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Autobacking system holds line when caravanners hit reverse

January 24, 2014
Autobacking system holds line when caravanners hit reverse

Engineer Michael La Torre has an autobacking system for caravans and trailers. His Hallam, Victoria company MIGM has developed and refined the system over the last six years through a partnership with an American inventor Ronald Timmons of (USA).

Ron teamed up with Michael La Torre to modify a Jayco Finch, which was later christened the Ladybird. The autobacking system has to be done on a scale and we will show it to Australia's biggest Recreational Vehicle builder Jayco in February, Michael said today.

The current autobacking prototype is fitted to a Jayco Finch, but the system can be fitted to both single and dual axle caravans, Michael said. Mudguards have been fitted since the YouTube video and Michael says the caravan is now fully road compliant.

The autobacking system is controlled from the drivers seat and can be switched on and off. It also has an alarm which alerts drivers when sensible reversing angle limits are exceeded and there is a shear-pin as a final fail-safe. If the shear-pin comes into play the caravan or trailer reverts to traditional reversing with down to go up up to go down trailer steering wheel winding values.

But while engaged the autobacking unit is a vehicle panel protector in the sense that the trailer goes where the tow vehicle goes. So reversing onto a campsite requires putting the rig in front of the site and reversing. The caravan or trailer takes care of itself.

Don't mess with the steering wheel just reverse the tow tug, Michael says. If you have been backing trailers all your life, then you probably wont appreciate this system as much as your partner will, or someone who is considering buying a caravan or trailer for the first time, Michael La Torre said.

The autobacking system has been trialled over surfaces and in situations which the majority of caravanners face, but is not intended for serious offroad units with their highly developed long-travel suspensions.

Unfortunately we cannot sell our kits directly to the public at the moment due to the cost of manufacturing a single unit. But companies can purchase the kit lots of 100, Michael said.

Since 1993 family owned MIGM Engineering has specialised in the development of custom prototypes and also has the capacity for full-scale production.

See Autobacking in action on YouTube.

Autoback goes where the tow vehicle goes
Autoback goes where the
tow vehicle goes

Autoback makes reversing around corners easy
Autoback makes reversing around
corners easy

Autoback gives exceptional manoeuverability
Autoback gives exceptional