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Dynamic power solution for people serious about being self-sufficient

March 22, 2012
Dynamic power solution for people serious about being self-sufficient

Talking technically Bainbridge has a Dynamic Duo that is like Batman and Robin. The CTEK D250S and the CTEK Smartpass.

For people who are serious about being self-contained while they enjoy the outdoors the management of power can bring on mental meltdown. Batteries, starter and service, lighting, stuff that must work like sleep apnoea machines.

For many of us the fridge is pretty close to being a life support machine and then there is inverter powered TV and laptops.

So Bainbridge and CTEK have a Dynamic Duo. The CTEK D250S Dual DC-DC Smart Charger integrated with the CTEK Smartpass Complete Power Management Unit. The pair charge faster and more efficiently to provide maximum power. Unlike some fast chargers Bainbridge says battery lifespan benefits.

CTEK D250S Dual DC-DC Smart Charger charges, maintains and conditions start and service batteries with alternator power on the road and/or solar power when camped.

CTEK Smartpass Complete Power Management Unit manages and optimally distributes alternator, solar and even wind power. It directs regulated energy where it is needed; it boosts alternator output; and it minimises charge time.

Bainbridge says put the two units together and quick charging and optimal battery reliability is achieved so camper trailer, caravan, RV and 4WD trips have all the power needed when it is needed.

As an integrated system, the Smartpass manages the energy transfer through the D250S Dual which then converts and produces the optimal voltage of 14.4V - even if your alternator only produces 14V or less, Bainbridge says.

The D250S Dual, which can charge up to 20A, is a buck and boost charger which can reduce volts if the voltage is too high and boost the volts if the voltage is too low. In an integrated system, the Smartpass acts as a voltage controlled relay, initially passing high charge currents through to get your service battery charged up quickly.

When your service battery voltage equals your starter battery voltage (less than 20A), charging automatically switches back to the more versatile D250S Dual.

The Smartpass shares the charge current between the service battery and electrical appliances. In an integrated system, it powers non-critical appliances while the service battery charges, so charging is faster and more efficient.

Without the Smartpass, batteries being drained by appliances like power-hungry fridges might never fully charge.

The Smartpass senses when voltage on the service battery is low and protects the operation of critical appliances like emergency lights, navigation and radio by disconnecting non-essential devices until there is sufficient power to re-connect.

The Dynamic Duo provides:

  • Freedom from dependency of AC power with option for solar power.
  • Quick charging of service batteries - up to 80A.
  • Maximum battery life and cost savings by ensuring full charge of your batteries.
  • An integrated battery guard which protects deep cycle batteries from harmful total discharge and ensures.
  • Ongoing operation of critical appliances.
  • A fully automatic energy management system that can handle up to 80A for batteries between 28-800Ah.

CTEK D250S and Smartpass
CTEK D250S and Smartpass