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GSA and GSNZ most current Pet Friendly Park travel resource  

April 18, 2012
 GSA and GSNZ most current Pet Friendly Park travel resource

The GoSee drive tourism websites in Australia and New Zealand now have confirmation from 891 Australian and 182 New Zealand parks that they are Pet Friendly.

GoSee participating Tourist Park carry the GoSee Pet Friendly Park dog and cat logo. and are now the most up-to-date Pet Friendly Caravan Park resources available with park and campsite written confirmation of Pet Friendly Policy and their conditions in GoSee history files for each park.

The GoSee parks database shows that 30 percent of 2901 Caravans Parks listed on the site are Pet Friendly.

In New Zealand's North and South Islands 182 is a massive Pet Friendly response from a total of 551 NZ Holiday Parks and camping grounds listed on

There is undisputed interest in travelling with pets on the Australian and New Zealand GoSee websites which now attract more than 9000 individual visitors a day - in a free library of stories which is close to 1000 articles.

Free Information Article Editorial 13 on pets was posted in 2006. It has 88,597 individual readers in seven years. It is only one of the hyperlinked Free GoSee Information Articles which look at travelling with pets.

The GoSee data base shows the strength of reader interest in the nine measurable specific free GoSee articles which deal with the subject:

Edit 13, has 88,597 individual readers but it is only one of the Free GoSee Information Articles which look at travelling with pets. GoSee articles which deal with the subject also include Edit 66 April 2005 32,025 reads, Edit 194 Sept 2006 30,900 reads, Edit 341 Jan 2008 19,366 reads, Edit 724 July 2011 687 reads, Edit 265 May 2007 8,127 reads, Edit 172 may 2006 42,921 reads, Edit 372 June 2008 15,393 reads, Edit 397 Sept 2008 2,681 reads.

The combined individual read total for these nine GoSee Pet Friendly articles is 240,697.

GoSee hyperlinksfind articles on all subjects so that all related free articles can be found either through direct links from the stories or through the unique Multi-Search option at the top right of the GoSee Home Pages.

To assist road tourism all Pet Friendly participating parks with an enhanced paid listing on both GoSee websites in Australia and New Zealand now carry the GoSee Pet Friendly cat and dog icon.

We are in the 8th year since GoSeeAustralia first clicked into life on the Web to assist road tourism, followed by GoSeeNewZealand in 2007/2008, our policy is to be conservative when listing any park, campsite or campground as Pet Friendly. This avoids disappointments for all concerned.

To carry the enhanced GoSee Pet Friendly paid listing logo a park is required to confirm in writing that is has a Pet Friendly Policy. As park managements change GoSee asks that the Pet Friendly policy position be re-confirmed.

This drove the current update of Pet Friendly Parks on the GoSee websites in Australia and New Zealand.

GoSee provides a free listing for every park in Australia and New Zealand. Basic park listings are free, but the GoSee Pet Friendly dog and cat logo is only placed with parks which have a paid enhanced listing on the GoSeewebsites.

The 891 Pet Friendly parks in Australia and 182 in New Zealand can be found quickly if the GoSee Advanced Search option via the 12th option button on the left of the and Home Pages is used to its full potential.

Here is how to find Pet Friendly Parks in Australia and New Zealand

Use the Advanced Search option button to find Pet Friendly parks:

Click the Advanced Search option button 12th down on the left of the Home Page.

For Australia (GSA) click Caravan Parks in the Search Options.

For New Zealand (GSNZ) Click Holiday Parks.

For Australia (GSA) click the down arrow on Any State to select a state or territory.

For New Zealand (GSNZ) select North or South Island.

Click the Pet Friendly box. (A green tick will appear).

In Key Words enter park.

Click search.

Whats this I hear about boarding kennels
Whats this I hear about boarding kennels

House keeping note: About 840 Australian Pet Friendly parks will appear on pages 1to 84 in a flood of pet information.

