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Aust-made CamperLED illuminates camp life big time for GoSee's Agnes and Nick

January 16, 2013
Aust-made CamperLED illuminates camp life big time for GoSee's Agnes and Nick

Agnes and Nick from GoSee found the CamperLED a little too bright to use inside their GSA camper without the dimmer switch, but it is a great product to use outside when barbecueing, socialising and reading. The metre long strip Cree LEDs puts out serious illumination. In fact more than double that of other examples we have seen.

There is an optional dimmer accessory, together with an adapter for 240 volt power where available and it certainly makes the CamperLed more flexible. The product plugs into the car cigarette lighter power source and has a long cord, so fantastic if you need to change a tyre or fix the car at night.

Also great for off road or unpowered site applications as it uses so little power there are no worries about draining the battery. Depending on the quality and condition of the battery being used the CamperLed will brighten life for up to two weeks in normal camping use.

This is in the context that you and yours are not night owls and use it for about four hours each night. Turn down the dimmer and your life will be lighter much longer. Clips are provided which make it easy to attach to a tent pole.

The CamperLED light GoSee used is the 1 metre version, GoSee understands there is a smaller 500cm also available. The CamperLed is powerful enough to light up the backyard at home.

It is also great in the garage or workshop. As the light is waterproof it can be left out in the rain. We also plugged it into the power in our bedroom, the light was sooo much brighter than the normal light bulb. Great!, Agnes said.

The CamperLED can be hooked up to a spare car battery and taken fishing, to the beach or river, on the boat or anywhere normal lighting is not available. It is ideal for campers in the bush.

Agnes and Nick recommend buying the optional extras as they are a great help. The CamperLed is a tough customer and its epoxy resin and silicon coated construction combines with aluminium in the backing plate.

It will flex but not break It is lightweight and will cope with harsh conditions. The dimmer is a recommended option. Turn it down and power is saved. It has a switch which allows the CamperLED to be turned on and off without it having to be pulled out of the cigarette lighter plug connection. This is handy and certainly better than fumbling about if it needs to be re-connected during the night.

The 12 volt transformer kicks in on a powered campsite and of course saves battery power. There is also a carry bag which keeps the whole kit together for easy access when its needed. CamperLED is manufactured by Tony and Carolyn Villiers, of Maroochydore, Queensland. It is locally built Australian made product.

camperled with Nick under the tree 1
camperled with Nick under the tree 1
Camperled light under the wheel
Camperled light under the wheel
Camperled product close up
Camperled product close up
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