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Baintech's Dual Battery Kit popular, simple, affordable power insurance policy

January 22, 2013

Baintechs Dual Battery Kit is a popular, simple and affordable power insurance policy.

Its smart engineering so it monitors when the engine starts and stops and makes the start battery the priority. When the alternator pumps above 13.1 volts of power into the start battery it starts charging the second battery.

The Baintechs Dual Battery Kit is powerful enough to meet any hardcore needs and copes with 100 and 160 amp continuous operation. It will tough its way through adventures.

The kit is rated IP68 waterproof, fully self-contained and dust proof. Baintech says the Dual Battery Kit is designed for DIY installation. It comes with cables, earth cable, voltage control relay, heat shrink, lugs and ties. With three simple wire connections the Baintech Dual battery Kit is ready to go.

There are two battery kits 100 AMP and the bigger, more industrial 160 AMP battery kit.

Both the 100 and 160 AMP relays share many common benefits. The obvious advantage of going up to the 160 is that the IP rating steps up and the 160 is completely submersible which makes it ideal for serious off-road 4WD adventuring.

It is also a good fit for dual battery systems in the marine environment. In fact any situation where conditions are harsh.

Both relays will work on both 12 and 24 volt vehicles. Both relays are also bi-directional so that if solar is attached to the auxiliary battery and the charge at start-up is higher than the volt bank the charge will flow back through the VCR relay and top up the delivery bank and crank bank at the same time.

The 160 relay has the abililty to allow attachment of a LED light in the dash of the vehicle or boat. Once the vehicle fires and the start battery tops 13.1 volts the VCR relays latch and charge is provided to the vehicle's auxiliary battery. Once the vehicle stops and the start battery drops below 13.1 volts the VCR relays open and breaks the power feed.

This means that the VCR always makes the start battery the priority so there is always going to be the security of power available to start the engine.

Wiring Kit
Wiring Kit

In remote adventures like the Canning Stock Route this kind of belt and nbraces backup is essential for safety in extreme conditions.

Check Baintech's DYI YouTube video at

Editors note: The IP Code, Ingress Protection Rating rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures.

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GoSee Holden Rodeo works through Canning track ruts