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Meet Luke, the future for caravan parks in Australia

March 10, 2006
Meet Luke, the future for caravan parks in Australia

"What are you doing mister?"

Thequestion camefired straight from the hip early on a bright morning at One Mile Beach Holiday Park, Port Stephens.

That is how GoSeeAustralia met Luke.

Luke fronted us with full-on pedal power, fancy helmet to match his bike and the fresh honest approach that fortunately comes with the inquiring young.

So as we are keen to do anything we can to help Australia enjoy the caravanning experience we put him in the picture.

GSA berths next to the Sygna on Stockton BeachTaking pictures for a caravan park feature we are writing for our web site, we said.

Luke and children like him are the future for Australia and the caravan industry and his next question underlined that fact Whats your web site? asked Luke., we said. Just go to Google or one of the other search engines and knock in GoSeeAustralia.

Computer games start the caravan park day at One Mile BeachOK, he said, completely comfortable with the world of the Internet and computers, Will you take my picture and put it on your site?

With that approach there was no chance we were going to say no.

So please meet Luke (pictured above) the future of tourism in Australias caravan parks.

Caravan parks with the future firmly in their business plans already recognise the importance of families in their product mix.

Caravan parks are about quality time togetherOne Mile Beach Holiday Park is already full on in its commitment to meet the needs and build for the future through families and it is also blessed with perfect location in an area which is a long way from overdevelopment.

From sheltered camp sites to cutting edge cabins at the top of the big parks range there are accommodation options for all seasons.

One Mile Beach is in a class of its own. To say that about any beach in the outstanding selection which makes up the Port Stephens area really means it is exceptional by world standards.

Its shining white sands are right beside the sheltered Holiday Park which is immediately behind the big ocean sand dunes. No beach is completely safe, but this is sheltered people friendly water. Even the surf is extremely manageable and for visitors from southern Australia and European internationals the water temperature is a warm welcome.

One Mile Beach is next to the caravan parkA lifesaver mounts a watch and flags define the patrolled area.

There is a Surf School right besideOne Mile BeachHoliday Parkand for those who always wanted to ride a board, but never thought they could; this is one place to build surfing confidence.

So if you have you ever wanted to surf but didnt know where to start well, here isyour chance. Anna Bay Surf Schoolat One Mile Beach. You can book in for the ride of your life. IT'S ADDICTIVE , SURFS UP!! One Mile beach is one of the best beaches in the whole Hunterand Port Stephens region to learn to surf. Perfect gentle white water waves for the beginners.

Starting out on a wave, Surf School One Mile Beach The Surf School operate every day from Oct - May.Lesson times may change due to seasonal variations, so be sure to book ahead to secure your spot If you can't fit your board in don't worry!! You can hire one from the Surf School, Perfect!!

Children have their own special section on GoSeeAustralia. Just click Kids Activities on the GoSeeAustralia Home Page and get into games and ideas for fun while touring. Things like how and what to pack, colouring, car games, find a word, spot a vehicle, try challenges with signs, animals and landmarks that make time away a busy, interesting experience.

One Mile Beach is people friendlyAll around Australia, families are going camping in a way that has never been seen before as they take to the caravan park experience.

And caravan park options make sense. They include well priced quality time together, comfort, privacy, space and convenience. Children are VIPs and most caravan parks are set up perfectly for them. This means peace for parents and plenty of secure things to do for the children.

Things to do include play centres, games rooms, bike tracks, basketball, tennis, mini-golf, movies, and outstanding pools and water recreation areas to make the day a playful experience.

Coffee at the LighthouseCaravan parks are about good times and affordable easy living. Cook for yourself and you add to the savings!

The social side of the caravan experience is a real plus. There are friends for the kids to play with so parents find time to chat. Pre-dinner drinks around the barbecue are an evening event and family friendly comes without compromising. It is fun, safe and relaxed.

The main reason families go caravanning or camping is to spend quality time together. This is followed by a need to be in the outdoors. Price comes in third as a motivation to go caravanning or camping.

Fishing is an essential activityHigher fuel prices could mean lighter camper trailers and caravans will enjoy increased popularity across broader age demographics.

At this stage they are popular with families who recognise an affordable caravan park holiday recreational vehicle with the interior space and onboard facilities to meet their needs. These units are easily towed by a standard family sedan.

The One Mile Beach Holiday Park is a member of the Top Tourist Park ChainBlue waters Port Stephensand thecaravan park has cabins at the top of the range which are aimed at providing the best in stress-relief.

They come with an ensuite for the master bedroom, a second bathroom, modern kitchen, lounge area, vast deck and full-time broadband Internet connection.

It is a progressive attitude which is already to be seen in family friendly caravan parks throughout Australia and underlines the contention that Kids are King in Caravan Parks.

They are also certainly the key clients to build the caravan industries future on. Editor's Note also see:

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