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Eco-responsible rechargeable batteries with glittering recovery powers impress Polly

October 19, 2012
Eco-responsible rechargeable batteries with glittering recovery powers impress Polly

Every year, thousands of new products are introduced to the market that rely on batteries or portable power. In Australia, over 8,000 tonnes of batteries go into landfill each year so the choices we make about the batteries we use to power them is a major environmental issue.

GoSee uses new generation rechargeable batteries like the Eneloop ready-to-use low discharge batteries. The Eneloop which is exculsive to Battery World is a handy caravanning and camping product.

Now there is no mistaking Eneloop rechargeables, (pictured) they are the Glitterati of the modern, diverse Battery World displays across Australia. The Special Glitter batteries highlight they are rechargeable rather than recyclable.

GoSee believes rechargeable is the responsible way to go in areas like household batteries and camping needs. Eneloop batteries are rechargeable up to 1,500 times and can hold charge up to three years when not in use.

That point impressed the hell out of Polly Porter (of Polly and Waz and The Block TV fame). The Eneloops even come ready to use pre-charged in the Sanyo AA/AAA Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) charger which is among the prizes which can be won by GoSee free TravelSmart Club members. The Sanyo Ni-MH Battery Charger model MQN04 and 4 pack of AA Eneloop Batteries is valued at $21.95.

Like many of us Polly's opinion of rechargables in general, was a little coloured by the rechargeable batteries that were once common fare. They were quite unreliable and never really lived up to expectations. But the new generation that Battery World promotes, in particular the Eneloop batteries, really changed her mind. Polly and Waz are now the face of Battery World.

The down-to-earth couple from the TV world of The Block took battery testing to extremes when they walked the famous Kokoda Track to raise profile and funds for Pink Hope. Pink Hope is a charity which inspires and encourages women to be proactive and vigilant with breast and ovarian cancer.

The Kokoda Track campaign or Kokoda Trail campaign in New Guinea was part of the Pacific War of World War II. Battery World sponsored Waz who is into environmental issues and already focused on the national recycling program, so while they were on the Kokoda Trek they tested batteries and torches.

Eneloop rechargable batteries really catch the eye now.
Eneloop rechargable batteries really catch the eye now.

Four AA Nickel Metal Hydride batteries come with the packaged charger from Battery World. The batteries are pre-charged so they can be put straight to work. Only Nickel Metal Hydride AA and AAA HR-3U and HR-4U rechargeable batteries should be used in the Sanyo made charger.

Please remove and discard the plastic isolator on the charger contacts as the batteries are removed from the charger for the first time. Also please note that AA and AAA batteries cannot be charged together in one charger channel and single batteries cannot be charged in one channel so two and four batteries must be charged at the same time.

AA and AAA type batteries cannot be placed side by side in the charger slots nor will the charger light up its green LED charging lights if batteries are placed in the left and right charging slots only.

It is important not to add additional batteries to the charger during the charging cycle as the protective timer (about 16 hours) will not be initiated.

Rechargeable batteries like the Eneloop handle high drain use. That means digital cameras, toys, game controllers and remote controls. Under the Clean up Australia program 5c per battery is donated to Clean Up Australia.

TravelSmart prize Eneloop charger from  Battery World
TravelSmart prize Eneloop charger from Battery World

The Eneloop batteries and packaging can be recycled. Battery World offers the only national opportunity for the mums, dads and kids of Australia to recycle, or responsibly dispose of dead batteries*, of any kind. (*Offer is for domestic usage and disposal of batteries.)

Batteries are one of the most dangerous common waste discarded by Australian households. Many are made from heavy metals and harmful elements such as nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury, which can pollute soil and water and harm wildlife and humans.

Currently there is no Government legislation forcing manufacturers and retailers to participate in responsible disposal of batteries. Also, there is no significant funding or incentive for manufacturers or retailers in Australia.

Smoke alarm extra  heavy duty 9V battery
Smoke alarm extra heavy duty 9V battery
Slogging along Kokoda Track
Slogging along Kokoda Track
Waz (l) on Kokoda Trail.
Waz (l) on Kokoda Trail.