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10th Bendigo RV and Camping Leisurefest value day out for families as industry shows latest and best

November 08, 2011
10th Bendigo RV and Camping Leisurefest value day out for families as industry shows latest and best

Bendigos RV and Camping Leisurefest is back at Bendigo Racecourse, Epsom, for its 10th annual running from Friday to Sunday, 18-20 November Bendigo Leisurefest is a great value day out for the family, with free parking and tickets at $10 adults, $8 concession and free for kids under 15.

There are free kids activities on the Saturday and Sunday, daily towing safety tips, demonstrations and once again free seminars on all three days.

GoSee Editor Garth Morrison and the GoSee travelling team will take showgoers into the world of broadband and the Web at seminars which explore the huge amount of touring and camping information available free through the and websites.

Plan a Trip with GoSee free online. Plan a Trip satellite mapping is a free GPS which does not tell fibs. GoSeeAustralia lists more than 2700 Australian caravan parks all available free with a few clicks.

The Internet savvy Editor of Australias biggest caravanning, touring website also tackles a contentious range of camping questions at the Bendigo RV and Camping Leisurefest free seminars from November 18 to 20 at Bendigo Racecourse, Heinz St., Epsom.

Garth gets into - What Recreational Vehicle really suits you?

What tow vehicle makes the best tug?

What does it take to get good broadband coverage on the road?

What batteries work best?

Is a Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) essential to safe towing?

What is the price of 'free' camping?

What makes the best caravan park in Australia?

Garth also GoSeeAustralia's Kiwi sister site. and combine to help about 9000 individual visitors every day.

This huge caravanning and touring audience open more than *2.5 million GSA and 250,000 GSNZ pages each month. * January 2011 figures.

Seminar topics also include Peter 'Spida' Everitt on touring with a family, caravanning, tow vehicles, towing tips and camping hints and 4WD.

The Everitt family former AFL star Peter Spida Everitt and his wife Sheree, along with their kids really take the family theme to the limit, with up to four of the kids joining in their travels.

Their family caravan and camping show goes nationally right around Australia on Saturdays at 5pm. Sheree and Peter 'Spida' Everitt of The Great Australian Doorstep travel and TV show are just living the dream.

They believe you cannot get a better family holiday than caravan and camping. Hooking up at amazing caravan parks with their Jayco Expanda caravans and motorhome experiencing small Australian towns Sheree, a born Kiwi, says - I am into an eye-opening, at times challenging but forfilling travelling experience along with our son Boston and Peters three daughters.

Caravanning and camping is something I love doing and want to take to the next level and allow others to show off what they have right on their Doorstep, all around Australia, Peter says.

They aim to encourage school children to be proud of their town and Australia in general. Keep it clean, recycle and at the same time eat healthy and be active. More importantly help them educate other children to follow their lead, even the older kids at heart, their parents. and sponsor

Time out with Jayco Discovery
Time out with Jayco Discovery

For three days the beautiful racecourse is packed with caravans, motorhomes, camping, four-wheel-driving and off-road touring options.

This year there are more than 250 new caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, off-road vehicles, campervans, pop-tops, tent trailers, fifth-wheelers, slide-ons and four-wheel-drives.

Leisurefest has the latest products from more manufacturers and exhibitors than ever,including innovative products from Victorian companies brand new to the Recreational Vehicle (RV) sector.

All the big brands of caravans and RVs have their new-season releases, with lots of luxury motorhomes and fifth-wheelers, while the latest off-road trailers and caravans take people off-road without living under canvas or giving up their home comforts.

There are destinations ranging from just down the road to Australias far north and west, plus a huge range of parts and accessories, tents, annexes, equipment and clothing, towing equipment, RV telecommunications products, alternative power and off-road equipment.

RVMAA protects Australian RV integrity

Industry associations represented at Bendigo include Caravan Industry Victoria (stand 8), Victorian Caravan Parks Association (stand 47), Bendigo 4WD Club (stand 36A), Four Wheel Drive Victoria (stand 36A), and Kyneton 4WD Club (stand 36A).

The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia (RVMAA) protects the image of Australian-built RVs as being among the best in the world, and specifically the best for Australian conditions. An imperative RVMAA requirement is to ensure every RV produced by membersis safe and 100 per cent compliant with all regulatory requirements, which are the ADRs (Australian Design Rules) and the AS (Australian Standards).

Australias sheer size means it has so many variables in climate and road conditions so experienced manufacturers know what is required to build RVs that can hold up under all kinds of conditions.

Look for the RVMAA logo at Bendigo and the guarantee of experience and construction integrity which comes with it.

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIAVic) is right beside the RVMAA in every sense at Bendigo. (stand 20C).

