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45th QLD Caravan, Camping Show builds momentum for industry best

May 28, 2013
45th QLD Caravan, Camping Show builds momentum for industry best

Avida Motorhomes (maker of the Australian Winnebago) will continue the Australian launch of theirnew Avida brand and motorhomes to Queensland showgoers on the first day of the QueenslandCaravan, Camping and Touring Holiday Show in Brisbane on Wednesday June 5. The show runsfrom June 5 to 11.

Avida has updated its flagship Longreach motorhome. The Isuzu-based 9.5m Longreach has amakeover which includes new interior and external kitchen. Avida continues to revamp andrelaunch its extensive range on Australia's caravan and camping supershows circuit despite anenforced name change from Winnebago in February.

Avida is among hundreds of leading brands of new caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, off-road vehicles, tent trailers, 5th wheelers and other recreational vehicles and tow vehicles includingsome 4x4s on display in Brisbane.

The Avida Esperance motorhome range starts from about $148,000 and is offered in three bodystyles. The Esperance can be driven on a standard vehicle licence. A choice of 13 different interiortrims are available in each model.

The Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Holiday Show is at the RNA Showgrounds, 600Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane a few minutes from the CBD. The Avida Stand is number1003.

The 2013 show is the 45th Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Holiday Show - 37 of these shows have been held at the RNA showgrounds.

About 300 individual exhibitors will display their products and services in about 50,000sqm ofspace. Last year more than 70,000 people visited the show over seven days.

The show features hundreds of exhibitors displaying the latest models and products. There is also a big range of tents and camping equipment. Plus accessories.

This year the show offers an extensive seminar program is in two seminar rooms operatingconcurrently on the upper level of the Royal International Convention Centre. Look for the Seminarsigns.

Topics include: One Life, One Chance - Great Aussie Road Trip with Lisa Curry

Workabout Australia - What a Way to See Australia! with Warren Williams.

Preparation for the Trip - Be prepared for Fun with Gerard Buchtmann.

Introduction to Motorhoming with Bill McClintock OAM.

Towing Safety - Tips Techniques For Preserving Your Sanity with Gerard Buchtmann.

Solar Battery Usage with Eddie Springer.

Apps for Caravanning with Kristy Ponting.

Get into Parks - Camping in Queensland's National Parks with Queensland Parks WildlifeService.

New Jayco 5th wheeler slides out more space
New Jayco 5th wheeler slides out more space

The Great Aussie Doorstep with Peter Spida Everitt.

Stay on Track Outback with Rachel Booby and Dominic Richarson.

Don't let thieves steal your holiday - Vehicle and Caravan Safety with Vicki Campbell and Don Dull.

All You Need To Know About Getting Into Caravanning.

Seminars run on the hour from 11am to 3pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and until 4pm onSaturday, Sunday and Monday. The last seminar on Tuesday June 11 is at 1pm.

Among GoSeeAustralia's friends old and new exhibiting at Brisbane are:

Thermal Cookware.Their thermal cooker Shuttle Chef is a prize which can be won by visiting the GSA Home Page. The entry button is in the third story on the GSA Home Page. Butstep lively to win, the prize draw is Friday June 7. The Shuttle Chef (Bronze) RPC6000 features asingle inner multi-layered stainless steel saucepan with a carbon steel plate sandwiched into theheavy stainless steel base. The prize also includes an RPC 6000 Accessory Pack and Cookbook.

The total value is $445. Just follow the Click Here entry link on the GSA Home Page. Like us onFacebook, fill in your name, email address and click next.

The Shuttle Chef,is a slow cooker that consists of a stainless steel inner pot and an outer vacuuminsulated pot, manufactured for maximum insulation.

And its so easy to use assemble your ingredients in the inner pot and heat it up on your stove.

When your meal comes to the boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes,then turn off the heat, put the inner pot into the outer container and close the lid.

Good Clearview mirrors
Good Clearview mirrors

The heat in the pot is retained, and slowly cooks your meal for hours, ensuring that those lambshanks and tasty chops are super moist and tender. You dont even need to keep checking it whileits cooking. And it will stay hot for up to eight hours.

