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Clearview replacement mirrors boost towing security on GSA Colorado tug

February 07, 2013
Clearview replacement mirrors boost towing security on GSA Colorado tug

GoSee first towed with Clearview mirrors on the GSA Colorado on a trip to Robinvale, New South Wales with a Jayco Westport on the Hayman Reese towbar. The Clearviews are designed for recognised tow tugs used in Australia and New Zealand . So Australia's and New Zealand's demanding conditions are considered.

The Clearviews are full replacement mirrors and use the existing mounting and plug in points. This is an excellent anti-theft result, plus the electrics on the mirrors works from the existing mirror switch.

The mirrors need more space than standard mirrors in tight areas like narrow garages but they fold back to allow for this small disadvantage. Fuel use figures were pretty consistent in the 15’s on the run to and from Robinvale.

Then trips to Halls Gap in Victoria's Grampians have been consistent at 10.4 using the Ute only.

A mix of city running and a trip to Halls Gap towing an 8x5 trailer full of plants and half a metre of planting mix produced 12 litres per 100km fuel use figures. GSA now uses Clearview mirrors on both the GoSee Toyota TD 100 Series auto Toyota Sahara and the Holden Colorado tow tugs.

There are always trade-offs and a really Clearview when towing increases fuel consumption due to wind drag. But a rock steady view is a high value when it is essential for safety that mirrors reflect reality. The mirrors are much bigger than the standard mirror (about 100mm wider before they are extended), which allows for much clearer vision and safer towing.

When the caravan is hooked up, the mirror head can be pulled outwards for another 100mm of extension to see past the side of the caravan.

Fitting the Clearviews to the Colorado is a job of about three minutes each side (no kidding!) using basic tools. The Clearviews respond to what is already wired up in the vehicle.

So in the case of the Colorado that includes turning flashers on the outer edge of the mirrors. No complications just press the usual buttons and the Clearviews respond.

The top glass in the Clearview operates electrically and it is flat glass. The bottom mirror is a manually operated mirror and is a convex glass, which allows Clearview into the lane beside the tow tug which removes most blind spots.

The Ora mirrors GoSee used to use on the company TD Toyota Sahara 100 Series auto did not have steadies. They did the job just clipped onto the Land Cruisers standard mirrors. There was some vibration but not enough to distort the reflection much.

Over time GoSeeAustralia's towing team has used mirror brands which come with straps, struts, door sill hooks and magnetic pads. They have all required some kind of compromise. For example straps chafe. A magnetic pad underneath helps, but in dusty going it abrades the paintwork underneath.

The suction pads which come with some Ora mirrors are not reliable. GoSee thinks magnetic is better. We had a set of Ora mirrors on the GoSee Colorado until we moved to Clearview for this truck.

We lost the driver’s side mirror when wind pressure from a passing truck pulled it off and sent it under the wheels of the Jayco Westport we were towing crunching it into thousands of pieces. Clearview mirrors are stable and remain part of the vehicle, hooked to the standard electrics. GoSee thinks the Clearview price is justified by the reliability and safety they provide.

Downsides - they must be folded back in tight parking spots.

Depending on conditions towing load and road speed they increase the Colorado's fuel consumption by up to .5 of a litre per 100km. GoSee finds that heavy duty roof racks have a similar effect on fuel use efficiency, but in GoSee's opinion safety, strength and convenience balance the equation.

Clearview mirrors are available for:

  • Toyota - 80 Series Landcruiser, 100 Series Landcruiser, 200 Series Landcruiser, 120 Series Prado, 150 Series Prado, 70 Series Landcruiser, 76 Series Landcruiser. For 'Poverty Pack’ Land Cruisers Clearview has a mirror that comes with a manual actuator and is manually operated to adjust the mirror position, they also have the same for the GU patrol utes that have no mirror electrics.
  • Nissan - GU Patrol, D40 Navara/Pathfinder.
  • Mitsubishi - Pajero Nt and NS.
  • Ford - PX Ranger, Ford F Series. -Holden - Colorado 2008-2012, Rodeo 2003 - 2007.
  • Isuzu - Dmax 2009 - 2011.

For more information or to purchase your own mirrors head to

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