruffed Lemur adoption. The program is open to individuals, families, school groups, clubs societies and businesses. All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

Adoption funds go towards the costs of food, veterinary care, breeding programs and maintenance of the animals' homes.

New Zealand winners:

Orana Wildlife Park (1) Family Pass, 2 adults and 2 children Wendy Montrose, Whakatane, New Zealand. Whakatane is in the Bay of Plenty Region, in the North Island. It links to the first Polynesian landing about AD 1150. Whakatane is about 48 km south of White Island New Zealand's most active volcano.

Orana Wildlife Park (2) Family Pass Graeme Williams, Papamoa, New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald said on Sunday Oct 23 that Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has allowed water access to the open section of beach between Mt Maunganui and Tay Street. The section of the beach was re-opened to the public on Friday, but restrictions on swimming remained in place until Sunday morning.
MNZ National On Scene Commander Alex van Wijngaarden said public health officials had confirmed it was safe to swim, as long as people continued to exercise caution.
We've now had 12 days without any significant release of oil from Rena, he said.
The rest of the beach, from Tay Street to Maketu, remained closed to the public.
Captain van Wijngaarden said for areas west of Mount Maunganui and east of Maketu, people should take care and avoid the water if they suspect it to be contaminated.
AAP reported on October 14 that two of New Zealand's most endangered bird species are threatened by the oil spill from the container ship Rena, the opposition Labour party says.
Labour's conservation spokeswoman Ruth Dyson said today the Bay of Plenty was a breeding ground for the fairy tern and the New Zealand dotterel.
Only 40 pairs of fairy tern are known to remain in New Zealand and five of them are in the affected zone, she said. Detailed public information is available online at, and people are encouraged to call 0800 OIL SPILL with any sightings of the black substance.

Accommodation and most activities and attractions in the Bay of Plenty region are operating as normal. For anyone requiring specific information on local activities they are advised to contact Bay of Plenty Tourism.

Papamoacame under threat (Wed. Oct 12) from oil leaking ashore from the stranded ship Rena.

The 47,000 tonne vessel ran aground on a reef about 12-kilometres from the Bay of Plenty. One of the ships four oil fuel tanks has been breached. As the ship is pounded on the reef by bad weather fears grow that 1700 tonnes of oil aboard the Rena could be released into the pristine marine environment if the ship breaks up.

The government has declared New Zealand's worst maritime pollution disaster. In addition to the bunker oil threat about 70 of the 1368 containers being carried by the Liberian-flagged Rena have gone overboard as the ship lists in heavy weather conditions.

The Rena's captain has been arrested, Maritime New Zealand says.

Papamoa is now one of the fastest growing areas in New Zealand due to the increase in popularity of coastal communities.

It is well know for its surfing and fishing. Kilometres of white sandy beach stretch from Mount Maunganui in the west to the Kaituna River in the east. Mount Maunganui (The Mount) a coastal resort town is also well-known for the quality of its surfing.

ABC Radio Australia reports that salvage experts from Australia have joined forces with New Zealand's Maritine Authority to contain the oil spill in the Bay of Plenty.

Australian winners:

The GoSee TravelSmart Club New member signed up for September prize -

Hayman Reece Hitch Pin Lock winner is Carl Gray, of Nemingha, Tamworth New South Wales.

Tamworth, in the New England Region of New South Wales, Australia hosts the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival in late January. It is also big on horses with a high number of equine events.

Before European settlement the Kamilaroi held the region as their tribal lands.

GoSee uses the Hitch Pin Lock to protect our Hayman Reese Weight Distribution shanks on all our towing vehicles. GoSee has also evaluated a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) holder which uses the Hitch Lock Pin to secure it to the A frame of caravans. The WDH holder keeps the towing shank safe and out of the way when we are camped.

GoSee sponsor Hayman Reese plays a big part in supporting the free GoSee TravelSmart Members Club benefits.

Others winners are -

Mogo Zoo double pass winner Robert Gallagher, Brunswick Heads New South Wales.

Brunswick Heads is a popular Australian seaside holiday spot at the mouth of the Brunswick River. Its laidback lifestyle includes Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve to the north and Tyagarah Nature Reserve with its pristine beach which is south of the town. The Pacific Highway bypassed the town in 1998.

Founded on the vision of Bill and Sally Padey who got things rolling in 1989 Mogo Zoo is a founding member of the Australasian Species Management Program and plays a leading role in various breeding programs. Like Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch Mogo Zoo's core focus is it is committed to the survival of endangered species.

The collection of species under the threat of extinction is Mogo Zoo's driver. The zoo recommends a minimum of two hours for a visit to the zoo.

Visit are best planned to include keeper talks and feeding sessions which start at *10.30 am and 1.45 pm each day.

*Times may vary during school holiday periods.

Mogo Zoo at 222 Tomakin Rd, Mogo is minutes (10km) south of the water world of Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

Hayman Reese WDH holder and  Hitch Lock Pin 002
Hayman Reese WDH holder and Hitch Lock Pin 002

6 sheets of TechniIce HDR $39.95 INCL postage anywhere in Australia winner is Ben Kierath, Brookvale NSW. The northern Sydney suburb of Brookvale is about 16km from the CBD in the Northern Beaches Region. TechniIce is a high-tech multi-purpose product that can be used as either a sheet of ice or a heat pack.

It comes in a light, flat sheet that expands into a 24-cell ice pack by just adding water.

When used as recommended, TechniIce stays frozen for days - six times longer than ice and three times longer than gel packs and most other ice packs when used in the same volumes.

Besides a cold pack TechniIce also doubles as a heat pack. The same sheet of Techniice can be used as both a hot pack and cool pack. Designed in Australia, TechniIce has become a big hit with outdoor enthusiasts. Established 26 years ago, it was only in recent years that Global National Australia (the company behind the TechniIce Company and their 5-16 day Iceboxes, Esky and reusable dry icepacks) decided to make their commercial quality outdoor products available to the public.

It was a ground-breaking decision for a traditionally 'trade only' company that is the supplier of commercial/industrial outdoor gear to an array of government departments and some of the worlds biggest organisations in over 38 countries from defence to airlines.

Now there is a range of outdoor products of high quality for about half the price typical in many retails outlets.

The quality of the products, from their military style swags and heavy duty trunk locker tool boxes to their quick release tie down ratchets, quick release fishing rod holders and ice boxes make these better than average for outdoor needs.

TechniIce HDR use in sheets or cut off separate cubes
TechniIce HDR use in sheets or cut off separate cubes

Ezyline the Pegless Clothesline winner is Trevor Rowling, Woonona, NSW.

Woonona is a suburb of Wollongong in the northern area of the Illawarra coastal plain. It is big with surfers when the sets get up. Dorrigo Ave break is right up there.

Ezyline packs are two metres long and are suitable for clothes lines, on balconies and patios, bathrooms, laundries or the garage.

Ezyline is great for the home and for travelling and camping.

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Ezyline does away with pegs
Ezyline does away with pegs
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