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Huge bed, plenty of storage Agnes and Nick find campervan travel really comfortable

March 24, 2014
Huge bed, plenty of storage Agnes and Nick find campervan travel really comfortable

Agnes says, the Tassie Motorshacks Campervan is really spacious. "The bed when made up ishuge, and there is ample storage now Nick has things sorted out. We are really comfortable, it isa great way to travel (except when nature calls at night in the rain), she said.

On Friday we visitedCataract Gorge. What a beautiful place. We met David Larter of the Basin Chairlift who is aGoSeeAustralia supporter. There is Basin Caf and a souvenir shop with views of the chairliftand the gorge with clean amenities, Agnes said.

The chairlift spans the surging waters of the South Esk River. The chairlift covers some 457 metres,with terminal buildings at the First Basin (West Launceston) end and idling station at the CliffGrounds side (Trevallyn).

The central span of 308 metres is believed to be the longest singlechairlift span in the world.

The earliest recorded visit to this area was made by settler WilliamCollins in 1804 when exploring the Port in 'Lady Nelson'. The 60 ton brig Lady Nelson is one ofAustralia's most famous little ships. She was the vehicle for seaborne 'astronauts' around Australia'scoast for a quarter of a century.

She led the way through Bass Strait from England to Sydney in1800. Lady Nelson was the first decked vessel to enter Westernport and Port Phillip Bays.

Lady Nelson, assigned by the Admiralty in 1799 for exploration and survey work was revolutionary. She was oneof the first Royal Navy vessels to be fitted with sliding keels.

Collins first view of Cataract Gorgeimpressed him.

Upon approaching the entrance I observed a large fall of water over rocks,nearly a quarter of a mile up a straight gully between perpendicular rocks about 150 ft high. Thebeauty of the scene is probably not surpassed in the world.

Apart from the magnificent vistasalong the cataract there are the enjoyable developed areas in the vicinity of the Cliff GroundsRestaurant and the First Basin swimming pool.

Nick was impressed too - Nick went for a muchlonger hike than he expected, while I had a coffee, Agnes said.

The First Basin, on the southern side, features a swimming pool and an open area surrounded bybushland.

In contrast, the shady northern side, named the Cliff Grounds, is a Victorian garden wherewilderness is created with ferns and exotic plants - nature is enhanced by art.

There's a Restaurantand kiosk, rolling lawns and a rotunda, a pub with a view, a footbridge and chairlift across theriver, peacocks in the trees, wallabies at dusk. This may be the nation's most alluringurban reserve.

Further upstream is the historic Duck Reach Power Station, now an Interpretation Centre.

On the way to Beauty Point Touist Park for the weekend we called at Launceston Holiday ParkLegana on the way and called in and spoke with Brendan. This is a truly lovely park right on thehighway, but in the caravan park you feel like you are miles away in the country, Agnes said.

Launceston Holiday Park Legana is on eight acres, together with immaculate amenities with plentyof hot water, an excellent laundry and undercover gas barbecues. GoSeeAustralia made it one of our base camps on our Tow Around Tassie tour in 2010.

At the gateway of the TamarValley the accommodation offered is excellent. Cabins are built to a high standard and includekitchen, two bedrooms with all linen supplied. Some cabins include a spa bath.

Beauty Point cabin with million dollar view.
Beauty Point cabin with million dollar view.

Local attractions and things to see and do while staying with us include:

National Auto Museum

Mole Creek Caves

Tamar River Cruises

Tamar Island Wetlands

Devils Heaven Wildlife Park

Launceston Lakes and Wildlife Park

Chudleigh Honey Farm

Lavender House

Low Head Pilot Station

Low Head Penquins

John Temple Gallery (landscape photography)

Trout fishing tours

Winery tours

Launceston City Ghost Tours

Cataract Gorge

Boags Brewery Tours

Treetops Adventures

Seahorse World

Platypus House

Bass And Flinders Centre.

GSA at Launceston Holiday Park in 2010
GSA at Launceston Holiday Park in 2010

Tamar visitor Centre in Exeter, was so helpful with lots of maps and information. On Saturday atBeauty Point Tourist Park we got a lovely site near the amenities and the camp kitchen with aglorious view of the Tamar River. Beauty Point Tourist Park could not be more helpful, and ourpossie was great, right near the amenities and laundry. We did all our washing on Sunday.

