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No mess convenience combines eco-sense in Thetford waste tank product 

October 22, 2013
No mess convenience combines  eco-sense in Thetford waste tank product

GoSee supports the use of responsible products which put the environment first in Australia and New Zealand. Thetford is one of our valued long-term sponsors for that reason. In addition to automotive aftermarket accessories  the Cequent group of companies distributes Thetford™ Porta Potti’s and Toilet Care in Australia and New Zealand.

Now the international market leader in portable toilets and additives has a water-soluble sachet which always delivers the right dose to our Porta Potti waste tanks. Also the water soluble sachet makes it impossible to either over or under dose or spill any additive.

The recommended dose via the Porta Potti pour-out spout is one sachet for up to  20 litres of holding tank capacity. (Do not handle satchets or open them with wet hands. Serious risk: Avoid eye contact). Add three litres of water to the waste holding tank  for optimum performance.

Aqua Kem Green Sachets are for campers who look for convenient, responsible products.

Your correspondent has more than 37 years experience with a variety of Porta Potti models and Thetford toilet products in caravans, campers, motorhomes, tents and boats. In all that time there is one constant - black water tanks are best managed with the best quality products available and Aqua Kem Green is proven quality.

Thetford holds the stringent German Environmental Certificate Blue Angel Award for its Aqua Kem Green and Aqua Rinse products from the German Federal Environmental Agency. The award recognises environmental consciousness in toilet additives and a committment to avoid adverse effects on sewage treatment plants.

Thetford toilet products do not contain formaldehyde.

Blue Angel certification means that effluent water (cleaned water from sewage treatment plants) can safely flow into receiving surface water which can then be used for the preparation of drinking water.

Waste containing Aqua Kem Blue, Aqua Kem Green and Aqua Rinse can be safely discharged in septic tanks. The result is environmentally responsible as waste disposal options when it is time to empty the holding tank extend to:

- septic tanks on campsites, storage tanks in connection with a small scale sewerage treatment installion on a camp site.

- Dump facility on a campsite in connection with a local or a regional sewerage treatment plant.

- Dump facility on a parking area in connection with a local or regional sewerage treatment plant.

Thetford additives are biodegradable and Aqua Kem Green which has a biological action (Test ISO 11734) and Thetford Aqua Rinse can be used under all circumstances where the waste water ends up in the regular sewage system.

This includes caravan parks, tourist parks, campgrounds, marinas, home septic systems, petrol stations and holiday parks.

The biological action of Aqua Kem Green means that micro-organisms biologically break down the toilet waste in the tank.

It is particularly suitable when emptying in the waste tank into septic on campsites. Aqua Kem Green Sachets contain biodegradable ingredients and uses biological action for the breakdown of toilet paper.

The new biological water-soluble Aqua Kem Green Sachets for waste-holding tanks are a smart addition to the wide range of products Thetford offers. They are not only easy and convenient to use, always providing the right dosage, but in addition they are certified green, providing an environmentally conscious alternative.

Thetford Excellence and Green Rinse and Blue additives
Thetford Excellence and Green Rinse and Blue additives

Thetford Aqua Kem Green Sachets features:

Easy to dose: 10 pre-measured sachets which completely dissolve in water.

Highly concentrated.

Environmentally conscious: Can be emptied into a septic tank (Test ISO 11734).

Suppresses unpleasant smells.

Reduces gas build-up.

Stimulates the breakdown of solids and toilet paper which results in easier emptying.

Keeps the waste-holding tank pure and clean.

Suitable for winter camping.

Combine with Thetford’ Aqua Rinse Plus (effective fluid for flush-water tank) and Thetford Aqua. Soft (rapid dissolving toilet paper).

Lemon Scent.

Hints for using Porta Potti:

Never add chemical additives via the Porta Potti blade as this can damage the lip-seal.

Despite long-standing folklore do not spray vegetable oil or use oil based products onto the blade and seal for the same reason.

Always check that the blade is completely closed after use. It is rare, but if the blade will not open pressure may have built up in the Waste Holding Tank. Unscrew the cap of the pour-out spout and pull the blade opening handle sideways.

Thetford's Aqua Soft toilet paper dissolves quickly, prevents clogging and makes it easier to empty the Waste Holding Tank.

The Waste Holding Tank should be emptied when the level indicator turns red. It is better to do this early rather than late.

To empty the holding tank without splashing the white vent button must be held down.

Thetford says that Aqua Kem Green acts for a maximum of three to four days with average use.

GoSee has pushed Thetfords three (Green) to five day with no particularly bad results but emptying the waste holding tank early is better planning. The actual holding tank use level (carry weight) and ambient temperatures must be considered. Commonsense is the best guide overall.

Pictured with the container of 10 Aqua Kem Green Sachets is a Porta Potti 335 model which GSA now uses in our Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo RV and SUV tent because of its convenient size and weight.

The 335 has a small 10 litre holding tank and flushing tank with a level indicator. Flushing is via a manual piston pump. Its low profile allows it to be used and stored comfortably in confined spaces. It was a particularly good fall-back in our one-time GSA Jayco Discovery pop-top caravan. GSA stored it in a secure locker under the wardrobe.

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 145
Thetford Porta Potti Qube 145

The Porta Potti Qube145 model, pictured in the pretty box at right , will be a GoSeeAustralia prize soon.

We are working out the details now.

A number of the 145's have been made available through our generous sponsor Cequent which includes Thetford in its group of companies. The Porta Potti Qube145 has a natural seating height and a high capacity 12 litre holding tank.

Also among our GSA 'conveniences' is the Porta Potti Excellence Granite which differs from any other portable toilet not only in its unique design ; it also distinguishes itself with its homelike toilet shape and superior seating height.

In combination with a bigger bowl size the Excellence allows the elderly and the disabled to use the toilet more comfortably. It has a 21 litre waste holding tank and a 15 litre flush water tank. The Porta Potti Excellence Granite is the top of its range with electric flushing.

Editors note: Cequent is Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of premium brands in towing innovation, cargo management and leisure markets. Some of the major brands within the Cequent division include Hayman Reese™, Rola™ and Thetford Porta Potti™.

Hayman Reese™ has over 60 years of heritage in Australia as the leading brand of towbars, weight distribution systems and towing solutions.

Rola™, which was a brand pioneered by an Australian wind surfer in the early 1980’s now has a global roof rack and cargo carrying range. In addition to automotive aftermarket accessories Cequent distributes Thetford™ Porta Potti’s and Toilet Care in Australia and New Zealand.

It is the world number one brand of portable sanitation products sold through most major retailers and specialist caravan and camping stores. The Thetford brand is a worldwide leader of mobile sanitary systems, cooking appliances and absorption fridges, external service doors and a wide assortment of toilet care products for use in recreational and domestic

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