With this method, you save on energy as the meal is on the stove for such a short period of time.And, as the food cooks in its own juices, you are not going to be throwing away all the goodness.

The slow gentle simmering ensures that vegetables retain their shape.

You will also save on the washing up because there wont be an excess of saucepans, fry pans orserving dishes to clean up.

With the Shuttle Chef, you can spend a few minutes in the morning putting a meal together, and itwill be ready and waiting for you that evening. It will even sit in your caravan and cook while you aretravelling to your next destination, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday even more.

Jayco is Australia's leading builder of Recreational Vehicles (RV's). Jayco launched with a campertrailer in the winter of 1975. Jayco Camper Trailers, Pop-Tops, Expanda series and caravans arenow the most popular choice of people who love to travel. Thats why almost one in every two newRVs sold in Australia is a Jayco.

Jayco presented a 5th Wheeler available for under $90,000 at the Adelaide and MelbourneCaravan and Camping Shows this year.

Across caravans, campers and motorhomes Jayco follows their usual 'everything and the kitchen sink' development line.

GoSeeAustralia has two Jaycos among its RV's, both Sterling caravans, 23 and 21ft, with slide-outs.Jayco Brisbane Camperland is on stand 520.

GoSee sponsor Hayman Reese plays a big part in supporting the free GoSee TravelSmart Members Club benefits. Over many years GoSee has often been disappointed by gaps in the knowledge and information given to buyers by vehicle makers and distributors. Some models come to the showroom floor with high claims for their ability as a tow tug.
For potential buyers of vehicles which are to be used for towing a major first consideration is the vehicle makers declared (in writing) maximum ball weight. Then the maximum weight the vehicle is rated to pull is just as essential.

This applies to caravans, trailer boats, horse floats and tradie trailers. If these figures are not accurately provided and there is an infringement issue or an accident, safety, insurance cover and the driver's rights under the law are at risk.
GoSee has a Hayman Reese 275kg Medium Duty Weight Distribution System for our 21ft Jayco Sterling caravan. GoSee also hooks up a 23 ft Sterling with a Heavy Duty System Hayman Reese system.
The Medium Duty System is designated Classic Series by Hayman Reese and has a traditional welded head. This recognises the often lifetime loyalty Hayman Reese WDH product has earned with Australians who tow.

GoSee believes Hayman Reese has produced a refinement of the most popular towing system used in Australia with this WDH.
The 600lb/275kg WDH suits caravans with a ball weight between 135kg and 275kg.
It comes with a lifetime warranty for the original buyer.
Hayman Reese product information allows fully informed decisions by the buyer.

While Hayman Reese products do not meet all vehicle maker towing requirements they do cover the majority of safe towing needs. Hayman Reese uses a simple Towing Weight Guide.
The designations are:
Mini, Intermediate, Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy. The HR Guide is colour Coded.
Its core value to buyers is the declared ball weight.
Mini - Ball weight - 0 to 80kg.
Intermediate - Ball weight - 80 to 135kg.
Medium - Ball weight - 135kg to 275kg.
Heavy - Ball weight - 275 to 365kg.
Super Heavy - ball weight - 365 to 545kg.

Shuttle Chef RPC 6000
Shuttle Chef RPC 6000

RV Towing Solutions supplies unique products catering for the towing needs of caravaners, boaters, and camper trailers.

The company has been importing and marketing Rock Tamers a removablemud flap system since 2008.

While promoting their product at the various caravan, camping, boating and 4 WD shows thecompany recognised the need for various other products relating to towing needs and hasresponded with many practical answers.

This includes the increasingly popular Clearview towingMirrors which provided rock steady rear vision with a caravan behind for serious towing work.

The portable Ozpig is a different concept in camp cooking. No more bending over hot coals or afire. No more lifting heavy camp ovens. Weighing only 17kgs and packing down to300mmx350mmx400mm The Portable Ozpig is made of steel (making it an all weather unit).

It has four screwed in legs for safety and stability, three piece chimney (which fit into the belly whenpacked) a spark arrestor ( ensuring no cinders escape when camping) an internal fire grate and avinyl carry bag.