Peter and Sheree on  tea break
Peter and Sheree on tea break

Here are GoSee's old friends with proven products and newcomers with fresh ideas who are at Bendigo:

Australian food tech puts easy gourmet into camp meals

GoSee has added to our ability to enjoy gourmet eating anywhere, any time in a marriage of convenience with our long-standing answer to meals on the move our reliable Dream-Pot.

Happy Camper Gourmet meals has come up with the latest food storage technology mixed with the benefits of real food cooked to perfection, ready to eat.

Lamb shanks in red wine and rosemary or traditional mint gravy, veal shanks in creamy mushroom and pink peppercorn sauce varied with meatballs in tomato and basil give a particularly pleasant range of choice to our camp meals. The genius of Dream-Pot thermal cooking makes a good Happy Camper idea even better.

Stand 23.

Aussie made with precise design and style

Mountain Trail Campers use high quality Australian made products to produce camper trailers with a two year warranty.

Computer technology works out designs with precision and style from the CAD designs through to the laser-cut and oven baked powder-coat finish.

All campers are made from high quality Dynaproofed Australian Wax Converters 15 ounce canvas, which is immersed in UV stabilisers, rot and mildew inhibitors, and waterproof waxes.

There are eight models in the range. The Escape model is the entry-level on road camper that also comes in an extended version, and can also be ordered in an off-road version.

Stand 112A

Veal shank in the main inner Dream-pot.
Veal shank in the main inner Dream-pot.

12 Volt cooling for campers

Transcool's portable 12 volt air conditioner draws only 1.7 AMPS per hour at maximum setting. Fill it with water, plug it into a cigarette lighter socket and enjoy crisp, cool fresh air.

It is a cooling solution for camper-RV, caravan, tent, boat, car, or anywhere with 12 Volt power supply.

The following results were achieved using a standard 12 volt 60ah lead acid car battery*, withTranscool running until battery voltage was reduced to 12 volts - this ensures reliable vehicle startup.

Transcool says low fan speed is generally more than adequate for sleeping.

Low Speed - 42 hours.

Medium Speed - 17 hours.

High Speed - 10 hours.

*Cooler for longer:

For extended periods of cooling, use of a deep cycle battery or battery power pack, such as the Waeco Cool Power 36 is recommended.

Stand 48

Best Manufacturer award recognises The Complete Campsite

Grant and Jodie Joyce of the Complete Campsite are continually improving and evolving their campers based on their own personal camping experiences. Their campers are also continually tried and tested in their hire fleet.

The Caravan and Camping Industry Assocation recognises their dedication and has awarded them as Best Manufacturer - caravans, camper trailers and tents.

The Complete Campsite are members of the Caravan and Camping Industry Association. Award recognition of their products and services includes:

2008 Winner - Best Manufacturer - Caravans, Camper Trailers and Tents.

2008 Finalist - Best Dealer/ Retailer/ Wholesaler - Regional NSW.

2006 Certificate of Recognition - Business of the Year - Regional NSW.

Stand 107

Customline Camper Trailers offers direct buy savings

Customline Camper Trailers believes in leading quality at factory direct prices for customers.

Extensive research and development combined with advanced manufacturing techniques produce comfort, class, durability and above all, value in an Australian made product designed for Australian conditions, Customline says.

Models available include the Basic On Road Camper Trailer, DeLuxe On Road Camper Trailer and the DeLuxe Off Road Camper Trailer. Customline Camper Trailers does not employ agents so they are able to pass the savings directly on to the buyer by offering the benefit of buying directly from the manufacturers.

Stand 100A

Transcool 12  volt cooler for campers
Transcool 12 volt cooler for campers

Goldstream RV range fits individual needs on and off-road

Goldstream RV have been making quality caravans since 1993. They are renowned for their reliable wind up camper trailer available in 10 different layouts. The extensive choice of models begins with the on road touring units which will suit most small cars.

Goldstream RV has developed off-road units which come with a national warranty.

For several years now Goldstream RV has made a range of pop-tops and caravans. The unique design off the Mini range which is only 3.65m (12ft) allows all of the features of much larger caravans.

The 4.3m (14ft) Explorer range of pop-tops come in three different layouts including a shower toilet model.

For the adventurous, the 4.6m (15ft) Cutaway pop-top offers complete comfort with off-road features.

Larger caravans and pop-tops are also made to customer specifications ranging from 5m (16ft) to 8m (26ft) with floor plans to suit individual needs and a large list of features available.

Goldstream RV are supported by a national dealer network.

Stand 70C

Ozpig cooking makes Chloe's mouth water

GoSee has tested Oztent and tried Ozpig cooking and its capabilities thoroughly on GoSee adventure trips.

