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Qparks conference works on big picture

December 08, 2005
Qparks conference works on big picture

GoSeeAustralia is new to Queenslands Qparks conferences so when we took part in Cairns this month we enjoyed meeting parkies who have a big vision for their businesses and related industry.

After visiting Cairns Coconut Palms Resort, while at the conference GoSeeAustralias reaction is that it is a benchmark themed resort with first class accommodation.

Like DKWs ducks to waterRon Chapman ( pictured above centre) of Qparks says 180 delegates attended the conference and he rates the attendance as the best yet. It is great to see Qparks being so proactive about taking caravan parks and related industry forward.

Qparks is a fun group as the pictures show. The fun theme is MASH. We are not sure who was playing Hawkeye on the Rainforest Station experience, but overall the Qparkies played it up to the Max.

GoSeeAustralia also took time to tour the magnificent Hinterland behind Cairns through Mareeba, 63km west of Cairns and we will post the story and pictures as a touring feature around May on GSA.

Oh he is tickingRon Chapman, told GSA that while the final decision is still to be made Brisbane is the most likely venue for the next Qparks Conference.

GoSeeAustralia rates this years Cairns venue as excellent. We found the GoSeeAustralia stand was in a great position and we appreciated the happy experience of everything we arranged being there and working.There were 28 well presented trade displays, but it was a shame to see a couple unmanned

GoSeeAustralia found most park delegates used the conference to look at improving their park facilities and to take the time to investigate the latest opportunities to move forward.

There is something in the airIt was encouraging to find there were a number of first timers this year working at doing it better.

GSA was surprised to find some parks are without web sites although most have some sort of email system. There were a lot of non-chain members present.

The Qparks Conference gave GSA an opportunity to meet park owners at a time when they could get to know us.

Our GSA team has a lot of follow up to do - more than usual after similar chain conferences which we attend across Australia.

Coconuts palms Fire Engine driver takes a BowTo make the getting to know you process easier GoSeeAustralia put a question on the Qparks delegates passport competition entry - It was - why should I enhance my free listing with GSA? - Answer - to gain maximum exposure for your park in Australia's largest caravanning directory. GoSeeAustralia found many delegates just came up and asked the question, which gave us a good opportunity to get to know them.

There was strong interest in GoSeeAustralias translation of how web sites work.

With the release of the revised GoSeeAustralia site with its new multi-search ability, which brings up any related key word, GSA also set out to take the mystery out of web site performance figures.

Coconut Palms New Swimming Pool

For example:
In November GoSeeAustralia had over 2.2 million hits.

But GoSeeAustralia uses Successful requests for pages as its yardstick of the sites performance each month. We regard this as a reliable specific indicator for site users, so 378,120 pages were requested on GSA in November. Each day of that month 12,605 pages were requested on average.

Here is the actual report provided by GSAs powerful analysis abilities.
This GoSeeAustralia report contains overall statistics.
(Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending 30-Nov-2005 23:55).
Successful requests (Hits to web site): 2,294,178 (687,689)
Average successful requests (hits)per day: 76,481 (98,241)
Successful requests for pages: 378,120 (82,175)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 12,605 (11,739)
Distinct hosts served: 24,061 (6,199)
Data transferred: 20.19 gigabytes (5.36 gigabytes)
Average data transferred per day: 689.26 megabytes (783.95 megabytes)

InJanuary GoSeeAustralia had more than 5 million hits.

Coconut Palms entrance Fountain