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GoSee sacrifices some camping time to keep caravan hot water service on stream

February 14, 2014
GoSee sacrifices some camping time to keep caravan hot water service on stream

GoSee is now working from the Blue Sky caravan on an unpowered site by the river at Glen Cromie Caravan Park Gippsland, near Drouin.

Friend and Beanie Bunch survivor from Canning Stock Route days Bert is camped next to us in his October 2011 Jayco Discovery 17-55-3 Off Road pop top.

It is time to check the hot water service anode. Bert has not checked it since purchasing the Jayco caravan 13 months ago. The sacrificial anode is probably the most important component in your hot water system, protecting it from chemical damage and keeping it working at maximum efficiency.

If your storage hot water systems runs on electricity, gas or solar, it probably contains a sacrificial anode. This is a highly reactive metal component which protects the system from corrosion. Most hot water heaters use them to protect the tank and other components which spend most of their time immersed in water.

As the name implies, the anode sacrifices itself to protect the rest of the hot water system. Most hot water systems should be serviced every two years, and replacement of the sacrificial anode, which is likely to have corroded significantly since the previous servicing, is highly recommended.

Corrosion (or rust) is the result of electrolytic action which travels through the water and reacts with the surface of the metal at risk.

A sacrificial anode works by attracting electrolytes more strongly than the rest of the hot water system, keeping other system components out of harms way.

Here is how to handle the job:

First up, make sure the water is cold. Turn off water pump. Activate pressure release valve to prevent water escaping under pressure.

Using a 1 1/16 socket on extension, remove anode and inspect. If oxidised replace with a new one after allowing all sediment in the bottom of the hot water service tank to flush out.

A new annodes can be purchased at any reputable caravan equipment store or dealer at a cost of around $30

Alternatively place it on your shopping list to buy at the next Caravan and Camping Show..

Editors Note : GoSee has many years of association with Glen Cromie in good and bad times.

In 2009 - GSA rolled in with our new GoSee Jayco Discovery pop-top on Thursday, March 19 after helping with a caravan Park Buyers Seminar at nearby Park Lane Tourist Park, Traralgon.

We were the first caravan back in the park after Black Saturday fires. Karen and Charlie Azzopardi fought Victoria's Black Saturday, Feb 7 fire storm to save their pretty Glen Cromie Caravan Park and came through a little crispy around the caravan park edges.

Removed anode needs replacing
Removed anode needs replacing

In 2007- GSA reported on Glen Cromie Caravan Park in Main Neerim Rd Drouin because after 12 years as regulars about 200 Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends continued a regular association with the caravan park as they played for The Pigs Ear.

The 7th Royal Australian Regiment's mascot is a pig and the 7th has been a Victorian Battalion since the 7th AIF.

Glen Cromie is also well known as a Day Park because of its idyllic location. There is a day visitor fee.

Glen Cromie has five big shelters available for hire for family picnic, school, work or social group gatherings. There are also a number of electric barbecues around the park. Glen Cromie has luxury cabin accommodation, flat grassed powered and unpowered sites

Glen Cromie swimming hole
Glen Cromie swimming hole