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JTECH suspension headlines Jayco's new flagship Silverline caravan design

February 28, 2014
JTECH suspension headlines Jayco's new flagship Silverline caravan design

Jayco's flagship caravan the new Silverline was breakthrough news at the 60th Victorian Caravan and Camping Show. It is no European.

This is an Aussie product with a chassis and suspension that underlines that the leading RV builder in this country understands its Australian home.

The headline event in the case of the Jayco Silverline is the suspension.

Jayco's flagship caravan the new Silverline was breakthrough news at the 60th Melbourne Caravan and Camping Show. It is no European. This is an Aussie product with achassis and suspension that underlines that the leading RV builder in this country understands itsAustralian home.

The headline event in the case of the Silverline is the suspension. Sorry girls your correspondent understands that the impact of Silverline interior design gives rise to female approval, but for a bloke rolling under the Silverline to photograph the JTECH suspension is the news.

JTECH replaces beam axles with individual stub axles. This is like going from a bullock wagon to a Beamer (BMW). It is designed to mate with Jayco's proven Endurance chassis and JTECH has toe-in toe-out adjustment for wheel alignment.

Praise the Lord!

So big towing gains. Better handling, smoother ride, greater stability, more ground clearancewithout increased ride height. This Jayco makes towing potentially easier and safer than before.

JTECH comes from two years of Research and Development by Jayco on the best and worst ofAustralian second class roads. The AL-KO stub axles are an obvious and completely logicalpartner. This mates with AL-KO's Electronic Stability Control (ESC) safe towing aid.

The Pedders off-road shock absorbers and coil springs are an Aussie addition.

GoSee spent time with camera in and under a Silverline 21.65-3 at Page Bros Seaford. Therecommended retail for the model is $63,706. Your correspondent missed the version GoSeeparticulary wanted to see the 25.78-2,5, recommended retail $72,572 as it had taken flight for the Supershow.

As the Jayco brochure says the Silverline 21.65-3 qualifies as sophisticated in design but it didsuffer from some production line hangovers. Some things were not quite right. Like the top of acupboard door catching a light fitting, a cupboard lock screw missing, hatch trim in the process ofbeing refitted, hoses looking vulnerable underneath the chassis, ensuite sliding door lock boltundecided about locking. And then there are the curtains. Ummm, perhaps 'cosmetic' is the kindestcomment.

These are the kind of annoyances which GoSee is not particularly fussed about personallyin a production line product as we have the collective expertise in our group to fix them all. But generally theSilverline price tag should produce better presentation.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline suspension from the rear<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline suspension from the rear

The Eurostyle windows, flyscreens and blinds work well which underlines the comment about the curtains. There is no problem with darkening the caravan for later out-of-beds, nor is there difficulty with insects.

On first use the window adjustments, locks and fittings are tricky. But that passes quickly after a few test runs and the benefits outweight the short learning curve.

The big bulge into the caravans boot got GoSee's attention until the reason revealed itself to be thegas bottle locker.

The electric slide-out bedroom is comfortable and as usual there is more storagespace under the inner-sprung bed than is ever likely to be used. On that score there is a lot of lockerspace overall.

There is even GoSee's personal favorite, a sliding pantry in the generous kitchen. Sink,working space and the stove, grill, oven combination will please those who insist on all the cookingcomforts of home.

The ensuite has a big shower which benefits from space provided by a swing-out door. The showeris well vented and the washbasin, toilet and 3kg washing machine complete a tidy, practical designcombination.

Your correspendent likes the good looking surround lounge which provides seating atthe dining table in the Silverline 21.65-3.

The fridge-freezer, ah the fridge-freezer, 190 litres of beautiful cold space with locks that hold and are easy to release. That comment is made in the context of a former Jayco fridge lock in a GSA Jayco Discovery which no female member of our team was ever able to open easily.

Modern is the word that comes first to mind after a little time with the Silverline. Water and battery levels are monitored via a LED panel. There is a 21in. 12V LED TV with DVD player. The CD radio system has indoor and outdoor speakers and there is a roof mounted air conditioner.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline window with  shade up  Curtains are cosmetic<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline window with shade up Curtains are cosmetic

The Silverline offers eight floor plans, six with slide-outs. All are available in an Outback version. The roll-out awning has integrated LED strip lighting.

The gas bottles are accessed externally via a slide-out tray.

The triple-lock door which has European design overtones has a separate security door and is held open by a powerful magnet.

The Silverline models use Jayco's new interlocking roof system with extruded corners for strength, improved insulation, and superior wet weather performance. Asthetically the system produces a cleaner, more streamlined look. High density polystyrene foam provides insulation as the GSA picture (below) shows.

Jayco has always been upfront about products branded Outback.

Opting for a Jayco Outback version is not a license to bush bash, Jayco says.

Extra strength and enhanced specifications allows owners to travel Australia's unsealed roads safely. But always take extra care and reduce speed especially in unfamiliar territory, Jayco says.

The AL-KO Elecronic Stability Control (ESC) automatically detects critical swerve or sway andpartially applies the Silverline's brakes. Working far faster than any driver could the ESC pulls thecaravan into line behind the tow vehicle. Your correspondent has tried this system in testing atSandown Raceway and is impressed.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline cupboard door catches light fitting<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline cupboard door catches light fitting

Jayco says tare weight for the 21.65-3 is 2427kg / 2525. Tow ball down weight 222kg / 195kg.Jayco has this to say about tow ball and tare weight: They are only a guide and will changedepending on the accessories that are fitted to the caravan.

Jayco allows an amount of additional weight (carrying load) for each individual unit manufacturedabove the initial manufactured Tare Weight of the unit. This Carrying Load is for the customersindividual weight requirements and can be made up of 'any' additional weight they propose to loadthe unit up with. ie: water, food, clothes.

The standard unit carrying loads Jayco applies are: Single axle internal shower 375kg. Tandem Axle, internal shower unit 475kg.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline 190 litre fridge<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline 190 litre fridge

<!--mo1####mo2-->Curtains are not really practical Jayco Silverline<!--mo3-->
Curtains are not really practical Jayco Silverline
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline  Hose looks vulnerable<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline Hose looks vulnerable
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline curves catch the eye<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline curves catch the eye
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline door catch sans screw<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline door catch sans screw
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline ensuite with washing machine<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline ensuite with washing machine
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline ESC test light and Breaksafe unit<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline ESC test light and Breaksafe unit
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline insulation<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline insulation
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline generous shower recess<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline generous shower recess
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline tricky window controls<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline tricky window controls
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline under  bed storage<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline under bed storage
<!--mo1####mo2-->Stove top grill and oven Jayco Silverline<!--mo3-->
Stove top grill and oven Jayco Silverline
<!--mo1####mo2-->Jayco Silverline curves catch the eye<!--mo3-->
Jayco Silverline curves catch the eye