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Ballarat company makes Australian Standards compliant quality Fifth Wheelers their mission statement

September 07, 2012
Ballarat company makes Australian Standards compliant quality Fifth Wheelers their mission statement

James Leviston says the best thing for anyone taking on the 5th wheeler Recreational Vehicle route is to think big.

"Why would you do anything else?", James of Fifth Wheelers Australia asked GoSee. "If you don't, you might as well settle for a caravan", he said. James walked GoSee past a range of imported 5th Wheelers being modified to Australian Standards requirements on the floor of an immaculate Fifth Wheelers Australia factory at Warrenheip, Ballarat, Victoria to illustrate his point.

Your correspondent had asked for imported 5th wheeler information and James agreed to find time to talk as GoSee headed south from the VicParks annual conference at Creswick.

Fifth Wheelers Australia specialises in importing and converting American built units. " We purchase directly from dealers in America which gives us access to years of US 5th wheeler experience, back-up and support. "It also means that we have biggest range of floor-plans and brands in Australia", James Leviston said.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Plenty of  locker space is 5th wheeler feature<!--mo3-->
Plenty of locker space is 5th wheeler feature

Fifth Wheelers Australia provides American production line RV's which James Leviston says removes the risks which can go with buying an imported product.

James said in the beginning  he was planning an around Australia adventure and decided to learn about 5th wheelers by going to the American market. It was a steep learning curve. "We got burnt", he said.

But the experience has led to positive outcomes which are re-inforced by James, Robyn and family getting hands-on with what works on the road in an extended 5th wheeler tour of Australia.

The Ballarat company says its mission is to deliver fully Australian Standards (AS) compliant quality Fifth Wheelers to the Australian market. It says the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DoTaRS) assess the company as a heavy trailer manufacturer compliance plate approval 39711 to 7.5 tonne, Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM).

ATM is defined in the Australian Design Rules as: The total mass of the laden trailer when carrying the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer. This includes any mass imposed onto the drawing vehicle (tow tug) when the 'Combination Vehicle' is resting on a horizontal supporting plane.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Iveco tow tug does the job at  reasonable prices<!--mo3-->
Iveco tow tug does the job at reasonable prices

GoSee notes that the fittings, finish and attention to safety considerations which come with the Fifth Wheelers Australia products we saw include carbon monoxide and gas alarms which are already required under American regulations.

There are full, comprehensive push-button read-out monitor points for water, plus grey and black tanks. Electrics are comprehensively covered to Australian Standards. Fuses are easily accessed. Furniture like dining settings and serious, comfortable armchairs can be moved as required by the RV owner in one design. LPG installation changes to an Australian Gas Certificate.

All US warranties are honored in Australia and appliances are servicable here. Rigs are within 2.5m width as required by the Australian Design Rules (ADR's). A new ADR approved hitch is supplied and installed plus a brake controller and seven-pin plug.

Suspension is upgraded for Australian conditions and new Australian tyres fitted. Units come with Victorian registration which means no duty is payable.

Editor's Note: Fifth Wheelers Australia is a Hayman Reese authorised 5th wheeler dealer.

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<!--mo1####mo2-->Plenty of space with this 5th wheeler<!--mo3-->
Plenty of space with this 5th wheeler
<!--mo1####mo2-->Reese Airborne hitch pin<!--mo3-->
Reese Airborne hitch pin
<!--mo1####mo2-->Iveco with hitch gear set-up<!--mo3-->
Iveco with hitch gear set-up
<!--mo1####mo2-->Slide-outs add to the floor space<!--mo3-->
Slide-outs add to the floor space