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April TravelSmart prize Battery World Eneloop Recharger Kit 

May 08, 2013
April TravelSmart  prize Battery World Eneloop Recharger Kit

GoSee TravelSmart Club member winner for April of the Battery World Eneloop Recharger Kit isGus Steinbauer, Acton Park. Tasmania. GoSee supporter Roger Langham at Battery WorldGeelong is the source of the Sanyo Ni-MH Battery Charger model MQN04 and 4 pack of AAEneloop Batteries valued at $21.95.

GoSee uses new generation rechargeable batteries like the Eneloop ready-to-use low dischargebatteries. The Eneloop which is exculsive to Battery World is a handy caravanning and campingproduct. Now there is no mistaking Eneloop rechargeables, (pictured) they are the Glitterati of themodern, diverse Battery World displays across Australia. The Special Glitter batteries highlight theyare rechargeable rather than recyclable.

GoSee believes rechargeable is the responsible way to go in areas like household batteries andcamping needs. Eneloop batteries are rechargeable up to 1,500 times and can hold charge up tothree years when not in use. Four AA Nickel Metal Hydride batteries come with the packagedcharger from Battery World. The batteries are pre-charged so they can be put straight to work.

Only Nickel Metal Hydride AA and AAA HR-3U and HR-4U rechargeable batteries should beused in the Sanyo made charger. Please remove and discard the plastic isolator on the chargercontacts as the batteries are removed from the charger for the first time. Also please note that AAand AAA batteries cannot be charged together in one charger channel and single batteries cannot becharged in one channel so two and four batteries must be charged at the same time.

AA and AAA type batteries cannot be placed side by side in the charger slots nor will the chargerlight up its green LED charging lights if batteries are placed in the left and right charging slots only.It is important not to add additional batteries to the charger during the charging cycle as theprotective timer (about 16 hours) will not be initiated. Rechargeable batteries like the Eneloophandle high drain use. That means digital cameras, toys, game controllers and remote controls.

Under the Clean up Australia program 5c per battery is donated to Clean Up Australia.

TravelSmart prize Eneloop charger from  Battery World
TravelSmart prize Eneloop charger from Battery World

A custom made GSA Drill Winder attachment is among Australian GoSee TravelSmart Clubmember prizes for April. The winner is: Philip Coates, Dingley Village, Victoria. GoSee has had asupply made and the stabiliser winder attachment will be drawn as a TravelSmart Club membersprize every couple of months. The winding tool attaches to cordless or corded drills. Valued at$25.95 the attachment makes a snap of making sure the caravan is stable on the campsite. (It isalso available for purchase on the GoSee Shopping Cart from

Mogo Zoo prize once child entry pass: The winner is Tim Cody, Greenway. ACT.

Founded on thevision of Bill and Sally Padey who got things rolling in 1989 Mogo Zoo is a founding member of theAustralasian Species Management Program and plays a leading role in various breeding programs.

In July 2006 the zoo successfully bred two white lion cubs. Since then Mogo Zoo has developed aninternationally recognised white lion breeding program.

Mogo Zoo says white lions occur naturally in the wild but do not live long lives. White is tooconspicuous a shade in their native environment for that. But there are greater dangers to the survivalof beautiful animals than occur in the wild.

Mogo Zoo is about conservation and preservation and in today's imperfect world it is a task whichreally challenges. On the dark side illegal animal trade could mean that a white lion skin changeshands for up to $300,000.

The zoo's conservation work in relation to the endangered Red Panda is also recognisedinternationally.

PROD 18944 winding  tool  for caravan stabilisers.
PROD 18944 winding tool for caravan stabilisers.

Mogo is not government funded and relies heavily on business sponsorship. Mogo Zoo is out of the ordinary with staff who, know love and want to share their fascination with beautiful animals.

The feeling is catching and people came to Mogo Zoo to learn about unique animals like the whitelions. You can help too by going to see the white lions and their friends when you next GoSee to theNSW South Coast. Mogo Zoo at 222 Tomakin Rd, Mogo is minutes (10km) south of the waterworld of Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

The zoo recommends a minimum of two hours for a visit. Visit are best planned to include keepertalks and feeding sessions which start at *10.30 am and 1.45 pm each day. *Times may vary duringschool holiday periods. Mogo Zoo at 222 Tomakin Rd, Mogo is minutes (10km) south of theholiday water world of Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

Like Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch New Zealand, Mogo Zoo's core focus is it is committed tothe survival of endangered species.

New Zealand GoSee TravelSmart Club member winners of family passes to Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch are

Orana 1/ Bruce Morton, Hastings, New Zealand. Orana 2/ Bryan Cohen, Stroke, has joined Orana Wildlife Parks, Christchurch, Adopt an Animalprogram with a Black and White Ruffed Lemur adoption. The program is open to individuals,families, school groups, clubs societies and businesses.

All donations over $5 are tax deductible. Adoption funds go towards the costs of food, veterinarycare, breeding programs and maintenance of the animals' homes.

