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New Big Gun Nissan Patrol aims for share in premium SUV market

February 05, 2013
New Big Gun Nissan Patrol aims for share in premium SUV market

Industry website Autonews reports today that Nissan's new Patrol is on sale in Australia. The new vehicle is aimed more at the premium end of the luxury SUV market.

The new Patrol introduces a new platform, a radical design direction, significantly enhanced interior comfort and luxury, a powerful new V8 petrol engine, a new 7-speed automatic transmission, as well as a new ALL-MODE 4x4 system. Suspension is now independent all round, a departure from the live axles of the previous generations.

The previous Y61 generation turbo diesel model remains on sale alongside the new Y62 generation. The Y61 will continue to meet the needs of drivers who want a diesel engine and traditional live axles.

Nissan says the new Y62 Nissan Patrol petrol V8 power, direct injection engine, coded VK56VD of 5552 cc capacity, generates 298 kW (or 400 hp) at 5800 rpm and 560 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, of which 90 per cent is available from 1600rpm providing exceptional low down torque. A 140-litre fuel capacity helps long-distance cruising range.

Nissan also introduces a world-first for a full-size SUV, Hydraulic Body Motion Control, which delivers significantly improved handling and stability in both on- and off-road terrain. It is fitted to Ti and Ti-L models. The new Nissan Patrol is 5140 mm long, 1995 mm wide and 1940 mm high, with a wheelbase of 3075 mm.

This makes it significantly larger than its nearest rival in every dimension (L: +190 mm, W: +25 mm, H: +35 mm, WB: + 225 mm) as well as eclipsing the Y61 Nissan Patrol.

Despite a significant increase in all dimensions over the Y61 generation model, the new Nissan Patrol shares an identical 12.5m turning circle.

A full-size spare wheel is located under the vehicle below the load compartment.

With the second and third row of seats folded flat, the load space provides a minimum of 1240 mm of width, 2130 mm depth and 1110 mm height, for loading bulky items. The total load space available is 3170-litres.

Rated towing capacity 3500kg.
*Towball download = *Nissan's sliding scale table must be applied.
Gross rear axle capacity is 2030kg.
Fuel consumption 14.5 litres per 100km (ADR B1/02 combined cycle).
Towball download Vehicle Mass
250kg GVM (all models)
300kg Reduce loaded vehicle mass below GVM** by 70kg
325kg Reduce loaded vehicle mass below GVM** by 100kg
350kg Reduce loaded vehicle mass below GVM** by 130kg
**G VM = Gross Vehicle Mass. GVM includes the driver, 4 passengers, full fuel tank and luggage.
Figures have been calculated in accordance with ADR81/02. Actual fuel consumption will vary depending on driving conditions, driver behaviour, the condition of your vehicle and the accessories fitted.

Pricing Nissan Patrol V8 RRP Drive away* Patrol ST-L $82,200 $90,500* Patrol Ti $92,850 $101,680* Patrol Ti-L $113,900 $123,780*

*Recommended Driveaway Price shown includes Nissans recommended retail price and Nissans recommended dealer delivery fee, but individual Nissan dealers may charge a different delivery fee which may be higher or lower.

The recommended drive away price also includes any applicable GST and Luxury Car Tax, 12 months' registration and compulsory third party insurance. [Metallic paint $495 extra]. Please note that actual drive away price may differ depending on individual circumstances and between Nissan dealers.

New Patrol aims at premium SUV buyers.
New Patrol aims at premium SUV buyers.