Some Ozpig customers have been known to cook that Christmas turkey outside on the Ozpig ratherthan heating up the kitchen. It is a great outdoor heater to use on the back patio or camping.

It is lightweight, portable and easy to store. Ozpig comes with a top barbecue plate and aside-warming plate and vinyl carry bag.

RV Towing Solutions supplies  unique products
RV Towing Solutions supplies unique products

Allan and Lindi Rush of Thermal Cookware have an interesting new recipe cookbook called Freedom with Flavor which has GoSee ready to rock with the Shuttle Chef thermal cooker which ispart of the GoSeeAustralia travelling kit.

The cookbook is free with all new Shuttle Chef purchases.

There is a Vegetarian and Sides series of recipes. Beans and Pulses includes a chickpea and potatoCurry For the traditional diners Spiced Beef should be experienced. Allan and Lindi had an examplethey had 'prepared earlier' when GoSee spoke with them . In a word it was - memorable.

Safety Dave has rear vision products which suit a range of Recreational Vehicles (RV) andcaravans. Fire safety products include fire blankets and fire extinguishers and the first aid kits onoffer often exceed Australian safety regulations requirements.

First aid kits are available for all uses, from personal lightweight hiking kits to comprehensive kits suitable for home or camping as well as large industrial workplace kits.

The Australian owned company aims to provide safety products at competative prices. It has been operating for about 10 years.

Tweed Coast Holiday Parks have a destination for every day of the week. All seven Holiday Parks pass the location test with beachfront or riverside views.
Boyds Bay Holiday Park, on a protected stretch of the Tweed River, is within walking distance of Tweed Heads. Fingal Holiday Park has the Pacific Ocean and kilometres of white sandy beaches at the front door. Kingscliff North Holiday Park provides an absolute beachfront holiday, without breaking the budget.

Kingscliff Beach surfing beach is literally metres away. Hastings Point Holiday Park is a secluded holiday park which overlooks a long sandy beach as well as Cudgera Creek. Pottsville North has two fenced swimming pools on site and surf meets sands just 200 metres away. Pottsville South is the place for swimming, fishing and family fun.

GoSeeAustralia uses the DreamPot in daily meal preparation.
DreamPot is an Australian family owned and operated company which has been in business since 1964. Keen travellers and campers Barry and Merran Green saw in 1990 a need for hassle-free,delicious cooking, particularly for people on the move.
They demonstrate and develop DreamPot thermal cooking technology backed up by exclusive recipes.
DreamPot is literally Green - Barry, Merran, Ross, Lisa and Rob.
Free recipes appear each month in the DreamPot eNewsletter.

Paradise Motor Homes based in Biggera Waters on the Gold Coast, Queensland has a production facility designed to meet the high demand for their new price-competitive Integrity Series.
The company says they have combined Paradise's superior construction and build quality to produce vastly superior, low cost motorhomes in a price range from $162 to $224,000.
News for those who want to trade is the new 15,000sqm Paradise RV Sales and Service Division which offers new and used sales. The range available is from 5 Star Luxury to a budget savvy option or a motorhome that is compact and practical.

EasyKlip Midi grabs on and holds like a bulldog at any point it is needed. GoSee has thrown away a mountain of tattered and torn tarps over years of camping and boating so your correspondent is pleased to report on a clever bit of kit which extends the useful life of protective coverings.
Easyklip is designed specifically to grip up to 6mm thick fabrics, is reusable and relocatable and is tested to 100kg. EasyKlip hangs on with textiles, fabrics, polythene, tarps, shade cloth, hessian and other sheet products and spreads the load on the working surface.

Safari 4x4 has been travelling Australia for more than 10 years and they have experienced their fair share of tyre problems so they know how much of a pain it can be.
At shows and fields days demonstrating tyre repair equipment, they have listened to how, where and when tyre problems cause stress and inconvenience.
They added this feedback to their own experiences and developed comprehensive tyre repair kits to meet the needs of bush travellers all over Australia. They are confident the kits contain a quality range of products to cover all repairable tyre damage.

