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'Just like a dream' says winner as CTEK charger buy brings unbelievable holiday experience  

May 08, 2012
'Just like a dream' says winner as CTEK charger buy brings unbelievable holiday experience

Snowmobiling and husky sleighing in Sweden was a once in a lifetime holiday for Chris Roker and his partner Kate Giles. Chris and Kate won an "unbelievable" experience when they bought a CTEK charger and entered the draw for the Bainbridge Technologies/CTEK, all expenses paid $12,000 holiday to Sweden's ICEHOTEL.

They are still pumped about the cool adventure they had sleeping on a bed of ice and visiting the CTEK factory in Sweden. Bainbridge Technologies and CTEK teamed up to give one lucky winner and their friend a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take their good times to the awe-inspiring art project hotel sculpted entirely of snow and ice.

It was just like a dream, Chris said, Everything was white and covered in snow and minus 16 when we got to the ICEHOTEL. Chris and Kate agree that the highlight of the trip was snowmobiling and husky sleighing. It was a once in a lifetime holiday, they recall, Simply unbelievable!

ICEHOTEL Manager Kerstin Nilsson says sleeping warm in a room of ice and snow is a surreal adventure into white serenity. Each year, ICEHOTEL attract visitors from all over the world to a little village, Jukkasjrvi, in Lapland, 200km north of the Arctic Circle.

The Torne River is the source of inspiration. Its pristine ice sawn from the river in two tonne blocks of crystal-clear building material for ICEHOTEL. In mid-November, specially selected international artists and designers arrive. They decorate the new version of ICEHOTEL each year.

Each summer the ice block loan melts back to the river and ICEHOTEL is once again fresh, flowing water. Bainbridge Technologies and CTEK gave GoSeeAustralia website users a chance to win a the $12,000 holiday to Swedens ICEHOTEL last year and the prize was drawn in December.