In August 2009 GoSee took our Rodeo RA 2006 3 litre diesel twin-cab truck down the Canning Stock Route, Western Australias most remote and challenging 4WD adventure using Oztent and Ozpig.

Ozpig cooking has a great GoSee fan in our Maltese Shitsu camp guard dog Chloe. When the Ozpig is at work Chloe is right there.

The Ozpig is based on a professionally converted 9 kg lpg gas bottle modified with legs, chimney, spark arrestor, cooking plates and internal fire box.

A well seasoned GoSee camp oven on top and Ozpig cooks a wonderful Number 10 roast chicken and vegetable in 65 minutes.

Stand 81

Dream-Pot delivers easy-cook meals anywhere

The thermal Dream-Potcooker delivers easy-cook nutritious food when it is wanted, where it is wanted.

Nothing does more for happy, healthy touring and camping than good nutritious food when it is wanted, where it is wanted.

A GoSee extended evaluation, over years, on the road and at home of thermal cooking and Dream-Pot shows it delivers on time every time. It saves big time on fuel, gas or electricity and does not demand that someone watches the pot.

Completely portable the Dream-Pot keeps cooking indoors or out once the recipe start-up has been followed. So please read the instructions.

GoSee uses the 6 litre Dream-Pot which comes with a 2 litre inner pot. This allows cooking variety with recipes which run from soup to cake and most things in between.

Stand 26

Red Rock solid on camper knowhow

Red Rock Campers owner David McCormick built his first trailer with his father 18 years ago. He and his wife Roslyn and their two boys Cameron, 10, and Jason, 3, are keen recreational campers.

Roslyn has extensive experience in the camping wholesale side so she and David provide good advice for Leisurefest goers on all aspects of recreational camping needs.

In recent years Red Rock Campers moved into specialized trailer building, and work with the Salvation Army Emergency Services to produce bushfire relief trailers designed to feed and assist at emergencies or disasters. Red Rock also works with other emergency service providers including the SES. Red Rock Campers is a wholly Australian family owned business.

Stand 90

Camper-caravan opens outdoor Vista

Vista RV of Bayswater set out in 2006 to produce an off-road camper capable of going anywhere a 4WD could go.

As the design evolved it was determined that a camper-caravan would give everyone the opportunity to enjoy what the Australian Outback and other hard to access destinations have to offer. But without roughing it under canvas, as well as provide a suitable portable camp site that was as comfortable as it was practical.

With the addition of accessories like a solar panel, full annexe and an ensuite, campers are fully independent and can go to any chosen destination.

Layout includes Queen size bed rear half converts to dining configuration. Kitchen across rear wall with big bench area, sink.

An MP3-CD-radio is standard. The Crossover features a suspension system which is the heart of its off-road capabilities. Tare is 1100kg with a payload of 350kg.

Stand 79

Goldstream pops and electric powered top
Goldstream pops and electric powered top

Adria builds easy to use caravans for Australian roads

Melbourne European RVs and Southern Windsor Caravans - Adria and Sunliner. GoSee has tried an Adria caravan and can report that the mechanical brake system is excellent and we could not wrong-foot the built-in anti-sway tow-head which is used by Adria.

The bottom line is the European builders have products which are well engineered for easy, safe use in the Australian Recreational Vehicle market.

Stand 76D

Intellisat auto-locks laid back TV

Intellisat is about easy to operate automatic satellite systems for people on the move. The Autosat 2S Control is 100 per cent compatible with Foxtel, Austar, Aurora and SelectTV satellite-receivers.

The Autosat 2S Control is easy to operate and reliable, as it is build for Australian conditions. With an offset 85cm dish Autosat 2S Control is fast tracking, opening from its fold-down position and automatically locking onto the satellite signal.

When closed the units profile is about 20cm. It mounts on an RV roof with its profile reversed to protect it from potential wind damage caused by high speed driving. It will work with all DVB-Compatible digital receiver (Digibox) allowing access to a full range of channels.

With the user friendly control unit: Switch on your television. Switch on your Autosat. Sit back and watch preferred programs. Once connected to the RV's ignition the Autossat 2S Control dish automatically closes when the vehicles engine is started.

Stand 20E

Matting concept keeps camping clean and grass green

EnduroMat Mate Australia groundsheet covering or annex flooring is an Australian Innovation at Bendigo Leisurefest.

The matting is designed to be: Lightweight, non-slip, mildew resistant, low maintenance easy to store and UV protected. Maintenance of the mat is minimal a quick hose down and shake and the matting is ready for storage.

The concept keeps 75 percent of dirt outside of recreational vehicle or tent as well as keeping the grass alive - which an issue in the world of camping today.