Set in 80 hectares Orana is New Zealands only open range zoo. Orana Wildlife Park is locatedwithin 15 minutes drive of Christchurch Airport. Over 400 animals, representing more than 70species, are displayed at Orana Wildlife Park.

Silvery Gibbon among  most endangered primates. Mogo Zoo, NSW South Coast.
Silvery Gibbon among most endangered primates. Mogo Zoo, NSW South Coast.

Lemurs come from Madagascar. They are an endangered species as forest clearing, agriculture,logging and mining is destroying their habitat. Orana Wildlife Park is part of the internationalzoo-based breeding program for the species.

Orana Wildlife Park sets out to educate people on the plight of these beautiful animals and to securea genetically sound back-up population should anything happen to all of the wild Lemurs.

Hazel Stone of Orana Wildlife Park says - We feed the Lemurs during a popular daily publicpresentation. We use this opportunity to deliver a conservation message to our visitors of what theycan do to help this species in the wild.

Since Lemurs are affected by habitat loss we ask our visitors to be responsible consumers.

We currently have four Black and White Ruffed Lemurs at the park. Rumel and Jerry are the

parents of Ala and Afo, who were born here in 1998, Hazel Stone said.

Ala, who was once the bottom of the group, is now the first to approach visitors during our uniqueencounters where visitors get to hand feed these gentle primates, she said.

Lemurs are primitive primates. They have evolved into at least 40 species. They are largelyvegetarians and their society is dominated by the females. Orana Wildlife Park has two species,Ringtailed Lemur and Black and White Ruffed Lemur. Ruffed Lemurs are known as the Dogs ofthe Forest because of their loud barking call. Sixteen scheduled animal feeds occur daily and areaccompanied by a presentation from a wildlife guide.

This means Orana Wildlife Park has something to keep visitors of all ages entertained for the entireday. Orana Wildlife Park on McLeans Island Road, Harewood is 10 minutes from ChristchurchAirport and 25 minutes from Christchurch CBD. Open daily 10am until 5pm. Last entrance is4.30pm. Closed Christmas Day.

Admission Prices: Adults $25. Senior Citizens $21. Students - Student ID required $21. Children(5-14 years) $8.

Please note: children must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-Schoolers FREE. Concession (2 Adults up to 3 Children) $58.

Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are gentle residents at Orana
Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are gentle residents at Orana

Free membership for GoSee TravelSmart Club members is a prize in itself.

Free GoSee TravelSmart membership has many practical benefits like the spread-sheet fuelcalculator.

The Excel Fuel Usage Calculator and Log Sheet is linked to the popular GoSee Fuel Calculator(members just click TravelSmart Good Stuff option on the left of the Home Page and click Fuel UseCalculator).

It is designed to give TravelSmart Club members the ability to use the speadsheet over 10 fills.GoSee believes this gives a better range for a running average of fuel performance.

With a 10 fill spread calculation headwinds, hills, road surface, hot weather, different drivers andvaried loads and weights are better covered in producing an actual average outcome.

The GoSee Fuel Calculator will give accurate fuel consumption. Just enter litres of fuel used and thekilometers covered and click for litres used per 100km. The answer also comes in kilometers perlitre and miles per gallon for those with longer memories.

The GoSee TravelSmart Club now has 12,000 members and rising in Australia and New Zealand. is GoSeeAustralia's Kiwi sister site. and combine to help about 9500individual visitors every day.

Orana Wildlife Park on McLeans Island Road, Harewood is 10 minutes from Christchurch Airportand 25 minutes from Christchurch CBD. Open daily 10am until 5pm. Last entrance is 4.30pm.Closed Christmas Day.

GSA camping kit for  two
GSA camping kit for two

As a registered member of the GoSee TravelSmart Club members also have access to additionalfeatures which include towing set-up and equipment videos, a variety of activities to keep childrenentertained while on the move. They include colouring pictures, mazes, word games, Sudoku andadditional games and Google Earth.

There is also access to Towing Compatibility information and all members are automatically in linefor the chance to win monthly prizes. GoSee TravelSmart Club members get access to GoSeeUseful Links.

These include Weather, public toilets,, Fruit Fly checkpoint information,

National Seniors, Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA), Country Fire AuthorityVictoria and the NSW Rural Fire Service, in fact all state and Territory fire services are included.

How much personal information new Travel Smart Club members choose to disclose toGoSeeAustralia is up to each individual. The only way GoSee knows personal infomation is if it isprovided to us, for example when TravelSmart members include personal information in a freediscussion forum.

As a registered member of the GoSee TravelSmart Club members also have access to Towingset-up and equipment videos.

Editors Note: To be eligible for the monthly draws new TravelSmart members must supply their fullcontact details. The Join Free TravelSmart Club option button is on the left of and Home Pages.

Hayman Reese lube stops bars screeching on GSA Colorado
Hayman Reese lube stops bars screeching on GSA Colorado