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Mazda gives top BT-50 five-cylinder diesel heart for max towing rating to claimed 3350kg 

October 19, 2011
Mazda gives top BT-50 five-cylinder diesel heart for max  towing rating to claimed 3350kg

Mazda has its latest BT-50 model on Australian showroom floors.

Mazda says its new BT-50 models powered by the MZ-CD 3.2 engine can tow up to a maximum of 3,350kg and those powered by the 2.2 litre engine have a maximum towing capacity of 2,500kg. Both have 10% maximum allowable downball weight of 335kg and 250kg respectively.

Industry website Autonews reports that the vehicle control technologies are not limited to commonly used ones such as a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system and a four-wheel Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution(EBD); they also include state-of-the art technologies such as a Trailer Sway Control function. If a trailer starts swaying owing, for example, to a gust of wind from either side, the TSM function controls the speeds of rotation of the vehicle's left- and right-hand wheels in order to suppress the swaying and promote stability.

Mazda says the MZ-CD 3.2 I5 is its first 5-cylinder engine. The new 3.2-litre diesel engine has an inline 5-cylinder configuration (a first for Mazda) with 20 valves, a turbocharger with an intercooler, and the latest common-rail direct injection technologies.

It has a bore of 89.9mm and a stroke of 100.7mm for a displacement of 3,196cc. It gives  maximum power of 147kW at 3,000rpm and  maximum torque of 470Nm at 1,750–2,500rpm (EEC).

The new 6-speed automatic transmission replaces the current five-speed automatic transmission and is available on certain models specified with the MZ-CD 3.2 I5 engine. The new 6-speed manual transmission has a short, car-type shift lever that’s optimally positioned for the driver, so it offers crisp, precise shifting that’s well matched to the generous torque of the new diesel engines. It’s paired with both the MZ-CD 3.2 I5 and MZ-CD 2.2. engines.

In Dual Cab models front occupants benefit from 16mm more head room and 30mm more shoulder room. Rear-seat passengers also feel the difference with 55mm more leg room while a wider cabin means more space between passengers.

The Freestyle Cab features Mazda’s unique Freestyle Door System, first introduced on the RX-8. On each side of the cabin, a front-hinged front door and a rear-hinged rear access panel realize a 1,408mm-wide opening.

With every cab type, the floor width of the cargo box has been increased by 104mm and the height of the cargo box by 48mm. The floor length of the cargo box by has been increased by 19–94mm depending on cab type. As a result, the maximum cargo volume has been increased by 178 litres to 1,214 litres with the Dual Cab and by 226 litres to 1,453 litres with the Freestyle Cab.

Development of the new Mazda BT-50 was shared between Mazda in Japan and Ford in Australia and carried out across Asia, Australia, South America and Europe.

Two brand new diesel engines, a MZ-CD 2.2 litre 4-cylinder and a MZ-CD 3.2 litre 5-cylinder, have been developed for All-New BT-50 in addition to brand new 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions

The BT-50 is available in three different body styles – Single Cab, Freestyle Cab and Dual Cab.

Three different model grades are available – XT, XTR and GT.

Pricing of All-New BT-50 Freestyle and Dual Cab models is as follows:

Manufacturer’s List Price (MLP)
XT 4x2 Freestyle Cab Chassis                                                      6MT                       $32,590
XT 4x2 Dual Cab Utility                                                                   6MT                       $36,090
XT 4x2 Dual Cab Utility                                                                   6AT                        $38,090
XTR 4x2 Dual Cab Utility                                                                 6MT                       $40,740
XTR 4x2 Dual Cab Utility                                                                 6AT                        $42,740
XT 4x4 Freestyle Cab Chassis                                                       6MT                       $40,660
XTR 4x4 Freestyle Cab Utility                                                       6MT                       $46,810
XT 4x4 Dual Cab Chassis                                                                 6MT                       $42,660
XT 4x4 Dual Cab Utility                                                                   6MT                       $44,160
XT 4x4 Dual Cab Utility                                                                   6AT                        $46,160
XTR 4x4 Dual Cab Utility                                                                 6MT                       $48,810
XTR 4x4 Dual Cab Utility                                                                 6AT                        $50,810
GT 4x4 Dual Cab Utility                                                                   6MT                       $50,710
GT 4x4 Dual Cab Utility                                                                   6AT                        $52,710

BT-50 was launched in Australia in November 2006.

Australian sales of BT-50 to date are in excess of 49,000 units (as at September 2011).

Until now Australia has been the second-largest market in the world for BT-50 and is expected to become the largest market in the world for new BT-50.

BT-50 was awarded the 2007 Australian 4WD Monthly Ute of the Year.