We visited Seahorse World, Platypus House and Beaconsfield Mine on Sunday. We reallyenjoyed all three.Seahorse World at Beauty Point, Northern Tasmania, is a unique facility designed to help conservethis creature, through reduction in the pressure of the wild catch for the global aquarium industryand to provide an excellent tourism and educational experience.

Seahorse World grew out of research work initiated at the University of Tasmania in the 1990'swhich looked into the lifecycle of the Pot Bellied Seahorse that is native to Tasmania. SeahorseWorld is now a family owned aquaculture venture run by Craig and Rachelle Hawkins.

Seahorse World gives visitors a unique educational tour experience through this fascinatingaquarium dedicated to the breeding, education and conservation of the seahorse.

Platypus House has been established to advance both the science and community awareness of theunique Tasmanian platypuses and echidnas. The tour starts with viewing platypuses in platypusponds before walking through the echidna garden to see echidnas foraging in a bushland setting.

Visitors are guaranteed to see both these spectacular egg-laying mammals feeding and playingduring the guided tour. The interpretation centre explains the biology of both mammals. As well asthe 35-minute tour there is a platypus film in the theatrette. Ornithorhynchus anatinus, the platypus,is beautiful, mysterious and odd. It is on a level with reptiles and birds and also suggests a closerrelationship to mammals.

Campsite Beauty  Point Tourist Park
Campsite Beauty Point Tourist Park

The amazing Beaconsfield gold mine cave in survivors Brant Webb and Todd Russell walked outof their 1.2m by 1.2m hard rock prison just before 6am on Monday, May 8 after being trapped for14 nights and underlined that the miners of North West Tasmania are made of the right stuff.

After the extraordinary events of April 2006 Beaconsfield the Beaconsfield Mine and HeritageCentre has undergone a transformation, including the Mine Rescue Display which tells the story ofthe rescue of Todd Russell and Brant Webb.

The Mine Rescue exhibition covers the story of the2006 ANZAC day mine rock fall with particular focus on the remarkable and ingenious rescueeffort.

In the new 3 Dimensional Holographic Mine Experience visitors can choose where they goand what they see.

The 3D Mine Experience will allows entry to a world 1200 metres below theground. A 3D digitised model of the underground workings with interactive screens allow visitorsto control where they explore without physically going underground.

Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre houses more than 10,000 objects in its heritage collection.

The collection includes archaeological artefacts from the historic Hart Shaft, documents and itemsrelating to mining in Beaconsfield since the late 19th century, a vast collection of photographsspecific to the diverse history of the West Tamar region, social history objects and ephemera.

In 1972 members of the local community formed the West Tamar Historical Committee, the aim ofwhich was to preserve the rich history of Beaconsfield and the West Tamar region.

In 1982 theGrubb Shaft engine house ruins in Beaconsfield were donated the West Tamar HistoricalCommittee by the neighbouring Beaconsfield Gold Mine. Subsequently, the Committee began theprocess of developing the ruins in to a tourist attraction to showcase and reflect the cultural andindustrial heritage of the region.

Grubb Shaft Museum and Hart Shaft Winder House with headframe in background courtesy Beaconsfield Gold NL
Grubb Shaft Museum and Hart Shaft Winder House with headframe in background courtesy Beaconsfield Gold NL

By 1984 the Grubb Shaft Gold and Heritage Museum was officially open and in 1999 the WestTamar Historical Committee handed the management of the museum to the West Tamar Council.

In 2006, after a collapse in the adjoining Beaconsfield Gold Mine, the Museum was granted fundsfrom the Federal Governments AusIndustry program. This funding facilitated major developmentsof the Museum resulting in increased floor space and the installation of new permanent exhibitionsto enhance the visitor experience.

In 2008 the name of the Museum was changed from the GrubbShaft Gold Heritage Museum to the Beaconsfield Mine Heritage Centre.

This morning (Monday) we left for Devonport to visit Bass Strait Maritime Centre and AnversChocolate Factory, then Railton and Sheffield, Agnes said.

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Beauty Point waterfront cabin.
Beauty Point waterfront cabin.
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Camp Kitchen at Launceston Holiday Park Legana
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Launceston Royal Oak Hotel Start of Ghost Tour
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