For example the HD-RR Beadbreaker and Tyre Refitting Tool kit. Includes HD-RR Beadbreaker and Tyre Refitting Tool, tyre spreading attachment, 2 x 600 mm tyre levers, 43 piece tube and tubeless puncture kit, heavy duty canvas carry bag, written instructions and instructional DVD. The Beadbreaker was invented by 75 year old retired engineer, Wolfgang Bousler who was an avid Aussie bush traveller. The tool he invented not only breaks the bead with ease but most importantly refits the tyre to the rim with little effort from the operator and the job can be done on a camp table or ute tailgate.

GSA sponsor Battery World says that solar power keeps quality batteries charged provided actual needs are calculated and considered in the equipment fitted.
The best thing is - To have more than sufficient for your needs.
Calculates amps needed against the potential power drain of the actual electrical equipment to be used and allows a buffer of 25 percent above what is expected.
Portable solar power is increasingly popular, but the level of knowledge about how it works and what it can do is limited.
To arrive at the best systems to suit a caravanners needs, good suppliers go to great lengths to drawout what the client wants to power. But the addition of a litany of power draining additions from the caravan or motor home owner can make the potential power source hit the wall.
So in a typical family caravan two deep-cycle 100 amp sealed batteries are a good start. Calculate the actual power draw anticipated before fitting batteries and solar panels.
This determines the number of batteries and solar panels which will be needed to meet power demands. Sealed batteries do not gas off and that is important if they are mounted inside a caravanor Recreational Vehicle.
In a typical caravan two linked solar panels of a suitable size can replenish quality deep-cycle batteries. Briefcase style panels are easy to use.
They can be moved easily to track the sun and take advantage of charging power from direct sunlight.

GoSeeAustralia sponsor Thetford, the company who gave the Porta Potti to the outdoors, has been awarded the stringent German Environmental Certificate Blue Angel for its Aqua Chem Green and Aqua Rinse products by the German Federal Environmental Agency. The award recognises environmental consciousness in toilet additives and a committment to avoid adverse effects on sewage treatment plants.
Thetford toilet products do not contain formaldehyde.
Blue Angel certification means that effluent water (cleaned water from sewage treatment plants) can safely flow into receiving surface water which can then be used for the preparation of drinking water.
Waste containing Aqua Chem Blue, Aqua Chem Green and Aqua Rinse can be safely discard in septic tanks.
Additional tests (ISO 11734) and (OECD 301 C) prove all three products are readily biodegradable under septic tank conditions. Aqua Kem Blue is a non-biological action additive.
The concentrated formula means the toilet additives are economical to use and easy to pour.
Theford Porta Potti and Built-in toilet products lead their market and can be found in Recreational Vehicles like caravans, campervans, motorhomes and the caravanning and camping environment throughout Australia.
The Porta Potti is also a proven popular convenience in Australian boating. The result is environmentally responsible as waste disposal options when it is time to empty the holding tank extend to -
- septic tanks on campsites, storage tanks in connection with a small scale sewerage treatment installion on a camp site.
- Dump facility on a campsite in connection with a local or a regional sewerage treatment plant.
- Dump facility on a parking area in connection with a local or regional sewerage treatment plant.
Thetford additives are biodegradable and Aqua Kem Green which has a biological action (Test ISO 11734) and Thetford Aqua Rinse can be used under all circumstances where the waste water ends up in the regular sewage system.
This includes caravan parks, tourist parks, campgrounds, marinas, home septic systems, petrol stations and holiday parks.
The biological action of Aqua Kem Green means that micro-organisms biologically break down the toilet waste in the tank. It is particularly suitable when emptying in the waste tank into septic on camp sites.

GoSee is impressed with our sponsor Rola's approach to engineering a Commercial roof rack and Vortex luggage tray for the icon Aussie all-rounder the BA Ford Falcon. The GSA crew fitted a Rola XL Vortex tray roof top cargo carrier to the Mk11 BA Falcon station wagon which provides the easy horsepower to haul the GoSee camper. It is the second BA Falcon we have used as camping power, the first was written off when hit by an erratic driver while parked. GoSee has experience with fitting Rola racks and trays to our HJ60 Toyota Sahara Land Cruiser, (now retired) Colorado dual-cab auto diesel and the Falcon station wagon.

