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Orana Wildlife experience leads January TravelSmart Club member prizes in New Zealand and Australia

February 08, 2012
Orana Wildlife experience leads January TravelSmart Club member prizes in New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand TravelSmart winners:

Orana Wildlife Park (1) Family Pass.The winner is Malcolm Gibbons, of Beach Haven New Zealand. The Auckland suburb is northwest of North Island Auckland's CBD. The first European settlers in the Beach Haven area arrived in the 1860s. Residential plots were first sold in the area in 1923.

Orana Wildlife Park (2) Family Pass. The winner is Helen and Frances Tinker-Richards, of Christchurch, NZ. The biggest city in New Zealand's South Island. Christchurch is the oldest city in New Zealand. It became a city by Royal Charter on July 31, 1856. Archeological evidence found in a cave at Redcliffs in 1876 has indicated that the Christchurch area was first settled by moa-hunting tribes about 1250.

Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch, NZ provides family pass prizes has joined Orana Wildlife Parks, Christchurch, Adopt an Animal program with a Black and White Ruffed Lemur adoption. The program is open to individuals, families, school groups, clubs societies and businesses. All donations over $5 are tax deductible. Adoption funds go towards the costs of food, veterinary care, breeding programs and maintenance of the animals' homes.

Sixteen scheduled animal feeds occur daily and are accompanied by a presentation from a wildlife guide. This means Orana Wildlife Park has something to keep visitors of all ages entertained for the entire day.

Orana's unique and exciting animal encounters are a park specialty and get visitors up close in a unique experience. Stroll through an alpine themed aviary for close views of New Zealand Kea the worlds only mountain parrot.

Guests will also view the antics of many other amazing animals such as Apes, Monkeys, Meerkats, Otters, Porcupines and Wild Dogs.

The Parks extensive native fauna collection features Kiwi as well as a range of other endemic birds such as Tui, Bellbird, Kereru and Kakariki.

The Park is home to one of the most comprehensive public collections of native geckos. Guided tours occur daily and visitors can ride on Orana's complimentary Safari Shuttle, join a guided walkabout tour and/or meander around the Park at their leisure. Set in 80 hectares Orana is New Zealands only open range zoo. Orana Wildlife Park is located within 15 minutes drive of Christchurch Airport as GoSee found on a recent visit. Over 400 animals, representing more than 70 species, are displayed at Orana Wildlife Park.

GoSeeNZ USB Memory Stick. The winner is Susan McConnon of Riverdale, NZ. Riverdale a suburb of Gisborne, is in the Eastland region of the East Coast of New Zealand. It is one of the most naturally beautiful places in NZ.

The city of Gisborne lays claim to being the first to see the sun each day. The claim is valid for part of the year as the Kiwi summer days stretch out. The region averages 2200 sunshine hours each year.

The GoSeeNZ USB Memory Stick provides the ability to carry your valuable files with you easily anywhere. Back-up your picture and word files. Download images to free up memory on your PC or laptop. It takes the weight off your digital cameras memory and is essential security against a system crash and internet vandals.

Australian TravelSmart winners:

Orana Wildlife Park Christchurch Giraffe feeding
Orana Wildlife Park Christchurch Giraffe feeding

The Mogo Zoo double pass winner is Kristy Walker, of Cranebrook New South Wales. Cranebrook, a suburb of Sydney is in the northern part of the City of Penrith. It is about 65km from Sydney's CBD.

The Penrith Lakes Scheme, a series of flooded quarries is formed by a quarrying conglomerate in 1979. One of the lakes is the Sydney International Regatta Centre which hosted the rowing events for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. There is also the popular Penrith Whitewater Stadium which hosted whitewater slalom Olympic events.

Founded on the vision of Bill and Sally Padey who got things rolling in 1989 Mogo Zoo is a founding member of the Australasian Species Management Program and plays a leading role in various breeding programs. Like Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch Mogo Zoo's core focus is it is committed to the survival of endangered species.

The collection of species under the threat of extinction is Mogo Zoo's driver. The zoo recommends a minimum of two hours for a visit to the zoo. Visit are best planned to include keeper talks and feeding sessions which start at *10.30 am and 1.45 pm each day. *Times may vary during school holiday periods.

Mogo Zoo at 222 Tomakin Rd, Mogo is minutes (10km) south of the water world of Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast

6 sheets of TechniIce HDR $39.95 INCL postage. The winner is Maurie McMillan, of South Tweed Heads, New South Wales. On the Tweed River, Tweed Heads has a twin town in adjacent Coolangatta which is a suburb of Queensland's Gold Coast.

As New South Wales observes Daylight Saving and Queensland does not this means New Year can be celebrated twice by crossing the border between the two states.

Tweed Heads popular tourist destinations include Mount Warning, one of the largest shield volcanoes in the Southern Hemisphere, and the nearby Nightcap, Border Ranges, Springbrook and Lamington National Parks.

TechniIce is a high-tech multi-purpose product that can be used as either a sheet of ice or a heat pack. It comes in a light, flat sheet that expands into a 24-cell ice pack by just adding water.

When used as recommended, TechniIce stays frozen for days - six times longer than ice and three times longer than gel packs and most other ice packs when used in the same volumes. Besides a cold pack TechniIce also doubles as a heat pack.

White lions are endangerd in the wild - Mogo Zoo
White lions are endangerd in the wild - Mogo Zoo

The same sheet of Techniice can be used as both a hot pack and cool pack. Designed in Australia, TechniIce has become a big hit with outdoor enthusiasts.

Established 26 years ago, it was only in recent years that Global National Australia (the company behind the TechniIce Company and their 5-16 day Iceboxes, Esky and reusable dry icepacks) decided to make their commercial quality outdoor products available to the public.

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TechniIce HDR use in sheets or cut off separate cubes
TechniIce HDR use in sheets or cut off separate cubes