For New Zealand, if the search is run on Any Region, both North and South Islands will be included and another flood of Holiday Parks, campsites and campgrounds will be displayed in page 1 of 17 pages of Pet Friendly information.

Some Pet Friendly Parks will not appear on this search as they do not have the search string word park in their information.

This is because they may describe themselves as a resort or bush camp for example.

It is possible to wade through an initial flood of ' all in' information but GoSee encourages specific searches for information.

This avoids mental meltdowns and saves a great deal of time and stress.

Here is how to be specific:

For Australia instead of a search on Any State, be specific select New South Wales for example.

In the Key Words box be specific again knock in, for example, Albury.

For New Zealand select North or South Island.

In the Key Words box for New Zealand be specific knock in Miranda or Waitakaruru.

Click search.

A page of Pet Friendly park options appears.

The GoSee participating parks with enhanced paid listings carry the dog and cat on a green background

GoSee Pet Friendly logo.

House keeping Note: In Australia Rutherglen Caravan and Tourist Park is not specificially in Albury nor is Howlong Caravan Park or Holbrook Motor Village but they link to Albury and use the word Albury in their information which produces the search string result.

But if a park which is totally unrelated to a specific destination or region refers to Albury it will appear too.

This applies throughout Australia and New Zealand and can cause confusion.

If in any doubt about parks relation to a preferred destination GoSee recommends a check. More than one town shares its name.

In Australia be specific about state or territory and in New Zealand whether the destination is in the North or South island.

On the road a quality GPS with current maps is helpful, particularly when spelling NZ destinations. Never trust a GPS. They are just a touring aid and they lie - often! Use laptop or PC to cross-check. Many current Smart/ Iphones are more accurate as they often have better map data.

Carry maps of the folding kind and cross check everything if in unfamiliar territory.

The actual welcome pets and their owners get at parks is influenced by high and low tourist seasons and common sense must be applied when working with parks and their pet friendly statistics.

In Australia, South Australia and Tasmania are the most Pet Friendly states. About 49 percent of a total of 241 parks are Pet Friendly in SA. In Tasmania 44 percent of 71 parks have a Pet Policy.

Queensland appears the most unfriendly state for pets with Pet Policies in place at only 25 percent of 584 parks, but with the high number of resort parks on the Qld coast the numbers have a skew built in by 'no pets policies' driven by tourist market expectations. (* November 2011 GoSee figures).

Parks in Australia and New Zealand, both with and without a Pet Policy made a huge effort to help GoSee in the update of the GoSee Pet Friendly data base to assist tourism in Australia and New Zealand.

GoSee thinks this means many parks must feel being Pet Friendly is an advantage and the information is an important resource.

The survey shows that in Australia more Big4 parks have become Pet Friendly.

This is in line with more flexible Big4 Pet Policy changes. GoSee reported the change in BIG4 pet policy in July 2011 and there is a link among other related stories to the Information Article at the end of this story.

The Pet Friendly survey result is informative, interesting, often unexpected in its responses and fun as GoSee staff made contact with dozens of parks and campsites that we have never heard from before.

These responses provide an opportunity to update the database with park details, managers names, email, and web addresses.

Every contact was acknowledged with a thanks from GoSee. and are now the most up-to-date Pet Friendly Park resource available with park, campground and campsite written confirmation of Pet Friendly Policy and their conditions in GoSee history files for all who responded.

Palms Caravan Park Mildura pampers pets.
Palms Caravan Park Mildura pampers pets.

Hereis a representative selection of often quirky responses from the GoSee Pet Friendly survey:

Many parks like Palms Caravan Park Mildura pamper pets in this case with a Dog Bath in the park.

Kay of Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park, Qld. says the park accepts dogs and installed a hydrobath specifically to cater for them - ' A first for caravan parks in Australia we believe', she said.

Kurrimine also has a free washing machine for pets bedding and dogs can be exercised on Kurrimine Beach.

