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Mazda BT-50 rides 4x4 auto ute demand

December 04, 2013
Mazda BT-50 rides 4x4 auto ute demand

The Mazda BT-50 has passed its 2012 record of 11,848 vehicles, Mazda says. BT-50, won Drives Best Ute for the second consecutive year and sold 1,111 utilities last month.

A total of 12,657 BT-50s have now been sold in 2013. Mazda has bolstered its award-winning BT-50 range with the addition of a six-speed automatic transmission to the 4x4 Freestyle Cab Utility XTR.The BT-50 4x4 Freestyle Cab Utility XTR was initially launched exclusively as a manual, but as demand for automatic utilities continues to grow, Mazda saw an opportunity to further broaden its line-up to meet customer demand.

Year To Date 65 per cent of BT-50 buyers have chosen 4x4s, with 43 per cent of them preferring automatic.

With a 3.2 litre turbo diesel engine producing 147kW of power and 470 Nm of torque and 3,500 kilograms of towing capacity

Interest in the BT-50 has never been higher, which is very pleasing. Good product and increased supply has meant weve been able to look after our SUV and Utility customers better than ever, Mazda Australia managing director, Martin Benders said.

BT-50 Freestyle Cab Utility XTR 4x4 with six-speed automatic transmission is available now at Mazda dealers nationally with a Manufacturers List Price (MLP) of $48,890.

Editors note: GSA discussed the diesel BT-50 with a new tradie owner last week. He is a plumber and carries a lot of gear all the time. He is pleased with the price and the serious suspension which copes with the full load of equipment he carries in the biggest tray available for the Mazda BT-50.

He says the handling is car-like and the vehicle handles family duty which includes his daughter and her friends well. The BT-50 Freestyle Cab Utility comfortably seats four and makes the most of the available rear cabin space thanks to its pillarless rear door.