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Jucy says no freedom camping but this action risks ANZAC pleasure 

March 21, 2013
Jucy says no freedom camping but this action risks ANZAC pleasure

Victoria's Surf Coast Shire's crackdown on free roadside camping pushed this rental company freecamper into Geelong suburban back streets with this one camping uninvited outsideGoSeeAustralia's Grovedale office overnight on Friday, March 15. The Jucy campervan was goneby 8 am.

Maybe it was the between trips GSA Blue Sky caravan which attracted the overnighter JucyCampervan, but unlike the GSA caravan which includes shower and toilet and does not camp tothe detriment of caravan parks or at the expense of ratepayers the Jucy campervan does not carry achemical toilet. This was confirmed by a Jucy representative.

The Jucy representative said today that clients who hire Jucy campervans are told that they are notallowed to freedom camp. The freedom in the camp comments is a giveaway that the Jucy 1800150 850 to be found on line for hot travellers connects to a New Zealand call centre.

Kiwis freedom camp Aussies free camp.

Senior Jucy staff were not available for comment at time of writing as GoSee's call was outsidenormal NZ office hours.

As camping word pointers are being used your correspondent raised a point of order. The Jucycampervan freedom camped. This action has nothing to do with responsible camping which is theright of every Australian and is supported by caravan industry leaders and the majority of travellersin Australia and New Zealand.

GoSee believes free/freedom camping parallel should not therefore be drawn by authorities at stateand national levels between this Jucy campers irresponsible camping and the thoughtful,responsible camping which is common among the majority of travellers on both sides of the Tasman.

Melbourne City Council has taken action to regulate where, when and for how long campervans canput their feet up within the councils precinct.

So is the Jucy campers Geelong suburban action illegal camping? GoSee thinks only if localgovernment has the will (and the budget) to put up signs and enforce no camping regulations.

The Surf Coast Shire website says camping in non-designated camping areas and sleeping in parked vehicles is prohibited in the Surf Coast Shire and carries a penalty of a $125 on-the-spot fine.

There are no free camping areas within the coastal townships of the Surf Coast Shire.

The Council says it is required to maintain the Community amenity and introduced this local law following complaints from residents about people camping and sleeping in vehicles around the shire.

Anyone intending to camp in the Surf Coast Shire should plan their trip accordingly and only camp in designated camping grounds.

Grovedale is a Geelong suburb on the Surf Coast Highway which links Geelong to the coastal town of Torquay, Victoria.

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