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Nick shows how to get real camp comfort from Tassie Motor Shacks campervan

April 08, 2014
Nick shows how to get real camp comfort from Tassie Motor Shacks campervan

Our Nick just cannot help himself, when he goes camping he improves things.

Nick is a fine short-order cook too and adds to that skill with his ability to refine camp comforts.

In words and pictures here is Nick's practical approach to getting the best from a Tassie Motor Shacks petrol powered Toyota campervan he and Agnes used on a three week road tour of Tasmania.

Our Nick just cannot help himself, when he goes camping he improves things. Nick is a fineshort-order cook too and adds to that skill with his ability to refine camp comforts. Over threeweeks road touring in Tasmania Nick made the best of all the Tassie Motor Shacks campervanthat he and Agnes used had to offer.

In words and pictures here is Nick's practical approach to getting the best from the Tassie MotorShacks petrol powered Toyota campervan.

His hanger stick (Picture end of story) provides many more places to put things so they are close at hand and easy tofind. The arrangement uses a fairly straight bit of tree and adds to the carrying capacity of fittingswhich are already part of the campervan. Simple, no cost and effective. Nick comes from a timewhen you could have anything you wanted, as long as you made it yourself.

Nick says he likes the Tassie Motor Shacks campervan. It is economical to run, comfortable,and easy to handle, he said. The campervans sliding doors on both sides of the unit allow full airflow when required when camping in warm weather.

The door on the driver's side slides back to reveal tool kit, food grade water hose and water tankfiller spout plus the 15amp electricity connection cord which mates with caravan park poweroutlets.

Nick and Agnes spent a lot of time outside the campervan under the high quality pull-out awningin people friendly camp chairs. The Tassie Motor Shacks campervan has a stove and sink insidebut all Nick's cooking was done in the excellent camp kitchens provided by the caravan parksthey stayed at during their three weeks road touring Tasmania.

This is a heads up from an Old Head to Newbies. A good, enclosed camp kitchen with all the gearand washing up facilities supplied is a prime reason to chose a caravan park.

It makes camping somuch easier. This approach also precludes the unwelcome addition of cooking smells to thecampervan living and sleeping area. Cooking smells, particularly fish or spicey recipes willpermeate and linger in bedding, clothes and curtains.

Nick and Agnes use powered ensuitecampsites when travelling and once again this is a prime factor in their choice of camping sites.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Toolbox hoses power cord and water tank  091<!--mo3-->
Toolbox hoses power cord and water tank 091

Tasmania provides plenty of comfort stop options in a daily road travel experience which is shortand sweet in terms of the distances between destinations and attractions.

Touring over longer distances in Mainland Australia GSA includes Thetford toilet products in ourRV's. GSA uses and prefers Thetford's Aqua Kem Green and Aqua Rinse.

The biological actionof Aqua Kem Green means that micro-organisms biologically break down the toilet waste in thetank. It is particularly suitable when emptying the waste tank into septic systems in caravan parksand on camp sites. Aqua Kem Green is completely biodegradable and will not harm organisms.

Tassie Motor Shacks has Handy Hints posted in the campervan too.

  • Kangaroos should not dent the campervan experience so keep off the road before dawn and afterdusk.
  • Keep speed down, particularly on dirt roads.
  • Fill the campervan with petrol before 4pm incountry areas. It is easy to get caught short on fuel.
  • Check the headlights are off when thecampervan is parked.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Handy campervan hints 090<!--mo3-->
Handy campervan hints 090

Nick and Agnes make full use of the big glovebox in the Tassie Motor Shacks Campervan. 99.9percent of road touring harmony comes with a place for everything and everything in its places. Itis essential that just where those places are is known to all concerned and everyone returns itemsto the place allocated.

Car keys, caravan park access codes, wallets, watches, park passes, tickets, personal valueables, maps, phones and spectaclesare particular stress points should they go missing.

Nick says one of the few additions he made tothe Tassie Motor Shacks campervan was a handy, deep plastic bowl.

He likes the clip-on tablewhich slots into a track and projects outside the campervan when the main passenger side door isopen.

He and Agnes both say the campervans bed is huge. After guidance on getting the bestfrom the campervan at the start of their three week Tassie Tour from Rob of Tassie MotorShacks Nick has set-up sorted.

The campervan's multi-adjustment table comes apartand forms the base for the head of the huge bed. Then wooden base slates come from a locker tocomplete the bed base, cushions are placed first on the outside of the bed. Then the last twocushions are placed together in a V shape and pushed down together.

Bedding from thecampervans lockers completes the bed set-up.

<!--mo1####mo2-->Big glovebox  093<!--mo3-->
Big glovebox 093

Curtains throughout the campervan provide privacy and block unwanted light.

The practical campervan includes a microwave oven and there is well thought out cupboard and draw space too.

The campervan is a handy size and handles city traffic and parking as well as country touring. This GSA run of photos was shot with Nick and the Tassie Motor Shacks campervan parked at Hobart's excellent Grand Chancellor Hotel. GSA enjoyed what is one of Australia's better hotels with exceptional staff and what is one of the finest harbour views in the world, as delegates at the national industry CRVA Conference.

Agnes and Nick spent $381 on fuel for the campervan during their three weeks of touring.

Heads up: Two of the caravan parks they stayed at did not have EFTPOS facilities and they had to pay cash so have some ready dollars in the kick when travelling Tasmania.

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<!--mo1####mo2-->Curtains help  longer sleep-ins 082<!--mo3-->
Curtains help longer sleep-ins 082

<!--mo1####mo2-->Table top starts bed base 074<!--mo3-->
Table top starts bed base 074
<!--mo1####mo2-->Three bed boards complete  base 078<!--mo3-->
Three bed boards complete base 078
<!--mo1####mo2-->Cushions complete  bed set-up  080<!--mo3-->
Cushions complete bed set-up 080
<!--mo1####mo2-->Fridge handy to door for loading 061<!--mo3-->
Fridge handy to door for loading 061
<!--mo1####mo2-->Four storage draws 068<!--mo3-->
Four storage draws 068
<!--mo1####mo2-->Adjustable removeable table 070<!--mo3-->
Adjustable removeable table 070
<!--mo1####mo2-->Handy bowl useful addition 097<!--mo3-->
Handy bowl useful addition 097
<!--mo1####mo2-->Microwave pots kettle and kitchen cleaning products 067<!--mo3-->
Microwave pots kettle and kitchen cleaning products 067
<!--mo1####mo2-->Nick likes the  clip-on table 089<!--mo3-->
Nick likes the clip-on table 089
<!--mo1####mo2-->Nicks stick hanging system 098<!--mo3-->
Nicks stick hanging system 098
<!--mo1####mo2-->Storage above the  bed  066<!--mo3-->
Storage above the bed 066
<!--mo1####mo2-->Nick and Agnes with Tassie Motor Shacks van<!--mo3-->
Nick and Agnes with Tassie Motor Shacks van
<!--mo1####mo2-->Stove and sink  085<!--mo3-->
Stove and sink 085
<!--mo1####mo2-->Two-handed job  083<!--mo3-->
Two-handed job 083