But parks in Australia and New Zealand are also firm and practical with their Pet Policy - The majority accept pets provided dogs are on a lead at all times, well behaved and most importantly that owners pick up after them.

Manager Darren Core of Poplar Tourist Park in Camden New South Wales said - 'Karyn and I recognized the increasing demand for pet friendly parks and introduced this park as a pet friendly 4 years ago'.

'I feel that it has contributed to the huge increase in our occupancy rate considerably since becoming pet friendly'.

'The only conditions we have is that the guests keep their pets on leads and pick up after them'.

'Unfortunately we have noticed that a lot of people are becoming increasingly lax with picking up after their pets and its really disappointing when you provide them with a great facility and manicured grounds and only to have me or our ground staff to tread in the mess'.

Ken and Joan Robinson of Lakes Bushland Caravan Park said: 'Lakes Bushland Caravan Park in Nicholson (between Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance) is pet friendly. 'We have some cabins in which we allow pets, and we offer short term doggy day-care for guests who wish to visit spots where they cannot take their dog e.g. cruises on the lakes, national parks, restaurants'.

'No pets parks' responded too:

Eight Mile Beach WA said: 'We do not accept pets at 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park. Thank you for your enquiry you guys are doing a good job at GSA'. Regards, Col Lewis

Elly and Peter Hood of Pine Country Caravan Park, Mount Gambier South Australia said - 'Yes we are a pet friendly park'.

'We require a $50 bond on arrival, which is refunded on departure if they comply (with Pet Policy rules). We also have a large doggy paddock where the dogs can exercise unleashed, which is very popular'.

More pressure  on the shoulders please. Kurrimine Beach Qld.  pet  hydro bath
More pressure on the shoulders please. Kurrimine Beach Qld. pet hydro bath

Mark and Sharon Haydon of Port Vincent Caravan Park Seaside Cabins, South Australia said - 'We are pet friendly all year round in our caravan park and we even have 4 pet friendly cabins by arrangement.

We have 2 Beachfront Budget Cabins with no bathroom and 2 Budget Ensuite Cabins where you can have your family pet in the cabin with you'.

Lyn Mott of Regatta Point Holiday Park on the Sapphire Coast of NSW said - 'Regatta Point Holiday Park is a pet friendly park year round.

'We have a small number of dog friendly sites available year round, but booking is necessary to ensure we have a vacancy, particularly in the busy season'.

'The park also offers a single - 1 bedroom dog friendly cabin where the dog is welcome indoors. Bookings for this cabin are essential. Dogs must be on leads at all time, and poop must be collected.

All visitors with dogs are offered a 'doggy welcome' pack on arrival detailing nearby exercise areas and leash free beaches'.

Many parks have a sense of humor like Kevin O'Dea of Poinciana Tourist Park at Cooee Bay, Yeppoon Queensland - 'As I tell all the customers we DO NOT TAKE or ACCEPT Pets'.

'We do, however, let you bring them with you'.


1. Your take them with you when you leave.

2. They must be registered (in your home state)

3. Must be on a leash or enclosed at all times.

4. Must be cleaned up (immediately)

5. Owners are responsible for their animals and or any damage they may cause to people or property/.

'Nothing out of the ordinary', Kevin said.

'We do offer a dog sitting service for a small fee. Should the owners wish to go shopping or out for lunch or even to Great Keppel Island for the day. Keep up the good work', he said.

Ahhh there is nothing as relaxing  as time away from home
Ahhh there is nothing as relaxing as time away from home

Waddi Bush Resort, off the brand Hwy, Badgingarra Western Australia is totally pet friendly and encourages people to bring their pets along.

Michael Braybrook and his wife Noor said. 'There is no requirement to keep a dog on a lead as this is a small 1200+ acre farm with lots of places for dogs to freely roam'.

