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Tassies brand new natural Huon Valley Caravan Park includes down on the farm experience

April 01, 2014
Tassies brand new natural Huon Valley Caravan Park includes down on the farm experience

GSA's Agnes and Nick drove the Tassie Motor Shacks Campervan from Snug to Huonville via Cygnet, a charming little town with friendly people.

"There are magnificent views all along the highway, with the mountains as a backdrop, and the river by the roadside", Agnes said.

"Huonville is a much larger town with a big shopping centre". "The Huon Valley Caravan Park is short drive off the highway, 37km south of Hobart", she said.

Unique among caravan parks in Tasmania it is a genuine Tasmanian farm experience too.

Rowan and Leanne at Huon Valley Caravan Park purchased an idyllic block of 27 acres with river frontage in Huonville in 2011. They launched into clearing the overgrown land of blackberries, weeds and scrub and created what is now a fully self-sufficient farm complete with cows, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks and chickens.

Milk straight from the cow to your mouth. Cant get fresher than this!
Milk straight from the cow to your mouth. Can't get fresher than this!

"They had always envisioned sharing this beautiful part of the world with others by setting up a caravan park and camping ground on part of their land", Agnes said.

Currently there are only powered, unpowered and ensuite sites at this park, but cabins are planned for the future right by the river.

"The chickens, ducks and sheep roam freely around the park, and love being fed by guests", Agnes said.

"The ensuite bathrooms are raised quite high to protect from possible occasional flood, and inside have a toilet, and fabulous glass shower as long as a bath. Hot water is metered in five minute intervals but is free". "Sites are huge, and really big rigs can be accommodated here".

"The huge amenities block has a row of individual showers and individual toilets. On one side there is a laundry, and in the middle is the enormous camp kitchen, with oven, hotplate and grill, lots of seating, a huge TV and washing up facilities, Agnes said. "All water is filtered and re-used on the apple orchard".

Feeding the cows at Huon Valley Caravan Park
Feeding the cows at Huon Valley Caravan Park

"Every evening at 6pm Rowan takes guests to feed the cows and pigs, he demonstrates milking the cows, with a taste of fresh milk for al".

"Then you can watch Badge the dog round up the sheep to be penned up for the night". "Once a week on a Saturday Rowan does a sheep shearing demo as well", Agnes said.

"We bought a dozen fresh laid eggs from Leanne, and will find it hard to buy supermarket eggs again", she said.

"Visitors are also allowed to pick apples straight off the trees, they are not sprayed so great to eat".

"We loved our stay, and greatly recommend this lovely park to all", she said.

"On Monday we travelled via Franklin to Geeveston, the timber town", Agnes said. "Stopped in at the Visitor centre where Heather was a huge help and gave us brochures and a guide to the Tahune Airwalk".

"The visitor centre has a museum with early woodworking machinery, there is a huge sculpture made by Eddie Freeman in 2006 with a chainsaw", she said.

"Wood carvings are all over the town, these were hand carved by Bernie Tarr".

"There is a café with huge Huon Pine tables and seats with sculptures in the front too", she said.

On the Airwalk
On the Airwalk

"Then we drove to the Tahune Airwalk – a long windy road that is now all bitumen, but relatively narrow".

"The trees and views are just magnificent!" "When we arrived at the Airwalk, a guide was just about to leave on a guided tour of 45 minutes, so I let Nick go on that, while I explored the closer easily accessible options".

"After that I waited with a drink in the café, as Nick continued after the tour exploring everything".

Some of the Airwalk facts:

Opened 1st July 2001

Time it took to build: 3 months.

Cost to build - $1.3 million.

Airwalk structure 596.9m long.

Average height above ground 20 metres.

Height of cantilever above ground 37.5m.

Height of cantilever above river 48m.

Can withstand winds of up to 180km/h.

Max weight with cantilever 10 tonnes.

Giant fungus on Tahuna Air walk
Giant fungus on Tahune Air walk

"Tahune is an aboriginal word meaning “peaceful place by running water”, Agnes said. Visitors can now stay overnight at the Airwalk Lodge which is suited to families, couples, school groups and backpackers, with a total of eight rooms accommodating up to 23 guests", Agnes said.

"Guests staying at the Airwalk Lodge also have the opportunity to experience an owl’s eye view of the Tasmanian forest at night", she said.

Also available: Eagle hang glider adventure and mountain biking.

"We were there for most of the afternoon before driving back to the Huon Valley Caravan Park and enjoyed a lovely steak dinner which Nick cooked", Agnes said.

Badge the dog herding sheep at Huon Valley Caravan Park
Badge the dog herding sheep at Huon Valley Caravan Park
Creek at Huon Valley Caravan Park
Creek at Huon Valley Caravan Park
Huon River view
Huon River view
Lovett Art Galley in Cygnet
Lovett Art Galley in Cygnet
Lofus Coffee Shop in Cygnet
Lofus Coffee Shop in Cygnet
Huge bed in TMS camper with luggage on top
Huge bed in TMS camper with luggage on top