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Ah Victoria – you rugged, beautiful thing. Granted it can get a little chilly at times but what it doesn’t have in heat it makes up for in outdoorsy awesomeness.

There are mountains to climb, forests to explore, winding country roads to meander along and arguably some of the country’s best surf beaches. If you’re worried about the cold, we’ve only got one piece of advice: pack a jumper.

Our Favourite Destinations

Here are just a few of our favourite places to go in Victoria. But if you want to get stuck right in, feel free to browse all

Featured Parks

When we get down to Victoria, this is where we like to stay.

The Lowdown

Thinking about heading to Victoria but not too sure what to do there. Check out these articles for some sweet inspiration.

Victoria's Best Family Fishing Lakes

Hiking the Chimney Pots, Grampians National Park

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Hot Shots

Check out this fantastic shot of Loch Ard Gorge at Port Campbell National Park by Outdorian @lafotographe. For more like this, follow us on Instagram.

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