'We only state that owners are responsible for their animals behaviour. They can stay in the Caravan Park as well as in the rooms. Water is provided for dogs in the alfresco area outside the restaurant and bar'.

'Where we suggest caution is on the airfield when aircraft are taking off or landing to avoid dog decapitation by propeller'.

Fiona, Manager of Lazy Acres Caravan Park in Torquay, Queensland (not to be confused with Torquay Victoria) asks owners to produce current immunization certificates at the time of check in.

'Pets must be restrained at all times and that they are only allowed in our park if you are providing your own accommodation ie: your own caravan or tent. At no time are pets allowed to stay in or around park provided accommodation', Fiona said.

Seisia Holiday Park and Campground, Cape York Qld, has a Palm Grove for pets - 'We have a pet friendly area at the Seisia Campground it's situated across the road from the main camp, the area is totally fenced and gated with coconut trees throughout, we call this area of the park Palm Grove', Manager Danny Orr said.

Wendy Ohern of Bailey Bar Caravan Park, Charleville Qld says - 'We are very pet friendly. Next season every pet visiting our park will receive a free gift!!', Cheers Wendy.

Oh please dad  I just love bacon
Oh please dad I just love bacon

GoSee is surprised by the high number of parks with Pet Friendly cabins. Greg and Hipas of Country Style Accommodation Park, on the New England Hwy, Stanthorpe, Glen Aplin Qld. are typical.

They said - 'Pets are welcome at Country Style, small dogs are allowed to stay in the cabins if the owners bring their pets bedding . Normal conditions apply, leash and pick up'.

Editors note for pet owners: While many parks are pet friendly it is always advisable to discuss pets and their needs with the manager before arriving at a caravan park, particularly in peak season.

This prevents misunderstandings and a potentially bad experience for the pet.

Park pet policies vary at the managers discretion. This is particularly relevant at peak periods like Christmas, Easter, school holidays and long weekends.

Owners must accept responsibility for their dog. Obedient dogs can be controlled by voice, but owners must use a lead when required. Parks that welcome pets expect guests to attend to their pets toilet needs and clean up after them.

Pet friendly parks respond to owners who are thoughtful about the temperament and size of their pets and recognise that many people, often children, are afraid of dogs.

This means dogs are not allowed in public areas like swimming pools. Temperament and training is critical. If a dog is a barker, anti-social or a poor traveller, then maybe a boarding kennel is the best choice.

GoSeeAustralia has introduced a Pet Services category under Products and Services (9th option button down on the left of the Home Page) to help with alternative pet care while traveling, and also in the event that travellers do not want to take their pet with them.

It can be searched by State and Territory in Australia. In New Zealand this pet travel service is being developed by our team.

So far GoSee has information on Pet Products and Gifts. We aim to do better.

Harry Cooper, the amiable TV vet in the tweed cap says owners should always check before they place their pet in a boarding situation. Trial runs are good. And when it comes to first impressions use your basic senses of sight and smell.

Harry says if it smells bad then it is no place for your pet.
His check list also includes-

  • Are the water bowls bright and clean?
  • Are the staff really pet lovers?
  • Will your pet have something to look at?
  • Is there space?
  • An essential is having the shots for kennel cough, he says, as the treatment has a relatively short effective life.

Leaving your pets with friends, can end friendships, he says, and clear binding agreements about where responsibility lies should be in place before any such arrangements are put in place.
Harry says treatment for sick or injured animals can run into thousands of dollars. Fortunately this is not so much of an issue with pets like rabbits, fish and birds.

If your loved bird is going along then cover the cage. Objects flashing past can leave your pet a psychological wreck. Arriving at your caravan park with a parrot which will not stop screeching is not Harrys idea of a happy holiday.

When travelling with dogs stop every two hours and exercise them. It will be good for you too and help you arrive safely. Make sure you have fresh water; it is best if it comes from the home supply and can be carried in sealed plastic containers.
Do not feed your animal on the day you leave and restrain them in the vehicle.