A practical aspect of the Rola kits GoSee has worked with is that they cope with a variety of vehicles. The main benefit of Rola bars is that they cope with a multitude of tasks without the hassle of hooking up and handling a trailer. They also mean that potential tyre troubles are limited to the vehicle and the Rola bars are easy to adjust or remove.
Check your vehicle owner manual for maximum rated roof loads. Check the security of your load and the tension of the bolts and fastenings of the roof rack before departing and at regular intervals during your journey.

Maximum permissible load = weight of the Roof Rack + weight of accessories + weight of load (cargo).
The mounted and loaded roof rack will affect a vehicle's handling characteristics, particularly relating to crosswind sensitivity, corners, bends and braking behaviour. Exercise extreme care when driving and adjust for the change in vehicle handling and braking behaviour by always driving safely and at a speed appropriate to travel conditions and the load being carried.
Wind resistance is the number one cause of roof rack failures. Prior to securing a load, consider the surface area of the load to determine the suitability of carrying the load on the Roof Racks. Extra caution should be taken when travelling in high winds, at high speed, or when carrying loads with large surface areas (eg tables, bed bases and mattresses, sheets of wood).

Trayon Campers are from the Sunshine Coast at Kunda Park. The Australian-made tray-back/slide-on camper can be mounted on the tray of a ute or on a suitable trailer. It comes in single cab and dual cab versions to suit almost any ute. Inside it has heaps of space for people as well as gear, yet it will take one person less than five minutes to set up.

The Trayon will go anywhere the ute can go. For those into National parks, particularly where trailer are banned, this is an answer. With the Trayon you can choose to leave the camper on board, with the convenience of having all your equipment readily available for day trips, or if desired, the camper can be set up free-standing in camp.

When the outdoors beckons, a flyscreen annexe provides a bug free area within minutes or a canvas annexe quickly extends the living area of the camper. With your portable home on board your vehicle a boat can be towed. There is a 10 year structural warranty with the Trayon.

Trayon has been making slide-on campers for 18 years. Trayon is made out of aluminium, not fibreglass like most other campers. That not only makes it stronger but also hundreds of kilos lighter than other tray-back/slide-on campers. Trayon Campers is a rock solid Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Sunland Caravans is about Roy Wyss belief that he could produce world class tough and comfortable caravans.

The result is a loyal customer base. The best parts of Australia don't have paved roads leading to them and a lot of people want to visit them and do it in comfort. A caravan designed for the road should not be taken off the blacktop. Even corrugated dirt roads can shake a normal caravan to pieces. Our off-road caravans have been built tough from the suspension all the way through to using polished stainless steel mirrors (instead of glass) in the en-suite, Roy says.

Sunland Caravans is a member of the RVMAA. The Winton is Sunland's latest update to its flagship range. Built on a solid chassis it has heavy duty independent suspension and excellent freedom camping ability. The ensuite has a 3kg front-loader washing machine as standard. There are many power options as standard fitout and planned storage options put space in the right places. Heating is via Truma 2400E gas heater and a Dometic B3 000 unit provides reverse cycle airconditioning.

Marlin Campers are the product of a company which camps. More to the point a family of campers who use their own camper trailers constantly. Which means Marlin Campers are constantly changing and improving.

That kind of hands-on experience is the unique selling point for people who want a camper which reflects the art of camping perfected with kids under 10 years of age. A direct spin-off, which only comes through this kind of practical approach, is that Marlin Campers says one-size does not fit all situations. So options on the theme are built into this camper which comes with a full two year warranty.

For example the Marlin Cruiser is suited for couples, its quick and easy setupfits getaways for a weekend or for a longer touring holiday. The Marlin Cruiser has been specifically designed so that it can be erected by a single person in under a minute.

The Marlin Escape provides you with a comfortable queen size mattress. There are no compromises in a Marlin Escape. The huge storage under the bed can be accessed using the strong gas lifts, allowing easy access to gear from inside or outside the camper.

Emu Campers designed their first camper in 1969 and they know a great deal about getting the towing combination right.

