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Recreational Vehicle makers show muscle despite manufacturing sectors weaknesses

December 19, 2013
Recreational Vehicle makers show muscle despite manufacturing sectors weaknesses

In 2006 17,459 Recreational Vehicles were built in 2013, *20,025 have been completed.
RV building hit a peak in 2011 when 21,774 were built. This strong trend has continued since 2010, 21,327 RV's, to this year with a production figure of 20.708 in 2012. So over the last four years 73,832 Recreational Vehicles have been produced in Australia.
Previous to 2010 the last time Australian builder produced more than 20,000 units was in 1980.

RVM Australia, the peak body for Australias RV manufacturing industry, says big caravans aresteadily increasing in popularity, with a shift from smaller vans, pop-tops and camper trailers to carvansof five metres and more.

RVM Australia CEO David Duncan said the projected total of 20,025 RV of all types for 2013 waswithin 3.3 percent of last years total.

Healthy production in the second half of the year has made up for a quieter first half, putting us very

close to last years total, he said.

In view of the dire situation in some other manufacturing sectors, especially automotive, the continuingstrength of the RV manufacturing sector is good news.

RVM Australia has been monitoring production for almost 40 years since the Association wasoriginally formed in 1976, and there is no doubt that this is one of the good times.

The last time we saw more than 20,000 units was in 1980, and many of the vans built in those dayswere onsite mining accommodation, whereas now they are virtually all for recreation.

David Duncan said the preference for bigger vans was in step with the sales of bigger tow vehicles, and reflected the longer trips many people took these days.

Conventional vans accounted for 57 percent of production this year, up from 40 percent just six yearsago, and 70 per cent of them are more than five metres in length, he said.

RV-ers increasingly like their luxuries, just as in todays houses, so its not uncommon that they startwith a camper but soon trade up to a conventional van.

Overall, people continue to be drawn to the quality, luxury and value of RVs which are designed andbuilt in Australia to give Australians everything they want at a price they can afford.

Source: RVM Australia. * Estimated 2013 total based on September YTD figures compared to 2012equivalent.

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