The matting is edged and eyeleted for securing to the ground. The fabric allows the smaller particles of dirt to fall through leaving larger particles of dirt on the surface of the mat, which can then be swept away.

Stand 80

Award range has broad reach

Award RV Superstore is the largest caravan accessory and aluminium annexe store in Australia with over 20,000 products available for caravans, motorhomes, campervans, marine, trailers 4 x 4 and outdoor leisure. Award RV Superstore carries stoves, fridges, solar, generators, awnings, 12v lighting. LCD televisions, portable toilets, windows, doors, pumps, air conditioners, towing equipment, GPS, jockey wheels, hot water services, caravan covers, vents, hatches, brake controllers mirrors and water tanks.

Award RV Superstore builds annexes on site throughout Victoria and parts of New South Wales.

Award Annexes was started by Rod Francis in 1990. The company grew rapidly and in 1994 moved to its present showroom and factory complex in Ferntree Gully, Victoria.

In July 2004, Award Annexes expanded to create Award RV Superstore. Staff members of the family owned and operated business have more than 30 years combined experience in the caravan industry

Stand 42

Jumping Jack multi-purpose camper trailer

The Jumping Jack Camper trailer is also a heavy-duty utility/box trailer to carry bigger loads. It converts easily from camper trailer to utility/box trailer in minutes ( just slide out the tent bag and fold up the sides ) and has the durability and cargo capacity necessary for a real work hauler. It is two trailers in one with the obvious single trailer storage benefits which go with that.

The Jumping Jack Trailer carries all gear and provides a big, comfortable living space.

The design carries two ATVs or motorcycles on upper deck, has about 9 M2 of space in tent, sleeps 4 to 6, has 1500 kg. torsion bar axles for heavy payload with a smooth ride. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 1,360 kg, Trailer Weight / Tent Frame Weight: 452 kg./ 113 kg.

Stand 107D

XTRAILers engineered to tough it out

XTRAIL is a camper trailer developer, manufacturer and supplier with a focus on developing heavy duty, high quality onroad and offroad camper trailers and caravan, as well as custom design and custom made trailer of various applications for the Australian market.

XTRAIL specialised in designing and manufacturing heavy duty offroad camper trailers, parts. Trailer comes with three years return to factory parts and labor warranty.

Buyers can purchase tent only or complete camper trailer and tent package, the tent comes with a one year parts only warranty against manufacturing defects.

Stand 106A

BioMagic eco cleaning package

BioMagic is an environmental solutions company which provides environmentally sustainable products and solutions which work with and promote nature. The product can be used in portable toilets and cassettes in both tanks of al portable and Recreational Vehicle (RV) toilets. BioMagic for large waste tanks is designed to make it simple and effective to treat all liquid and solid waste in larger holding tanks.

BioMagic recommends treating at the rate of 100ml per 100 litres of capacity in gradual doses. The company says BioMagic comprised of oxygen, water and nitrogen is safe on the skin, harmless to animals and good for the environment. BioMagic says it now can provide an entire ECO package which takes care of toilets, grey water, odour, laundry, all cleaning and now safe drinking water treatment.

Stand 29

Leisurefest is held annually at Bendigo Racecourse, Epsom. This year from Friday to Sunday, 18-20 November, open 9.30 am to 5pm on the Friday and Saturday and 9.30 am to 4 pm on the Sunday.

Bendigo Leisurefest has information available on destinations ranging from just down the road to Australias far north and west, plus a huge range of parts and accessories, tents, annexes, equipment and clothing, towing equipment, RV telecommunications products, alternative power and off-road equipment.


Bendigo Racecourse, Heinz Street, Epsom

Melway Ref 509 E3

GPS Coordinates: S36.72665 E144.31522


18-20 November

9.30am to 5 pm Friday and Saturday

9.30am to 4 pm Sunday


Adults $10; Pensioner Concession Senior's Card Holders $8; Kids under 15 Free

Getting there

Car parking is free.

Disabled access throughout the venue.

Adria caravans Bendigo Leisurefest
Adria caravans Bendigo Leisurefest
Bendigo Leisurefest seminars are well attended
Bendigo Leisurefest seminars are well attended
Ouback Jack interior
Ouback Jack interior
Red Rock Traveller off road camper kitchen
Red Rock Traveller off road camper kitchen
RVMAA helps with advice Bendigo Leisurefest
RVMAA helps with advice Bendigo Leisurefest
5th wheeler Bendigo Leisurefest
5th wheeler Bendigo Leisurefest
Oh please dad  I just love Oz Pig bacon
Oh please dad I just love Oz Pig bacon
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