So pride is taken in matching the camper to the tow tug and the job the combination is expected to do. This means holidays in comfort and safety. To reduce ongoing maintenance issues, all Emu Trailers are 100 percent hot dipped galvanised and as Emu Campers manufacture in their own facility, parts are available Australia wide.

The Australian company is based on Queensland's Gold Coast. The latest heavy duty 15.2 oz canvas is used and a waterproof awning including zip on walls is supplied as standard in all designs. Designs include both internal and external windows for convenience if it starts to rain, yet still offers ventilation inside the tent.

All windows have mini awnings that can be pegged out. There is a Queen Plus size innerspring mattress beds and all windows are insect proof. Seams are double stitched and there is PVC around the mattress base for extra waterproofing.

Active campers listen to their customers and improved their design and materials as slide-on campers and not just caravans fitted to the back of utilities. The construction of their pop-top campers has been tested on some of the roughest 4 x 4 tracks in the Australian outback and on the beach, enabling owners to take their active camper anywhere their vehicle goes.

Active campers are designed to fit most two or 4WD, flat tray, single, extra or dual cab utes. The Active Campers aim at true 4wd driving with a low centre of gravity which gives the vehicle superb weight distribution.
The pop up roof opens within seconds, for quick travel breaks. Setting up camp at night takes minimal time and effort
The solid insulated fiberglass roof keeps the water out and cmfortable temperatures inside.
Large fly screened windows gives excellent cross ventilation and keeps insects out.
The campers are built to last with a seamless fiberglass skin all around even under the floor for maximum water and dust proofing
One vehicle is all that is needed to transport the family, go to work, for holidays or weekends away and still tow the toys.

Aussie Caravan Repair Centre started in 2011 to addresses the need for a professional and reliable caravan roof repair service network across the country.
With ever increasing sales in the RV market one issue stands out from all others: leaking or damaged caravan roofs.

This is not a problem isolated to Australia. The caravan and motorhome industry relies heavily on the use of silicone, a material that unfortunately for most DIY repairers, has limited success.

With the introduction of Liquid Roof EPDM Rubber, Aussie Caravan Repair Centre can help to eliminate the leaking roof, drop the internal air temperature, and generally make caravans look better.
Aussie Caravan Repair Centre has solutions to waterproof, insulate and protect the roof of RV's or caravans. Aussie Caravan Repair Centre says it offers value for money when it comes to protecting investments.
State-of-the-art-waterproofing membranes are used , so vehicles are fully repaired helping to seal out leaks, prevent corrosion, and protect it against the Australian climate. All work is backed by warranty.

Because of extensive construction work around the showgrounds and the lack of parking availablein the showgrounds, travelling to the show by public transport, then using the FREE trains fromRoma Street, Central or Fortitude Valley Stations direct to the show is the best stress free option forshowgoers.

The free show trains run direct to the Showgrounds station every 20 to 30 minutes. Thefirst train leaves for the Showgrounds at 9am and the last train returns from the Showgrounds at6pm. A valid Go Card or ticket is required when travelling on scheduled public services. Rememberto swipe off your Go Card before travelling on the free service to the show.

New Freedom with Flavour Cookbook.
New Freedom with Flavour Cookbook.

Tickets for the show can be purchased online and emailed. If tickets are misplaced they can bereprinted. (Tickets are barcoded and may only be scanned at the entry gate once).

RNA Showground parking is off O'Connell Terrace ($12 per vehicle)Minimal parking will be available in the Showgrounds entry off O'Connell Terrace only. GregoryTerrace will be closed completely to through traffic.

BCC parking in Victoria Park ($10 per vehicle).

Turn off Bowen Bridge Road near Royal Brisbane Hospital into Herston Road, then into GilchrestAvenue and follow signage. Access into the showgrounds is then available by following the pathwayunder Bowen Bridge Road where a people mover links to the show entrance.

Opening Hours

10am to 6pm daily

Except the last day, Tuesday when the show closes at 4pm.


Adults: $18.

Pensioners (Aged, Veteran, Disability): $12.

Accompanied school age children free.

Please Note: The Show does not honour senior's cards.

GSA Jeep and Jayco Sterling 21ft  on the road
GSA Jeep and Jayco Sterling 21ft on the road