If there is too much enthusiasm from the pet while it is in the vehicle it should be restrained on the floor behind the front passenger seat. Make sure all shots are up to date and off you go.

  • For owners travelling with dogs here are some basics:
  • Discuss your pet and its needs with the caravan park before you arrive.
  • Train your dog in elementary obedience and good manners.
  • Do not allow your dog to wander outside of your own site area.
  • Keep your dogs vaccinations up to date and make sure your dog is flea free.
  • Stop your dog barking, it offends.
  • If the dog must be on a leash, make sure it is.
  • Stop your dog wandering or scavenging.
  • Dont let your dog foul pavements, lawns, gardens, beaches, parks and camping areas.
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • You dog should wear its council registration and an additional ID with your name and phone number plus the address and phone number of a friend at home.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to stick their heads through car windows. As your pet will be in a strange environment micro chipping is recommended as permanent identification.
  • On a hot summer day a dog in a closed car can die in six minutes, the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warns.
  • Never leave pets or children in an enclosed vehicle in warm weather. It is amazing how quickly heat can build up, even on overcast days.
  • If your dog is in the car park make sure your vehicle is in the shade and windows are open enough to ensure a strong airflow. Never leave your pet for long periods.
  • Never tie dogs near trailer edges or windows, hanging is a reality.Tie your dog up well clear of vehicles and make sure there is a continual supply of fresh water and shade.
  • Travelling dogs need regular walks.
  • Dont let your pet wander around the vehicle. Apart from distracting the driver they can injure themselves and others if there is sudden braking or an accident. Dog seat belts are a sound investment in security and safety.
  • Take clean, flea free bedding for your pet.

Pets  need their own bedding at Country Style cabins
Pets need their own bedding at Country Style cabins

Editors note for industry: The positive Pet Friendly Park result is a particularly satisfying response to a GoSee survey of caravan and holiday parks on both sides of the Tasman.

GoSee thanks all concerned for their support and the excellent response to the Pet Friendly survey which is now added to the written Pet Policy of participating Pet Friendly parks in the GoSee Park History files.

GoSee can now update this information within a business week to provide current information to travellers in Australia and New Zealand.

The maximum business benefit to Pet Friendly Parks, campsites and campgrounds in Australia and New Zealand via the GoSee websites is when the GoSeePet Friendly logo is with their information. The test of a logo is if you can't help noticing it - it's successful.

A logo is shorthand for brand. In this case instant brand recognition of Pet Friendly benefits to travellers in Australia and New Zealand. The GoSee Pet Friendly logo is generic, all-inclusive and credible through industry input.

It is already established as the design and development campaign costs have been met by ContACT Internet Solutions the mother company of both GoSeeAustralia and GoSeeNewZealand.

The value in a brand is the idea. GoSee hopes this asset will be valued across the road tourism industry as an idea worth adding to a business plan through a paid listing.

Editor's Note: Also See -

Acknowledgement -With the help of our generous sponsor Northstar Jeep, in Kippa-Ring, Queensland on the Redcliffe Peninsula GoSeeAustralia has put together this Information Article. Sponsors cover the cost of staff time researching stories.

It is through sponsors like this that GSA and GSNZ and their information library have remained free to users for the last nine years.

Northstar Motor Group is one of South East Queensland's largest Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealers. They were awarded the Fiat Chrysler Northern Metro Dealer of the Year for 2012. Northstar traces its history back over 40 years when Alistair Stewart and Mal Wright Chrysler kicked off in Margate, another Redcliffe Suburb. Through owners Bob and Suzi Aldons, Northstar has grown to be one of the largest privately owned companies in the area, but hasn't lost sight of the importance of being a community member.
Northstar Motor Groupsells Chrysler Dodge, Isuzu Ute, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo Fiat, Mahindra, Used Carsand importantly for this storyJeep.

dog joyriding
dog joyriding