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Reliable power key to weather-proof road touring says Bainbridge system advisors

May 23, 2012
Reliable power key to weather-proof road touring says Bainbridge system advisors

Winter or Summer road touring getaways rise or fall on the ability to cope with anything the weather throws up and that means reliable power. As Australia's annual migration of 'Southern Snowbird' travellers hit roads heading north to follow the sun 'switched-on' power is the make or break for camping comfort.

Bainbridge Technologies says the right power system means RV and camping road trips in wintry southern Australia and New Zealand's North and South Islands remain a comfortable experience. The essential Bainbridge told GoSee is reliable power for camping comforts with a sophisticated sinewave inverter-battery charger-power transfer switch like the Victron Phoenix Multiplus as, literally, the start-point.

The MultiPlus gets its name from the multiple functions it will perform. It is a powerful sinewave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high speed power transfer switch.

As an inverter MultiPlus delivers high quality pure sinewave power for appliances. There are two charge outputs in each MultiPlus. The main output benefits from a true 4-step adaptive charge characteristic that fine tunes every charge cycle to deliver exactly what the battery needs each time.

Dead batteries are never fun and the next step in trouble-free travel planning is full information on the state of the power system through a BMV600 Victron Battery Monitor.

It constantly measures the battery voltage and battery current and calculates the actual percentage of charge available automatically.

The essential function of a battery monitor is to calculate ampere-hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Ampere-hours consumed are calculated by integrating the current flowing in or out of the battery, Bainbridge Technologies says.

The BMV-600 comes with shunt, 10 meter RJ 12 UTP cable and 2 meter battery cable with fuse. No other components are needed.

Monitoring is essential to get maximum life from expensive batteries. The life time of batteries depends on many factors.

Battery life reduces by under-charging, over-charging, excessively deep discharge, too fast a discharge and too high an ambient temperature. By monitoring a battery with an advanced battery monitor like the BMV-600,important feedback is given to the user so that remedial measures can be taken when necessary.

The Installation of a remote panel allows quick and convenient check on power status at any time, without stepping outside.

The BMV600 Victron Battery Monitor is easy to install and easy to wire. Bainbridge Technologies features a short YouTube video that steps through how to program it at

Victron Battery Monitor BMV600
Victron Battery Monitor BMV600