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Training, people, passion remain drivers Jayco founder tells caravan park operators

August 21, 2012
Training, people, passion remain drivers Jayco founder tells caravan park operators

It is obvious Australia needs a world class technical and vocational education system, Gerry Ryan, Managing Director, of Jayco Corporation, said in his keynote address to the Energise Enterprise business breakfast launch, in Melbourne on Thursday, June 8, 2006.

Today at the VicParks Conference at Creswick Victoria Gerry Ryan sounded the alarm on Australia's training needs again. In 2006 the founder of Australias biggest recreational vehicle manufacturer said Australia must invest more in its long-term future, today he said it again. Jayco now holds 45 percent of the Australian Recreational Vehicle market.

In 2006 he said - From a manufacturers point of view, I would like to see an overhaul of the Commonwealths Research and Development programs,.

Many industries are suffering critical skills shortages. The reason was, he said, that Australia does not have a world class technical and vocational education system. Yet it is obvious Australia needs one.

Manufacturing in Australia has become a much tougher game over the past 20 years (now 26 years). Protection has been phased out. Global competition is intensifying and is particularly fierce in manufactured goods, he said.

Today Gerry Ryan said he had confidence in the long-term future of the caravanning and caravan park industry and Jayco's own Research and Development was geared to respond over the next five to 10 years.

Asked whether Jayco's product messages could also reflect caravan parks rather than stylised locations Gerry Ryan said Jayco's appreciation of the role caravan parks played was respected and long established in Jayco's marketing approach.

He said Jayco would give its full support to national industry marketing initiatives like Caravan Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA).

Gerry Ryan said that taking risks, being wrong and learning from those mistakes were all part of the Jayco process. He said he had also learned not to expect short-term returns.

He recommended the Five P's to caravan park operators who want to build their business - People, passion, perspiration, persistence and planning.